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SimplyVital Health ($HLTH) ICO Report | 07 Feb 2018 | TGO Capital

SimplyVital Health ($HLTH)

Rating Impact Team Advisors Tokenomics Hype Comparable Industry Product Stage
87.67% 8.53 8.67 4.83 1.67 0.18 Healthcare Ecosystem Platform MVP

Summary efficiency while providing a better part of the healthcare industry including:
Success Factors: experience for the patient. The health care healthcare facilities, insurance agencies,
• Working product with high quality industry struggles to share data because of pharmaceutical companies and research
customers privacy, security and tech differences institutions. Some example use cases for the
• Existing stream of revenue making the system slow, inaccurate and applications on the protocol are insurance
• Strong team and advisors with industry costly. Around 30% of the malpractice suits payments, pharmaceutical tracking and data
knowledge and connections. are due to communication failures. Much accessibility. The key pair system allows
• Good token metrics like the Ethereum block chain needing ETH users to share their data with health care
• PoS consensus the Health Nexus block chain requires providers, which then automatically updates
Health Cash $HLTH. This opens up a new providers to ensure all physicians are
Risk Factors: revenue stream for patients and providers. informed of the latest diagnoses and
• Time and cost to onboard a new Health Nexus is a protocol that provides treatments. An existing block chain product
system (especially in the healthcare efficient, trustworthy and secure path for that SVH has is ConnectingCare, which
industry) data. It allows patients, pharmaceuticals, currently generates 40M in revenue to help
• Small social media presence providers, researchers, supply chain and providers in Value Based Care (payment for
consumers to transfer data in the healthcare results) address transparency and
community. It is safely adoptable by the coordination. ConnectingCare will be the
Conclusion: Bullish healthcare industry because of the first product added to the Health Nexus
permissioned nature and HIPAA compliant platform once the security/encryption is
validators. The open source nature of the fully developed and stress tested.
Brief Overview project allows health companies to build
applications onto their platform allowing for Company Background
The SVH platform allows care teams to
easier patient onboarding. This will create I will briefly touch on their team, the CEO
create immutable records; provide care
an ecosystem for the sharing of healthcare Katerine Kuzmeskas has experience as a
pathway transparency and leverage accurate,
data by reducing the friction coordination program manager at Yale New Haven
real-time analytics across facilities. This
while increasing the financial incentive for Health and other community health centers.
results in a higher level of security and
providers. The app creators can be from any David Korn has experience leading
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SimplyVital Health ($HLTH) ICO Report | 07 Feb 2018 | TGO Capital

operations and strategic business will be forked off of the Ethereum network Additionally, SimplyVital Health brings a
development at Integrated Physicians and will be proof of stake. The Health Cash full ecosystem solution to the table.
Management Services. He also has extensive token will be used to fund miners; data silos
investment experience serving middle activate smart contracts or trade for keys. A
market companies in the healthcare industry. portion of tokens will be set aside to help Catalysts
Both of their business developers have accelerate adoption by hospitals.
Governance on the platform will occur by There 5 stages to their roadmap, 1 will be
extensive experience in medical, therapeutic finished before the token sale and the last 4
distributing executive user IDs that will give
and hospitals industries. are estimated to take a year each to
the entity high security clearance and public
access to transact keys, tokens and smart complete.
With regards to their block chain
developers, Lucas Hendron has experience contracts. Initially, these executive IDs will • Phase 1: deploy and ERC20 token
at Capital One and was a block chain be given to any major partners with allowing users to store keys. These
advisor at BitClave. David Akers has over a SimplyVital Health but they can be voted in keys can create child keys, manage
through a majority acceptance method. children keys and store access for
decade of experience as a web developer
and spent 7 years as a senior software The miners on the platform will confirm the outside data storage.
developer at a database solutions company transactions but there will also be validator • Phase 2: Building onto the initial
nodes/data storage nodes that earn fees from block chain ecosystem including:
(which could be extremely applicable).
running the network. This will create a truly governance solution, currency
The list of advisors is extensive and filled distributed and trustless network. transaction and ability to run smart
with healthcare advisors from a plethora of contracts
SimplyVital currently has one hospital that
companies. They also have an equal number • Phase 3: The transferring of heath
is piloting their platform in Hartford, CT.
of block chain advisors, which is vital to a care data will be possible, developer
They also have a small network of hospitals
project of this nature where security and SDK and a Health Cash web client.
in Canada that are utilizing the
seamless integration of their platform is ConnectingCare system. This is generating
important. over $40M revenue on this product alone.
There are plans to integrate with EPIC
(existing software solution) that will help
Investment Analysis1 reduce the learning curve and ease the
transition onto the SVH platform.
Health Nexus is a dual system platform that
will utilize both the Block chain protocol for There are several competitors in the
transactions/smart contracts and distributed healthcare space. Most notably Medical
hash table for data storage. The block chain Chain, however, it has no plans to be
HIPAA compliant meaning that the project
cannot move to North America.
Not financial advice, do your own research.
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