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To Register

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Go to the Login Screen. Click on the Register link Read and accept the End User License Agreement.

Registration- Page 1



Fill in the requested information, all bold fields are required. (Remember the Login Name and Password you entered. You will need these each time you use Click the “Register” link on the bottom of the page to submit.

Registration - Page 2


A Verification Code will be sent to you via email; enter this verification code and your email address into the final registration screen. Click “Finish.” *If you don’t receive the email containing your verification code right away, you can use the Verification Code link on the login screen to complete the process later.

Logging into
Once you have completed the online registration process, you are ready to login.


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Go the login screen. Enter your Login name and password. Then click the “Login” button.

General User Basics .

modify or perform functions on the selected object. Workflow. Create a new item. Display the properties of the selected/current item. this will create a new document. Depending on the page. Security. Access the Workflow Envelope Wizard to add the selected item to a workflow Envelope. Search. Modify. Refresh the information on the current page. reset all form values to the original values. or issues to a task).Tool Bar Create. . discussion post. Help. Display help for the current page. Link other information to this item. Set up email notifications for specific events related to the selected document or item. Notify. Delete the selected/current item. Delete. If the page is a form. Show the current security level access and the required security to view. etc. Modify the selected/current item.e. (i. Properties. Search for information within the project workplace. Refresh. Link. link documents.

Business and provides three types of online workplaces that are used to organize information: Personal. Workplace Selectors A workplace is a collection of tools and information accessible only by people who are members of the workplace.Workplaces-Overview Project. .

work assignments and personal work-in-progress. It provides a customized view of your projects.Personal Workplace • • • Each user has a private Personal Workplace. It contains information about all the projects and businesses of which you are a member. . it is the first page you will see when you log in.

etc. . employee directories. They often contain projects. customer. department. business unit. The use of business workplaces is optional.Business Workplace • • • Business Workplaces are used to group projects and people by company. contact lists and businesswide discussions and databases.

deliverables.Project Workplace • • Each project has a Project Workplace. discussions. tasks. • . metrics. The information in a Project Workplace is only accessible by people who are members of that project. documents. decisions. forms. etc. issues. action items. milestones. This is where project team members share and manage project information including schedules.

net user inviting you to a project. check the boxes of the invitation(s) you wish to accept and click the Accept button. To do so. Click the link provided in the email. (Register first. Login to Project.) You will see the new project or business on your Personal Workspace Screen under the “My Projects” section. You can click on a Project or Business name to enter that workspace. 3. check under the “New Items” section. If you do not see the new item. . 2. You may need to “accept” the invitation. if you have not previously done so.Accepting an Invitation to a Project or Business If you receive an email from another Project. follow these steps: Check here Accept button 1.

Project Manager Basics .

2.Step 1 1.Creating a New Project . On the Workspace Navigation Bar or Create Project on the lower channel bar. Click the Create Project icon on the Project. . select the Projects Workspace. This will display all of the projects of which you are a member.

Creating a New Project-Step 2 1. 3. displays the project information so you can verify the data. Key in the necessary information and click Next. 2. The project is added to the list of projects in the Project Workspace and appears in all project members’ Personal Workspaces. Use Back to make corrections or click Finish to continue. .

Go to the project’s workspace. Click the Invite Participant button and the Invite Participant Window will open. 3. 2. Select the Directory link on left-hand side of the page to see the list of current project members.Adding People to a Project .Step 1 Directory Invite Participant To invite members to a project: 1. .

Adding People to a Project . While you may invite more than one person at a time all invitees will be given the same roles or permissions.Step 2 1. you may wish to invite users in groups. . Either search for the user in an existing project or enter his or her name and email address. click Next. Click Add to Invitee List. 2. When the invitee list is complete.

Adding People to a Project . 4. You have the option of describing the person’s responsibilities for this project and entering a greeting message. If you choose Send notifications to all invited users both entries will be added to the automatic email invitation sent to that person. 2. Select whether the invitees must accept the invitation to join the project. All invitees are automatically given the role of Team Member. 3.Step 3 1. Choose what roles you want assigned to the invitees. . Click the Invite button to complete the process and return to the project Directory.

Modules .

check-in. Business and Project Workplaces make use of the document vault. checkout and delete documents.Overview •Project. . •You have control over who has access to which documents and folders. •The Documents Vault provides version control. offers a full-featured document management system. •Team members are able to add. access history.The Documents Module . hierarchal folder structure and more. •Personal. •There is no limit to the size or type of document that can be stored.

Document Tool Bar Checkout – The checkout feature allows a user to lock the file or document for revision and prevent others from changing the same file. Move – Using the move icon. Once checked out. . Undo Checkout – The project manager has the ability to cancel all changes and unlock the document. This is a readonly view. a document is read-only to everyone except the person who checked it out. View – Using this icon. You can also add comments describing the changes to the file. automatically updating the file’s version number. The document is unchanged and no entry is added to the document history. New Folder – You can open a new folder to help organize the documents in a project. the user can check the file or document back into the system. you can place the document in another location or folder on the site. you can open the document for review with the appropriate tool. Check-In – When modification are complete.

When you start to create a document. Click on the Import Document icon in the Project. Click on Documents on the left hand side of the Tool Bar. Tool Bar. . In order to do this.Creating a Document from an UploadStep 1 To create a new document you must upload it from your hard drive. note that the Document Tool Bar appears to the left of the Project. use the following steps: Import Document Icon 1.

2. and Complete. Fill in the Document Name. These options include: Not Started. Choose the document you would like to upload from your hard drive. In Process. To complete the process. Assign a status for the document. click the Submit button on the lower right. Pending. . 4.Creating a Document from an UploadStep 2 1. 3.

Fill in the blanks on the Checkout form. The Estimated Return Date helps in tracking the document. and then click on the Checkout icon. select the radio button of the document to be checked out. 2. Click Checkout to finish the process. In the Document tab in either the Personal Workplace or Project Workplace. The checked out document opens in the appropriate tool to allow editing. . A Checkout form will come up. 3. 4.Checking out a Document Checkout icon Radio button 1.

Checking-In a Document CheckIn Radio button 1. 4. Click Submit. The Check-In Wizard will appear. 6. Fill in the form indicating any comments or changes made in the document. Click the Check-In icon to return the document. 3. . You will be allowed to browse your hard drive for the correct document. Choose and enter the document. 2. Choose the item you would like to check -in by clicking the radio button. 5.

total number of posts. . The Discussions are secured to the members of the Workplace. To enter a discussion group. and a group description. The Discussions module provides threaded discussion groups within a Workplace.The Discussions Module . 3. 4.Overview 1. number of posts the current user has not read. The listing includes the group names. 2. The Discussions page lists the discussion groups available in the Workplace. click on the group’s name.

Click Submit to complete the Create process. click Discussions on the left navigation bar. 2. . 4. click Create and the Create New Discussion wizard opens.Creating a Discussion Group Create Icon Tool Bar. 3. From the Project Workplace. From the Project. Fill in the fields to create the Discussion Group.

3. Submit completes the process and the post is added to the list. Fill in the fields to create the Post. The New Post Wizard will popup. .Adding a New Discussion Post Create Icon 1. 2. 4. Click on Discussions and then the desired Discussion Group. Click the Create icon to begin the Add process. 5.

risks. bugs. Issues. and other items can be tracked. goals. . Once created. features. requirements.The Forms (Tracking Databases) ModuleOverview • • • The Forms Module offers customizable forms and tracking databases. each form can be used over and over again. decisions.

Step 1 Form to fill out 1. From the Forms module. 2. Click on Forms on the left hand side of the Workplace. . click on the form you would like to fill out.Creating a Form Instance .

You will see a list of the existing instances. Fill in information just as you would on a paper form. and then click Submit. Click the create icon. .Creating a Form Instance . 2.Step 2 A Form Instance 1.

Modify a Form Instance You can only modify an instance of a form. click on that form. or filled in form. 3. Otherwise the form will be read only. To modify a filled in form. Make the necessary changes. . Modify Icon 1. 2. if you have the security permission for this specific object. Click Submit. Click the Modify icon. 4. Click the radio button of the specific instance you would like to modify.

Gates. Phases. and Deliverables. .The Project Process Module . In this section.Overview • • The Process area in the Project Workplace is where you define the tasks and deliverables that form the heart of the project. you create a Process.

In the Project Workplace. Use the following steps: Create Process GUI 1. along with the Phases. . which is essentially the lifecycle of the project. The Create Process GUI opens for the selected project. The first time you click on Process. you will be expected to create it. click on Process. Key in a Process Name and description.Creating a Process Each project will only have one process. 3. 2. Click Submit and the Process is added to the list. 4.

testing. research. you can have planning. and implementation phases for a project.Creating a Process Phase . 2. . For example. The Create Phase GUI opens.Step 1 A Phase allows for additional granularity in defining a project. 1. In the Process tab area of the Projects page click Create Phase.

3. Start date. Clicking on the Modify icon can make changes in the Phase. and an initial percentage complete.Creating a Process Phase .Step 2 Create Phase Guy 1. Sequence (What order this Phase should be completed in). Status. End Date. 2. Click Submit and the Phase appears in the Project Workplace. Description. Key in Phase Name. .

. 2.Modifying a Phase 1. Click on selected phase. Click Submit. Make the necessary changes. 3. and then click on the Modify icon.

Stopped. 4. and Status (choices are: Not Scheduled.Creating a Process Gate 1. 2. Changes in the Gate can be made by clicking on the Modify icon . Rescheduled. or Waived. Passed. Click Add Gate. Scheduled. click on the Phase where the Gate will be added. In the Process Module. Description. 3. Key in a Gate Name.) Click Submit and the Gate is now displayed on a tab below Phase Info.

Comments. click on the Create symbol in the Deliverables tab on the Project Phase page.Creating a Deliverable 1. Key in data for Name. 4. . Status. and whether the deliverable is optional. On the Projects Page. 3. Description. the Deliverable now appears on the Projects page. Clicking on the Modify icon can make changes in the Deliverable. When you click Submit. 2.

and click on radio button.Adding a Link Because many deliverables contain graphic information and are associated with files. Click Finish. 6. Click the Add New Link button. Select the Link Type from the options Document. 4. Deliverable. 3. then click Add Link. In the Links Channel bar. or Event. Click on the Deliverable. . you can add a Link to a deliverable. Task. 2. 7. 1. Browse or Search for the Link Chose the Link. 5. Post. click Modify.

Events. . From the calendar area you can compose new Meetings. You can view the calendar in daily. Items that appear on your calendar such as meetings also appears on the calendars of all other project members that have been invited to that meeting. weekly. monthly. as well as in a graphical or list view. and Tasks.The Calendar Module .Overview • • • • The Calendar displays events. and other occurrences. tasks. or yearly views. meetings.

clicking Next goes to meeting attendees’ wizard. 5. In this GUI. When done filling in the Wizard. click Calendar. chose Meeting and click Compose New. 2. In the upper right corner. Click on the popup calendar to select a date. simply fill in the required and optional information.Step 1 1. 3. Scheduling. The Meeting Wizard then opens. 4. In the Project Workplace. .Composing a New Meeting .

If this is a WebEx meeting. 4. Add members by clicking Add Attendee in the Action bar.Composing a New Meeting . This will allow you to add Attendees. . 2.Step 2 1. 3. This action opens a GUI for selecting attendees from the project roster. When finished click Next. WebEx will automatically create the meeting on their site.

By clicking next after creating a meeting. 1.Creating a Meeting Agenda Once the meeting is created. you can make an Agenda for that meeting. 6. When creating a meeting. 4. Start to populate the Agenda by clicking Add Agenda. Click Submit when done entering data for that item. This GUI appears when you click Next after composing the meeting. . As with all applications on the site. the Workplace Administrator is able to view all calendar and meeting items for all members in projects. the Meeting Agenda GUI appears. standard Action bar functions apply. 3. 2. 5. Fill in the blanks with the required and optional information.

Click Submit when done with this item. . 8. Just follow the process detailed below. 7. 4. click Add Agenda. On the next page. Click Submit to stop adding items. This takes you to the Project Workplace and shows the current meeting information. If you wish to add another item. 6. click the Modify icon. Fill in the required and optional information. 2. The item you just keyed in is displayed and you are returned to the GUI to add more items.Adding More Agenda Items Any invitee who has accepted can add agenda items to the Meeting. 3. click Add Agenda. In the Agenda tab. 1. Click on the meeting. 5.

just use the following procedure: 1. . The Add Agenda GUI appears with the data as initially entered. just click on the item you wish to change.Modify an Agenda Item As agendas often change. updating and correcting them is easy. To fix an agenda item. Make the desired changes. 3. 2. As the Owner. Click Submit when done.

In the Project Calendar.Events Events are slightly different then meetings. In the Personal Workplace calendar. . 2. 1. being sure to fill in the required fields. click Compose New. Key in the data. Events do not have attendee lists or agendas. select Event and then click Compose New.

You can also use an indented. milestones. Start Date. 5. and phase. View. 4. The Workplan module shows all current tasks.The Workplan Module .Overview 1. and Percentage Complete. . Included are estimates for the Work. 3. 2. status. In each task. Duration of Work. Status. End Date. flat. there are four things to sort by: Type. and Phase. and other metrics by which projects are tracked. You can sort this data by type. or Gantt chart view.

5. . The New Task wizard opens. you may also wish to fill in the data to indicate the scope of the work (in Hours. Click Submit when done entering data. 3. allowing you to make changes or Assign the task. Fill in the required fields for task Name. To track progress. 4. Enter the Workplan area and click the Create Icon. Description. Priority. and Start & End Dates. or Weeks).Creating a Task Task Wizard 1. 6. The filled out form appears. 2. Days.

Assign People to a Task. 2. and Role. Select a name from this list. Click Submit when done. Enter the Workplan area click on the chosen task. Status.Assigning a Task 1. Click Resources. Add data such as Percent Assigned. 3. . Owner. 4. In the tab. click on None and a scrolling list of project members appears. 5.

3. Click on the radio button of the task you would like to update. Click Submit. Make the necessary changes. 2. The Create Task Form will show up. Click the Modify icon. .Updating Task Status Modify Icon Radio Button 1. 4.

Make necessary changes. Click on the task you wish to modify.Modify Assignments 1. 2. . Click Submit. Click on Resources. 3. 4.

. Enter the Setup area. 6. 2. Click on the Modify column for Schedule Task or Milestone. Select New Object Permissions Select the Person/Group that you would like to change permissions for. 4. 5. Click Submit to save the change in permissions. select the project that you will allow team members to update Task status. This list appears under the Module Permissions tab. 3. On the Projects page. Please allow at least two minutes for the changes to propagate through the system. and choose Security.Grant Permissions for Team Members to Update Task Status 1.

enters that user’s or group of user’s Workflow Inbox when they are responsible for a specific task. .Overview • • • • Workflow is a defined series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome.The Workflow Module . Each user has a Workflow Inbox on the personal page. The specific envelope. Once the task is complete. the application ensures that the user responsible for the next task is notified and receives the item in their Inbox. or item being sent through the workflow.

2. you will be taken to the Workflow Envelope. By clicking on the item in your Workflow Inbox.The Workflow Module . 4.Overview (Cont) Current Step and Actions 1. 3. Also highlighted are the actions to move this item to the next step. The area highlighted is the current step. . There is also an area for any comments regarding this particular item or the workflow.

and fill in necessary information. Those involved in the workflow will then receive it in their Workflow Inbox. The Workflow wizard will appear. 2. Submit. Choose Rule Enforcement. Click on the Workflow icon in the upper right hand corner. Priority. 4. and Status. Choose workflow. 3. Click Next. 5.Using Workflow Workflow Icon Radio Button 1. Select the item you would like to workflow by going to that section and clicking on the radio button. .

Overview • • • The news section allows the user to post any new items like a virtual bulletin board.The News Module . When you enter the News section of the project. Once posted. you will see all News Items. News items appear on the Dashboard of every project team member. .

2. 4. Click on News. Click on News. Click on the Modify icon. Choose the item you would like to modify by clicking the radio button. Click on the Create icon. Fill in the information. Modify the necessary information. Click Submit. Click Submit. 5. 2. 3. 4.Creating and Modifying a News Item To Create a News Item 1. 3. . To Modify a News Item 1.

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