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The Morgan School Digital Platform is a powerful tool for teachers, admin and students
alike. The platform facilitates teacher support and course monitoring and is a useful tool for
teachers to use when reviewing their lessons, planning and monitoring course progress. In
addition, students and parents have access to their own profiles in order to follow up on a
lesson or check homework in the event of absences. For this reason, it is essential that
lessons be recorded on the platform promptly and efficiently.

When updating lesson details, please be clear and concise so that it would be obvious to
another teacher, student or parent what had been done in class and what has been set for

 Provide a concise overview of the main skills, grammar points and vocabulary areas in
the lesson as appropriate.

 Provide a concise indication of the materials used in class, stating chapters/units, page
numbers and exercises/listening tracks as appropriate. If you use other materials such
as websites or audio/DVD then briefly indicate these too.

 Provide a concise indication of homework tasks that have been set, indicating
chapters/units, page numbers etc.

Please note that you only need to tick the boxes for absences, lateness or lack of homework;
the system presumes the student be present otherwise. It is important that absences,
lateness and lack of homework be recorded.

The example lesson register on the next page has not been completed sufficiently for the
reasons that follow:

 there is too much superfluous information in the aims/objectives box;

 it is not clear what exactly has been done because the information is vague;

 the main skills focus has not been indicated;

 the materials are not referenced clearly, i.e. page numbers, exercises, listening
tracks etc.;

 the homework set is vague and does not state exactly what needs to be done.


. i. say which grammar points were covered. Avoid using phrases such as “taught”. student or parent would not really be able to understand exactly what had been done in this lesson. Be precise when describing grammar points. This register has been completed satisfactorily.e.Another teacher. “did” or “went through” since these phrases do not indicate how something was done in class..

a debate or such like. Obviously. .in this event it needs to be stated clearly. The skills and classroom activities have been indicated and clear references to the class materials and homework have been provided. lessons vary and some lessons may take the form of a games lesson. 3 It is clear what has been done and what has been set for homework.