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\,Reforms & Terror

DANIKA: Good morning France, good morning the unsteady monarch, shaky
nobles, the heated peasants, the oppressed women and children, aka the French
society of France. This is your host, Danik Soberan, bringing you the latest news
for today.

In the headlines,

The National Assembly adopts The Declaration of the Rights of Man and
of the Citizen
The details,

The document reflected the influence of The Declaration of Independence

and stated that, men are born and remain freedom and equal in rights such as:
liberty, equality, security, and resistance to oppression.
Live, on the Barracks near the Paris de falala, here is Carrylle Nov
for the details.

CARRYLLE: Danika as we all know, the National Assembly�s early reforms focused
more on the Church. the Assembly took over the church�s lands and said that church
leaders and priests were going to be elected and paid as state officials. However,
many of the French society especially the peasantry are against this. Infront, of
me is the woman who---

national assembly are doing it against the elightenment philosophy. you you--

CARRYLLE It is clearly evident that the peasants hate the newly adopted
constitution for France. Back to you Dan

DANIKA we'll be back after this reminder.


ANDRE/JOMIG Miss Legislative Assembly -the three general groups of the new
Miss radical, the debater

AIKA "El nino is what we are facing right now. if we do uhm simple things
like planting trees then we will not experience drought right?! so if we start now
we will achieve la nina"

ANDRE/JOMIG Miss moderate, the equilibrium

CHARLES "well uhm. quiet please. well I'd rather choose to be uhm
beautiful. uhm because uhm to be beautiful like uhm its natural. but uhm being
smart, you can learn.. you can learn uhm a lot of things you can learn from the
experience. you can learn from alot of things to be smart."

ANDRE/JOMIG Miss conservative, the faithful

DANIKA "my pamily's role for me is so important, because there was the
wa- theyre. they was the one who's..very..ahaha oh I'm so sorry, my
pamily...oh my god"

ANDRE/JOMIG people of France, I welcome you, our Legislative Assembly


DANIKA Breaking news, The Legislative Assembly declares war after

Austria and Prussia urged the french to restore Louis to the throne. here for the
war report, we have andre tapales and carrylle noval.

ANDRE As we can see in our map, the prussian forces are already advancing to
paris threatening the revolutionaries to destroy paris if any harm comes to the
royal family. and here we can see the angry parisians invading the Tuileries. and
here we can see a mob massacring royal guards and imprisoning louis, marie
antoinette and their children.

CARRYLLE on the other end, we can see french troops reinforcing the french army
in the field.
and on the area here, we can see angry and fearful citizens raiding
prisons and murdering over 1,000 prisoners. because of this unrest, the new
governing body, the national convention took office and declared france a republic.

DANIKA I'm afraid thats all the time that we have left for you today.
Tune in tomorrow, as we give in more details as Louis XVI is charged for treason
sentencing him to death by the jacobins via the guillotine. Thank you and good
day, troubled french people of france.


ANDRE Live from abc France station, The "Guillotine" with talk show host,
Danik Soberan.

DANIKA Good morning troubled people of France. Its a gloomy day here in
Paris as recent revolts stirred up the violent mood. Foreign armies were not the
only enemies of the French republic. The Jacobins had thousands of enemies within
France itself. These included peasants who here horified by the King's execution,
priests who would not accept governemnt control, and rival leaders who were
stirring up rebellion in the provinces.

to talk about more on how to contain and control these enemies as this
is becoming a central issue, our guest for today is not just a Jacobin leader, but
is also the leader of the Committee of Public Safety and the dictator of France.
Here we have today, is Maximilien Robespierre.
Maximilien you always tell us that by your use of terror, it enabled
french citizens to remain true to the ideals of the revolution, why do you think

CHARLES the first maxim of our politics ought to be to *picks out from
jar* *reads song line in the jar*
lead the people by means of reason and the enemies of the people by
terror. if the basis of popular governemnt in time of peace is *picks out from jar*
*reads song line in the jar*, the basis ---

what is this?

AAC the national convention decided to turn on you robespierre and are here
for your arrest and execution via guillotine.
CHARLES wait2, I deserve an explanation, I deserve an acceptable reason.
*picks out from jar* *reads song line in the jar*

*dramatic entrance to the guillotine* *background music is amazing grace*

AAC any last words?

CHARLES *picks out from jar* *reads song line in the jar*
*kills charles*