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Front-End Architect Resume Profile - Hire IT People

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Senior software specialist with over 12 years experience commercial software

development. Have solid background in the analysis, design, modeling and
development of desktop, web, middle and mobile software



All .Net versions: 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, and 4.5 . WinForms, ASP.Net
WebForms, MVC , Remoting, ADO.Net, WPF, WCF, Silverlight,
.Net C , VB
DevExpress, Telerik.
Entity Framework, NHibernate, BLToolkit

Base, UI, Winsock, DirectInput, DirectSound, DirectShow, COM,

Win32 C

Java Core Java, JDBC

Servlets, JSP, XML, SOA, Web services Aix, Spring REST , WSDL,
Struts2, Spring, Hibernate.
GWT mgwt, gwt-phonegap, Sencha GXT, SmartGWT, gwt-dnd

Objective C iPhone SDK, Cocoa

ECMA-262, ECMAScript 5, Ajax, Json P

AngularJS, jQuery core, UI, Touch , mooTools, beacon.js, YUI,
JavaScript Knockout, Backbone, underscore, Sencha, Sencha Touch,
RaphaelJS, D3, RequireJS, Kendo, mustache, Bootstrap,
Foundation, Jasmine, Protractor

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Front-End Architect Resume Profile - Hire IT People

NodeJS CLI, Grunt, Bower , Phantom.js

Clojure ClojureScript


Web Design,
cross-browser / cross-platform compatibility

MS SQL Server 6.5-2008 , Oracle 10g, PostgreSQL, Redis,

Databases MongoDB

Modeling UML, Rational Rose, MS Visio, ERWIN 4.x

CMS Sitecore, Umbraco, Drupal

Apache/Tomcat, WebLogic, IIS

Platforms Windows, Blackberry, iOS 4

Tools Visual Studio, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, Xcode

Lucene, YACC, ANTLR, Irony




Front-End Architect

I'm in charge of Wealth management and Portfolio management applications.

Leading development of the Client Application Framework.

Charting application framework. Building UI teams US, UK, India . Supervise

number of projects. Created Accessibility support strategy and practices.

Duties: Leading client development teams: US, UK, India. Project schedule
planning, resource planning. Creating role profiles, hiring people. Defining client UI
architecture. Re-building teams and development process. Ensure product delivery,
project timelines, best quality.

Products: Wealth Direct project. Rich HTML5 JavaScript single page application to
manage wealth online: accounts, stocks, budgeting, analytics. Angular based UI, Java
based back-end.

Interactive Job Board project. Rich HTML5 JavaScrip Single page Job Board

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Front-End Architect Resume Profile - Hire IT People

application, integrated with profiles and social media.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3/LESS, SAAS, Java, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap,

Foundation, D3, Raphael, Underscore.js, Facebook, Twitter, NodeJS, Grunt, Oracle.


Front-End Team Lead

Ambulatory Provider Portal transparent collaboration system for insurance

companies, providers and customers with Responsive Web Design. Single page
application is based on Oracle database, uses Java and JavaScript beacon at the

Support and Analyses application. JavaScript Clojure front-end with Java back-end.

Duties: Leading two client development onsite teams. Defining client side
architecture. Re-building teams and development process. Ensure product delivery,
project timelines, best quality.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3/LESS, Java, beacon.js, Clojure, jQuery, Bootstrap,

Underscore.js, NodeJS, Grunt, Oracle.


Front-End developer

Investment management system. It is based on MS SQL database, uses ASP.Net

MVC, WCF and NHibernate in the middle and JavaScript at the front-end

Environment: .Net, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net MVC, Kendo UI, jQuery, RequireJS,
Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, mustache, MS SQL Server 2012.


Front-End Team Lead

NexGen project: developed HTML5 components for the next gen application
framework: timeline, touch-scroll panels, tiles, dynamic touch sensitive diagram, and
offline data provider. Developed with GWT mgvt, Sencha , HTML5, CSS3. Oracle DB.
Written PL/SQL packages. Used LDAP for getting details about contact if possible.

Developed JavaScript HTML5 rich client application for Self-service payment points.
Used jQuery, AngularJS for client scripting, WebLogic with Spring REST to make a
JSON interface and Oracle to store data.

Developed small mobile HTML5 contest application for local needs. JavaScript client

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Front-End Architect Resume Profile - Hire IT People

on jQuery UI, Touch , mvc 4 web api, entity framework and MS SQL.

Environment: .Net, HTML5, ASP.Net MVC, HTML5 MVC Toolkit, CSS3, jQuery



Worked with Customers, Marketing, Sales, and Development, supported over all
software development life-cycle. Led products tech strategies and tactics included:
usability, security, scalability, performance. Participated in team building
onsite/offshore/distributed , defined required expertise areas. Developed
infrastructure and support base for products. Participated in all product-critical
activities. Troubleshoot and resolve bottlenecks of products delivery.

Developed specialized data application. Used GWT SmartGWT, gwt-dnd and

HandlebarsJS light templates for client side, Tomcat and Servlets with Hibernate as
a backend and PostgreSQL.

Developed Sitecore components and sites for TunMedia company to support their
media business. Sitecore base sites at front end with .net middleware and MS SQL

Developed CardioNet medical application recording cardiogram and sending it to the

clinic front desk. WPF client with WCF backend and MS SQL.

Re-designed study loan portal-CRM. ASP frontend compound of all possible versions
starting from pure ASP to mvc was reengineered to use ASP.Net MVC and
MVC HTML5 Toolkit and ExtJS client scripting connected to MS SQL and a bunch of
xml web-services.

Re-designed system of transportation management and warehouse that it was

available through the web. Rich client application used ASP.Net MVC and Knockout
with .Net WCF in the middle employed existed software infrastructure.

Environment: Java, GWT, JavaScript, Knockout, ExtJS, HandlebarsJS,

SmartGWT, gwt-dnd, Tomcat, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, .Net, C , WPF, WCF, MS SQL,
iOS, Unity



Governed company products from design to support. Maintain all company

development activity: onsite, offshore, external, re-sellers, and partners. Researched

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Front-End Architect Resume Profile - Hire IT People

areas for further development of products. Worked closely with customers and
marketing team to refine products.

Developed core services and data storage/recovery using xml web services, WCF and

Trouble shouted .Net client application done in WinForms, WPF with DevExpress

Developed user cabinet at the SOS portal to see and manage their backups.
Javascript Backbone.js, Underscore.js ASP.Net MVC MS SQL Server.

Researched and developed simple file synchronization engine between number

account devices.

HR Application to visualize relations and KPIs. Silverlight WCF Nhibernate SQL


Developed blackberry client to backup/restore device data using SOS services.

Developed blackberry client of a context advertisement application.

Participated in development of iOS client to backup/restore device data using SOS


Participated in development of Android client to backup/restore device data using

SOS services.

Environment: Java, Blackberry, .Net, Silverlight, C , WCF, ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC,

knockout.js, MS SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, BackboneJS,


Team Lead

Developed based on Sitecore with a big customization using,

xml web services at the backend and JavaScript, mooTools at the client-end.

Developed based on Sitecore and customizations based on YUI.

Developed APO instant messaging component to rig sites with live chat. COM based
core with JavaScript client using mooTools.

Developed HR analysis application. Silverlight client, WCF middleware, MS SQL.

Environment: .Net, Silverlight, Nhibernate, ASP.Net, Sitecore, CMS,

XML/XSD/XSL, COM, JavaScript, YUI, jQuery, knockout.js, mooTols, WCF

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Front-End Architect Resume Profile - Hire IT People


Sr. .Net developer

Developed WON workflow of operating notes . British Railway. Jsp client connected
via xml web services to .Net middleware extracting, processing and output in number
formats .xml, .doc, .pdf data. Storage was Xylem object DB.

Java developer

Transformation framework from COBOL ADS applications to JSP or Asp.Net. There

number of technologies were used: YACC, ANTLR, Servlets, JSP,

Environment: JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, Web Services, Xylem, .Net, ASP.Net, COBOL,

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