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I. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

1. Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Clemens. What was his middle name?
a. Langhorne b. Wayne c. Pleasant d. John

2. Mark Twain’s famous novel

a. The adventures of Tom Sawyer b. Les Miserable c. Romeo and Juliet d. Raven

3. Who is Sid?
a. Tom's brother b. Tom's friend c. Tom’s younger half-brother d. Huck's father

4. Tom knew that when his name was pronounced in full (Thomas Sawyer) it meant...
a. trouble b. happiness c. he had done something good d. beggar

5. Who is the protagonist in Les Miserable?

a. Jean Valjean b. Javert c. Fantine d. Colette

6. Why is Jean Valjean imprisoned?

a. He killed someone b. He stole silver candlesticks from a wealthy man
c. He stole bread c.He stole a horse

7. What does Valjean promise to the dying Fantine?

a. To pay for her funeral b. To tell her husband of her fate
c. To never forget her d. To take care of her daughter

8. Where did Cosette work as a small child?

a. In a wealthy household b. In an inn c. She didn't have a job d. In a factory

9. What is the name of the policeman after Valjean?

a. Javert b. Aimon c. Bonair d. Traver

10. What is the true identity of Eponine?

a. She is an orphan b. She is the daughter of an innkeeper
c. She is the servant of a wealthy man c. She is the sister of Cosette

11. Where do Cosette and Marius first lay eyes on each other?
a. In an inn b. On the streets c. At a meeting for the rebellion d. In a store

12. Why is Eponine unhappy when she learns of the love between Marius and Cosette?
a. She knows that her friend loves Cosette b. She fears for the happiness of Cosette
c. She knows Marius doesn't love her d. She loves Marius

13. Where does this book “Les Miserable” mainly takes place?
a. France b. London c. Brussels d. Venice

14. How is Marius wounded in battle?

a. He is shot b. He is trampled by horses’ c. He is drowned d. The barricades are hit by a bomb

15. Who saves Marius?

a. A policeman b. Cosette c. Jean Valjean d. Eponine
16. Who wrote the source material for ROMEO AND JULIET?
a. William Shakespeare b. Christopher Marlowe c. Seneca d. Arthur Brooke

17. What is the genesis of the feud between the Montagues and Capulets?
a. The Capulets cheated the Montagues out of a business.
b. Lord Montague killed Lady Capulet's father.
c. The Montagues support the Prince.
d. The reason is not given.

18. Why do Sampson and Gregory not attack the Montague servants in 1.1?
a. They grow sick and must rush home. b. They mistake the Montagues for other people.
c. Street violence is illegal d. They are frightened.

19. How does Sampson start the fight?

a. He stabs the Montagues. b. He bites his thumb.
c. He calls the Citizens of the Watch. d. He curses the Montagues.

20. Who restrains Lord Capulet from joining the first street brawl?
a. Romeo b. Friar Laurence c. Juliet d. Lady Capulet

II. Directions: In each of the sentences given below, a word is given in bold text. Identify the part of speech.

1. He is an old friend of mine.

a) Verb b) Noun c) Adverb d) Adjective

2. I was pleasantly surprised when she showed up at the door unannounced.

a) adverb b) adjective c) verb d) conjunction

3. I never expected that I would win the first prize so I couldn’t believe my ears when they announced my name as the
a) Adverb b) Adjective c) Verb d) Noun

4. Everybody hates him for his repulsive looks.

a) Verb b) Adjective c) Adverb d) Noun

5. John came later than Peter.

a) Adjective b) Adverb c) Verb d) Noun

6. I think the latter part of the film is more interesting than the former part.
a) Adverb b) Adjective c) Conjunction d) Preposition

7. I am going to make an early start so that I won’t get stuck in the traffic.
a) Adverb b) Adjective c) Verb d) Noun

8. It is more expensive to travel on Friday, so I will leave on Thursday evening.

a) Adverb b) Adjective c) Preposition d) Conjunction

9. The baby does not resemble either of its parents.

a) Verb b) Adverb c) Adjective d) Pronoun

10. In my opinion, she should have resigned earlier.

a) Adverb b) Conjunction c) Preposition d) Adjective

11. I was distressed to hear about his death.

a) Verb b) Adjective c) Adverb d) Noun

12. That policeman is a friend of mine.

a) Adjective b) Noun c) Pronoun d) Verb
13. I would prefer to spend the weekend at home rather than drive all the way to a beach resort.
a) Verb b) Adverb c) Adjective d) Noun

14. A friend of mine has just invited me to Italy.

a) Conjunction b) Preposition c) Verb d) Pronoun

15. I prefer making toys for my children rather than buying them in the toy store.
a) Conjunction b) Preposition c) Adverb d) Noun

16. Whenever the door slams, the lamp rocks back and forth.
a) adjective b) noun c.) verb d.) pronoun

17. The garden wall is made of rocks.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

18. Every evening my grandmother rocks in her rocking chair.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

19. The college's geology department has a large rock collection.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

20. Parents should limit the amount of television their children watch.
a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

21. Her credit limit is $5,000.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

22. How much cloth will it take to make the curtains?

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

23. When I travel, I take my cloth coat instead of my leather one.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

24. Feathers are so light that they seem to float.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

25. Please turn on the light.

a) adjective b) noun c) verb d.) pronoun

III. Directions: Read the sentence and answer "yes" or "no" depending on if the sentence is grammatically correct
or not. Teachers: If a sentence is not correct, have the students change the sentence to make it correct. (2pts)

1. I wanted an apple, but we didn't have none. (yes, no)


2. I bought 2 bunch of bananas at the store. (yes, no)


3. I forgot all about the party on Tuesday night. (yes, no)


4. I forgot all about the party on Tuesday night. (yes, no)


5. I tried on hers coat, but it didn't fit right. (yes, no)


6. It's very windy outside today. (yes, no)


7. Why wasn't Bob and Trisha invited to your party? (yes, no)

8. All of the childs have recess at 2:00. (yes, no)


9. Why isn't you ready yet? (yes, no)

10. My parents are named Barbara and Daniel. (yes, no)