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Contact sheet analysis

(ESTIMATE OF 1000 words)

Which photos do you like best and why?
Out of 79 photos, I have chosen 11 images which I like the best, these images are:

DSC_0024 DSC_0028

DSC_0029 DSC_0030,
DSC_0031 DSC_0044,

DSC_0056 DSC_0065


I’ve chosen these images as my favourites, as they’re not blurry, they’re in perfect focus
compared to the rest of the images. I also like these images because of the vibrant various
colours in featured in each shot, and I also like the compositions of the subjects within the
crystal sphere. My favourite image would be DSC_0066 because of the composition of the
flowers in the image, also there’s plenty of space in the image so the audience's eyes
automatically travel to the round ball then to the centre of the ball. My second favourite image
would be DSC_0031, this is because the ball is framed perfectly in the middle of the frame and
the correct aperture and and shutter speed has been used to capture the correct brightness so
that the image doesn’t look over-exposed or under-exposed.

How have you incorporated the formal elements, lighting and rules of photography? Consider
the following:
I have used different shutter speeds and aperture settings, however the aperture is more
important in my photography shoots, as I don’t use any other lighting apart from the sunlight as
all my photos have been taken outside in nature. I created depth of field by enlarging the
aperture size, this allows more light to enter the camera and brightens the overall image.
I only used direct light in one of my ‘favourite’ images, DCS_0044, as there is sunlight behind the
tree directing at the camera, I took this image at early hours of the morning when the sun was
just rising, also known as the golden hour, I positioned the tree in front of the light so it could
shine brightly through. No other of my images use direct light.
However, I used diffused lighting in the majority of my photography pieces, this was the easiest
lighting for me to incorporate into my pieces as it was completely natural.

I have tried to capture both high and low lighting in my photography,however I had a lot more
success with high key lighting as I used natural lighting from the sun. I did a lot of photoshoots,
at different times of the day and locations, because of this some of my images look
underexposed and underexposed because I didn’t have any technological lighting to illuminate
the image(s)

Which photos do you like, but didn’t work as well as you’d hoped? (framing, over or under
exposed, out of focus etc)
They’re a couple of my images that I liked the concept of, however they didn’t turn out to the
greatest. The first images are DSC_0029 and DSC_0030, I have included both of these as they
are very similar, almost the same image. However I do not like these images as they are very
underexposed because I didn’t have the appropriate lighting for the shoot and depended on the
sun for this specific shoot. Also the two images were very blurry comparing to the other images
and wasn’t as in focus.
The next image that I wasn’t keen on either is DCS_0024, this is because of the positioning of
the prop and the framing of the image, I don’t like it has there’s too much space shown in the
background, also there isn’t anything interesting focused within the crystal sphere, making the
image very boring to look at.
The third image that is good but not great is DSC_ 0056, this is because there isn’t anything
interesting happening in the background and there is too much space between the flower and
the edge of the crystal ball, I just don’t like the general look of this image; it is also slightly out of
The last image that I’m not very keen on is image DSC_0068 this is due to the colour that
featuring any vibrant colours (the colours are too bland), there’s not formal elements that have
been implemented and there is no visible light, resulting in the whole image looking very bland.

How might you edit the photos? – colour, cropping, rotating, shadows, tones, highlights etc.

I will edit my images by changing the saturation levels and contrasting levels to make the
majority of my images more vibrant, and to exaggerate the colours, tones, shadows and
highlights. I will crop my images slightly so the crystal ball(s) is framed and positioned perfectly
in the rule of thirds grid. I want to also change the highlights and shadows in my pieces to create
contrasting images.

What camera settings did you use for your favourite photos?
I used manual camera settings to take all of my relevant images. I had to constantly change the
aperture and shutter speeds, depending on the brightness of the lighting. Narrowing my photos
down to my favourites only, resulting in 5 images that I will edit. Firstly for image DSC_0028 I
have used an aperture of f/7.1 and a shutter speed of 1/40. My second image, DSC_0031, uses
an aperture of f/7.1 and shutter speed of 1/250. My third image is DSC_0044, I have used an
aperture of f/7.1 and exposure time (shutter speed) of 1/40. My fourth image, DSC_0066, this
image used an aperture of f/5.6 and exposure time of 1/60. My last image, DSC_0089, uses ab
aperture of f/3.8 and shutter speed of 1/200.

Do you need to do a reshoot? – if so, what would you change this time?
I don’t necessarily need to reshoot, however I would like to as I’d like to incorporate more
elements into my photos such as leading lines, the golden ratio and I’d also like to implement
repetition as well.