HARVEST By Erik McNeal

(C) 2010

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INT. SHOP SALES FLOOR - DAY BRANDY, a weathered yet vibrant lady, stands at the register of the shop, sighing heavily. She walks across the sales floor full of items, and no people. BRANDY And this is what they left me with. A decade-long decline and no capital from the will. The clock reads 4:00. BRANDY Where the hell is he? Can’t even be on time for anything. JIM, Brandy’s half-brother, disshelved in an unkempt button-down shirt and sunglasses ENTERS the shop. BRANDY What the.. where have you been? didn’t give you this job to be late! JIM Brandy, there’s no one here. BRANDY That’s not the point. You’re supposed to be helping me out here. Clean out the storage area. Brandy sternly stares at him. Jim raises his eyebrows, jumping from behind his shades. He EXITS the sales floor. EXT. BEHIND THE SHOP - DAY LATER. Jim sits in a chair under a shade. Brandy comes out from the door to storage. JIM Damn this hangover. BRANDY I can’t believe you. We’re struggling and the favorite son (MORE) (CONTINUED) I



BRANDY (cont’d) found time to just relax! care in the world!

Not a

JIM It’s a hazard, its cluttered and shit. BRANDY Sounds like your former career, DOCTOR. JIM At least I’m not caretaker of failing business. How much money is this place not making? BRANDY This place isn’t failing asshole. I’m actually sticking to my word and being where I say I will be, unlike some people around here. JIM (chuckling) Not talking about me. Did you know he asked me to try to help out the shop? I paid in money when I could. Be grateful for once. Brandy stares daggers through him and WALKS OFF. JIM Hey. Thanks for honoring his last wish and helping me out. Brandy stops and looks back at Jim. BRANDY We gotta put food on the table. The bottom really fell out on us and others. Try to get some work done while I think of a plan. Brandy exits. Jim remains sitting in the shade. He pulls out an ID card with his picture of him, clean shaven and smiling. It reads: PIERCE MEDICAL CENTER. DR. JAMES CARTER, M.D.


INT. SHOP SALES FLOOR - DAY Brandy emerges to find a customer on the floor! UP immediately, checking her appearance. She PERKS

The customer, a grey-haired man in a polo, stands at a display. Brandy quietly walks up behind him. She stops short a few feet away. Afternoon! something? BRANDY May I help you find

WALT I’m Walt. Lookin’ for Jim. Ex-doctor. Heard he’s here. BRANDY Um... I’m the only one here. I run the shop solo, its was left to-WALT Did you know Jim owes us a good bit of coin? Why don’t you cut the shit and tell me where he is? FROM THE BREAK ROOM, Jim peeks through and watches the conversation. BRANDY I don’t know who you’re talking about Mr. Walt, but you seem irritated so can I get you anything? A water or coffee? WALT Look lady, we’re owed a debt. I know you know where Jim is by your wasting my time. Now either you tip me in on Jim or I see what I can get from this place. BRANDY What?! No! Hey look, the shop isn’t making money and if you take what little I have and I’ll lose the shop! WALT And that means what to me? my way. Walt SHOVES Brandy to the side! Outta


Brandy follows Walt into the STORAGE. INT. SHOP STORAGE - DAY Walt manuvers through the cluttered area. Brandy follows behind him. Walt sees Jim through the door window, walking OUTSIDE. Brandy also sees Jim outside. Walt picks up the pace and pulls a gun out! She notices a CROWBAR amongst some clutter on the floor. She picks it up... Brandy raises the crowbar HIGH.... WHACK!

Brandy HITS Walt in the back of the head! Walt FIRES off one shot and stumbles to the floor. The gun falls. He touches the strike-point and looks at his bloody hand. Jim ENTERS. He sees Brandy, readying to STRIKE!

Walt turns over on the floor and looks at Brandy... THUD! THUD! THUD!

Brandy swings HARDER HITS into Walt’s head with the crowbar. Walt dies on the floor. JIM Hol-lee shit. Oh God!!! You killed him.

BRANDY Oh my God!!

Brandy SOBS AND SHRIEKS!!!! She drops the bloody crowbar and runs off to a corner... She vomits! Jim heads outside. EXT. BEHIND THE SHOP - DAY Jim is on the phone speaking with LOUIS. soothing and of proper dialect. JIM That offer still on the table? Louis’ voice is




(on For you, the good all. So

LOUIS phone) of course. You are one of ones. I should know after what do you have?

JIM An older man. Dead. Just some head trauma. Seemed fairly healthy. LOUIS (on phone) I think we can work with that. You know the protocol and procedures. INT. SHOP STORAGE - DAY Jim ENTERS and looks down at Walt’s corpse. He notices Brandy exasperated and sobbing near the corner. She looks at Jim. JIM Have them ready for pick up in the morning. Jim hangs up his phone. He goes over to Walt’s body and drags him across the floor. BRANDY Wha-whh-what are you doing? JIM Just chill out alright. We can fix this mess and even make enough to save the shop. BRANDY What? I murdered a man covering for you and you’re thinking about money?! JIM We’ll cut this guy open and sell his organs. Twenty grand EASY! BRANDY What the-- How would you know how to do that? Are you kidding me?!




JIM No, I’m not actually. Can you help me move him? Also can you get some cleaners and get that stain up. BRANDY There’s nothing here. I-I-I don’t wanna touch him... I need some time. JIM Look, close the store early. Let’s go home real quick and come back and take care of this tonight. Brandy locks all the doors in STORAGE and on the SALES FLOOR. They both depart the store. INT. SHOP STORAGE - NIGHT SUNSET. Jim grabs one of the tables and dusts it off. down with cleaners. JIM OK on three. One, two...three! Jim and Brandy hoist up Walt’s body onto the table. Walt’s final facial expression STIFF showing wide eyes and contorted mouth...FEAR. The face is bloody and bludgeoned. It STARES directly at Brandy. BRANDY I can’t do this. JIM Then keep watch outside then. I got my stuff here so we’re good. BRANDY What are you taking from him? JIM Kidneys and liver are popular in parts of the world. I used to sell off similar items from fresh dead before they wasted away. Brandy walks away. He wipes it




Jim puts on some latex gloves. dipping it in alcohol.

He readies a scalpel by

The first incision CUTS into Walt’s flesh. EXT. BEHIND THE SHOP - NIGHT Brandy sits outside alone in a chair. Jim walks out of the storage room. dry. He’s wiping his hands

Jim looks at Brandy, as she stares back at him. JIM They’re picking them up tomorrow. BRANDY So. You harvest organs. got you fired? JIM Yeah. Selling them. for some time now. BRANDY Did Dad know? No. JIM He didn’t know. That what

Been at it

BRANDY I wonder if he still wanted to protect his only son if he knew he was up to all these years. EXT. BEHIND THE SHOP - DAY EARLY MORNING. Jim is on the phone with Louis. LOUIS (on phone) You did it. Good show James. I knew we could count on you. Our man will be by, as we speak, to collect the package.


CONTINUED: JIM And the money? LOUIS (on phone) You’ll be compensated as an act of good faith. This isn’t exactly planned, but I’ll pay for your troubles. Louis hangs up.


A black sedan pulls up behind the store. A Man in a suit and shades exits the vehicle. He holds up a briefcase. Jim walks over to him and hands him a thermal case. The Man hands Jim the briefcase and reenters the black sedan. The sedan drives off. Brandy walks up beside Jim. Jim opens the briefcase. Brandy steps back in awe. INT. SHOP STORAGE - NIGHT SOME TIME LATER. Jim is sweeping with a large push broom. much cleaner and organized. BRANDY Having fun? I sure am. there? JIM Not so much. Done up The storage is

BRANDY Closing down now. We did OK today. I think Pop would be glad the store still stands. Not set yet, but we’re getting there. JIM That’s good. He picked the right person to run it. Brandy nods her head and smiles. BRANDY I’m glad you’re here to help, just like he wanted. Well finish up so we can get out here.


Brandy returns to the sales floor. INT. SHOP SALES FLOOR - NIGHT Brandy approaches the register and pulls the cash rack from it. CARTER, a man in a dark suit, and BOSKO, a tall tough guy, ENTER the shop. BRANDY Sorry guys we’re closed. at 10, tomorrow. We open

CARTER I’m not interested in old trinkets from this dump. I’m looking for someone. BRANDY Excuse me! This ain’t a dump. You need to leave righ-CARTER Walter Hammon. Brandy just shakes her head in confusion. CARTER A while ago, an inspector came by and hasn’t been seen since. WE are worried. So, where is Walt? Brandy nervously shakes her head again. BRANDY I don’t know what you’re talking about. CARTER I’ll ask again. Where. Brandy is taken aback. Is. WALT!

She steps back.

BOSKO Look ma’am this doesn’t have to get ugly if you tell us what happened here. We’d hate to take things further.




BRANDY Further how? Carter quickly pulls a GUN and SHOOTS a round into the wall! Brandy CROUCHES and covers her head in reflex. CARTER That. Carter aims the gun at Brandy. CARTER Bosko. Let’s show her what happens when you take down a MADE man who took a job for his protege because he was out sick. Bosko pulls a gun from his sport coat. Brandy, and cocks the hammer... POW! A airborne crowbar COLLIDES into Bosko’s face! TOPPLES OVER! Carter looks around panicked! Bosko He aims it at

Jim RUNS in! He SHOVES Brandy to the side! Jim TACKLES Carter down! Jim quickly STABS Carter in his side with a scalpel! Carter comes down on his gun! ANOTHER ROUND FIRES! Brandy is HIT! Carter stops moving and then dies of his wound. Jim moves over to Bosko and grabs the crowbar! Bosko to death! Brandy writhes on the floor, clutching her side. JIM Oh no. Stay there. I’m gonna get gauze for the wound. Hold on. INT. BREAK ROOM - NIGHT Jim grabs some clean rags from under the sink. rings. It’s Louis. His phone He HAMMERS




LOUIS (on phone) James. Good news, we’d like more business. Triple the offer next time, if the organs are live. JIM Good to know. The line hangs up. INT. SHOP SALES FLOOR - NIGHT Jim comes back out with his medical kit and the clean towelettes. Brandy is laid out, clutching her bleeding stomach. Jim.. BRANDY I-- What are you doing? Brandy tries to SQUIRM AWAY!

Jim holds Brandy down!

Jim raises his scalpel and presses the blade in. JIM The old man also told me to do what I had to keep the shop going, and I can... with live parts. So hold still, this might hurt. BRANDY YOU BASTARD!!!! Brandy SCREAMS OUT LOUDLY! Then quieter...

The quiet screams lower to light whimpers.... The whimpering fades into silence. THE END.