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FruitNet Style Packets

User Access Request Form

Production Can’t request Test and Production on the same form


Note: An existing user’s security will be replaced – fill out form completely
Requested By Eleazar Erazo Date 01/05/2018 IM Reference #

Note: The Employee must be registered in FruitNet for Style Packet access.
Employee Name Angel Antonio Mendoza Peña - amen13
Department Industrial Engineer
Manager\Plant Mgr Jonathan David Torres Gutierrez
Job Responsibilities Finishing Engineer
Facility Code\Job Location
Email Address

Style Packets Role

(must choose either
the Admin or View
Admin View Only History
Only role; can request
History along with
Admin or View Only.)

Fruit of the Loom VFB
Style Packets
Russell Russell Outdoors
(can choose as many
as they wish) Russell Retail Development Russell Teamwear Development

Russell HK Development Russell PK Development

Approvers Printed Name

HQ User: Supervisor
Facility User:Facility
Contact or Plant Mgr Jonathan Torres CAC to obtain through workflow
(Business Owner) -
Bruce Smith CAC to obtain through workflow
Bruce Smith
Comments / Special Instructions:


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 Form signature verification

o This is a replacement form. An existing user’s access will be replaced with access
requested on this form.

o Can’t request Test and Production on the same form

o Job location needed

o Style Packets Role – must choose either the Admin or View Only role; can request History
along with Admin or View Only.

o Style Packets Locations – can choose as many as they wish

o Direct Supervisor signature is always required (NOTE: For HQ users: Supervisor

and above will be accepted as the Supervisor) For Facility users: the user's facility
contact or Plant Manager

o Sr. VP Business Owner – Bruce Smith

o Comments/Special Instructions – just ignore

NOTE TO CAC: Please update the submitted form to include the userid. Add the userid after the
Employee name on the form.
EXAMPLE: Username - userid

Confirm supervisor or IT\Facility Contact

For HQ users:  look in FLUTS

For facility users: plant contact or manager which is listed on the Master Facilities
ALSO - after userid and Remedy number is put on the Access Request form. PDF the form using
cutePDFwriter. Attach PDF'ed form to the Remedy ticket and to the Sharepoint Workflow approval

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