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Subject line Looking for a strategy targeting consistent returns?

Pre-header Top Cetera manager recommends Columbia Tax-Exempt Fund


Cetera Financial

More and more of your clients are demanding consistency — not just in performance, but in investment
approach. Now added to the Cetera Financial Research Select List, Columbia Tax-Exempt Fund
has a proven history of delivering both.

Led by 35-year industry veteran Kimberly Campbell, the fund emphasizes diversification across risk
factors to target more reliable returns throughout a market cycle.

3 key fund benefits:

� Competitive return through a blended investment approach

� Higher yield potential by taking thoughtful, calculated risk
� Reliable tax-exempt income opportunity, thanks to a deep, Research Select
experienced team List Fund

Learn how this fund can help you deliver more consistent returns and yield. Visit the fund details page
or download this advisor-friendly overview.

Download Targeting consistent returns

Questions? Find your regional consultant.

To find out more, call 800.446.4008

or visit

About Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is a leading global asset manager that provides a broad range of
investment strategies for individual and institutional clients.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a mutual fund carefully before investing. For a free prospectus
or a summary prospectus, which contains this and other important information about the funds, visit Read the
prospectus carefully before investing.
There is no guarantee the objective will be achieved or that any return expectations will be met.
Past performance is no gaurantee of future rersults.
Fixed-income securities present issuer default risk. The fund invests substantially in municipal securities and will be affected by tax, legislative, regulatory, demographic or
political changes, as well as changes impacting a state’s financial, economic or other conditions. A relatively small number of tax-exempt issuers may necessitate the fund
investing more heavily in a single issuer and, therefore, be more exposed to the risk of loss than a fund that invests more broadly. Prepayment and extension risk exists
because the timing of payments on a loan, bond or other investment may accelerate when interest rates fall or decelerate when interest rates rise which may reduce investment
opportunities and potential returns. Non-investment-grade (high-yield or junk) securities present greater price volatility and more risk to principal and income than higher
rated securities. Market risk may affect a single issuer, sector of the economy, industry or the market as a whole. A rise in interest rates may result in a price decline of fixed-
income instruments held by the fund, negatively impacting its performance and NAV. Falling rates may result in the fund investing in lower yielding debt instruments, lowering
the fund’s income and yield. These risks may be heightened for longer maturity and duration securities. Federal and state tax rules apply to capital gain distributions and any
gains or losses on sales. Income may be subject to state, local or alternative minimum taxes. Liquidity risk is associated with the difficulty of selling underlying investments at
a desirable time or price. Investing in derivatives is a specialized activity that involves special risks, which may result in significant losses.
Diversification and asset allocation do not assure a profit or protect against loss.
Investment products are not federally or FDIC-insured, are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by any financial institution, and involve investment risks including
possible loss of principal and fluctuation in value.
Columbia funds are distributed by Columbia Management Investment Distributors, Inc., member FINRA, and managed by Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC.
For broker/dealer or institutional use only. It has not been filed with FINRA and may not be shown, quoted to, or used with, members of the general public.
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (Columbia Threadneedle) is the global brand name of the Columbia and Threadneedle group of companies.
Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC
225 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110-2804
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