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2/10/2018 We’re producing Faro 60 for 2015/16 dry season farmers

We’re producing Faro 60 for 2015/16 dry season

By Vincent A. Yusuf | Publish Date: Oct 28 2015 8:02PM …it gives 8 tonnes per


Capital Agricultural Development, a primary seed company has

showcased in the exhibition arena, varieties of various seeds, which
interest participants.
An agronomist with the organisation, Joshua Joseph,who presented
some of the products, said they are into production of high quality seeds,
adding that they collaborate with research institutes for developing high
breed varieties particularly with IITA, in Ibadan and IAR in Zaria.
The seed company has about 15,000 hectares of land in Kwali, Abuja. In
those 15,000 hectares of land, they produce improved varieties, quality
seeds for different geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
They showcased TGX 1448-2E of soya beans, non-shattering, higher in
milk content and very good for feed formulation. They also have X-Kano
and X-Katsina, which are sorghum varieties, good for the savannah and
dry savannah belt, which also have a good malting quality.
“Sometimes, the malt you take, they are not malt per se and they are
from this high sorghum varieties, ”he said
Also showcased were some rice varieties and some yellow and white
maize varieties.
“In relation to ingeminating seeds, here what we do, unlike other crops
varieties, we indicate them, the duration of days each of the varieties
takes. So you look at your geo-political zone, you look at your rainfall
pattern, you know how many days-If the days in your area is a short, like
Yobe, you don’t go for those varieties which have longer duration. For
example,Yobe might just have 90 days duration and if a farmer buys the
ones that take 120 days, certainly it will not perform,” the agronomists
Joseph also added that: “if we want to send some varieties to Yobe, we
look for draught tolerant varieties, string tolerant varieties and early
maturing varieties. These are shorter varieties but with high yielding
For rice they have faro 44, which is a medium term varieties, faro 52,
which is a long season varieties but higher in yield than faro 44.
They brouth in another variety called faro 60 which has high yield but 1/2
2/10/2018 We’re producing Faro 60 for 2015/16 dry season farmers

require longer rain duration.

“We now advocate for those who are under irrigation to do that. The yield
it can give up to 8 tonnes per a hectare which is up to 80 bags unlike the
faro 44 which gives you 4 to 5 tonnes per hectares,” the seed company
Currently they are already organizing for dry season seed production of
faro 60 for the 2015/16 dry season.
“But we may not be able to produce for everybody for now. But we are
going to expand throughout-grower scheme,” he said. 2/2