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LeAnne Kerr

4114 Medical Dr. #17209 (318) 272-4874

San Antonio, TX 78229
Education Baylor University, Waco, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Professional Writing (2013-2017)
Course Work Baylor University, Waco, TX
Advertising Copywriting (Spring 2017)
• Created a brand and marketing strategy for a well-known product
• Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
Media Design (Spring 2017)
• Developed a personal portfolio of documents using design techniques
• Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
Work Experience Def-Logix, Inc., San Antonio, TX
Production/Communications Manager (July 2017 - present)
▪ Social media content development and graphic design for Twitter,
Facebook, Mailchimp; use Crowdfire, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.
▪ Developed social media calendars, content, and email marketing plans
▪ Redesigned company website using Wordpress
Seeds of Hope Publishers, Waco, TX
Editorial Assistant (Summer 2016)
▪ Developed multiple types of content for various publications
Buttoned Bears, Waco, TX
Writer (September 2016 - May 2017)
• Composed articles regarding fashion trends, lifestyle tips, and other fads
on the Baylor campus
Leadership Positions Kappa Alpha Theta, Waco, TX
Assistant Recruitment Chairman (2015 – 2016)
• Sent thank you notes and recreated the recruitment skit
New Member Educator (2016 – 2017)
• Educated new members of the fraternity on its history and core values
Extra Curricular Activities Baylor University
Baylor Turkey and Greece Study Abroad Program (Summer 2015)
• Exposed to Turkish and Greek cultures, traveled to important locations
within the biblical narrative such as Istanbul, Smyrna, and Athens
Highland Baptist Church, Waco, TX
Connection Group Leader (2016 – 2017)
• Led discussion and fellowship among a group of college students
Mission Waco
Friday Morning Breakfast Volunteer (2016 – 2017)
• Helped cook and feed breakfast to those suffering in homelessness
• Created fellowship with the homeless
References Katie Cook – Seeds of Hope Publishers (254) 498 – 4997
Denitia Blount – Oh My Juice (770) 298 – 3093
Drew Humphrey – HBC Waco College Pastor (214) 507 – 3267