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Reflection Paper in Communication in Information Technology

By: Jonas Villareal Fermante

What is ICT? ICT Information and Communications Technology – or technologies

is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application,
encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and
software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications
associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning. ICTs are often
spoken of in a particular context, such as ICTs in education, health care, or libraries.
ICT represents an enormous opportunity to introduce significant and lasting positive
change across the developing world.

ICT has been integrated for the most of our Senior High School program, we used
Genyo, a learning management system that has been with Manresa School since 2013.
It is an excellent program that helped students learn their competencies and lessons
through the use of online learning tools, with this, students acquire lectures which was
used in previous lessons, answer quizzes through online, and do activities that is
related with our school work. This program is still used in the 11th grade, especially on
Wednesdays, wherein we have an online class that uses Genyo as a medium of our
learning ground. We also use ICT in school when our teachers would give out
assignments that requires online use to help us acquire information about it. The
utilization of Gmail and MS Office tools like MS Word and MS Excel is being utilized in
our school since most colleges will expect us to be adept at using ICT. An example is
when we needed to make an assignment on Accounting and we were told to send our
works via Gmail, which strengthens the use of ICT in our school. These activities that
are related with ICT has helped us students to become nurtured that prepares us in life
that is outside the barriers of our classrooms.

Being knowledgeable in ICT is an essential in our lives, most companies nowadays

depend on technologies in order to surely operate a business for example. Thus, the
opportunities in learning ICT is wide-ranging, because the abilities that we have attained
from learning about this can help take along advancements that we can use on our
future. The Integration of ICT in the Senior High School program molded us students to
be well-guarded and equipped from the continuous evolution of Technology. The
opportunities of ICT which is being used every day in our school works has been
sufficient in supplying our minds with information regarding our daily lessons in school.
In correspondence in the addition of ICT in our lives as students. I seized these
opportunities as my advantage to conquer the world outside. As my career in becoming
a businessman soon, it truly is a necessity to be conversant with ICT, since it allows
organizations to work more efficiently and to maximize productivity amongst the
ICT, as it has been solely integrated in the 11th grade, does have challenges
concerning the youth. Some of our batch mates are not, unfortunately, even
knowledgeable on how to use technology in our everyday lives. I have experienced this
manifestation of the lack of knowledge in using ICT tools when one of my classmates
did not even know how to save his work on MS Word. The event was nerve-racking,
although it was worthy of a good laugh, it was obnoxious for a student who has reached
the 11th grade to act like he has not heard of nor has seen anything that is associated
with technology. Another challenge of ICT is the lack of funds, the wide-array of
technology is preeminent in our society today, yet it is not offered to everyone. In
school, we are equipped with Wi-Fi connections that all of us can use for school work,
unfortunately the connection speed is at times slow, which constricts our use of

These challenges that us students are encountering can still be changed, if not, then it
will always serve as a reminder. One of the complications of our batch is that some has
a privation on the familiarity of the use of ICT, this can still be changed by teaching the
ones who are in trouble. I, as a student of Manresa School who has learned the core
values of being a Christian, responded to this challenge by being a brother to my fellow
batchmates who is experiencing this kind of issue. I did help my friend with the basics of
the MS Office, and right now, has evolved and is seen with such efficiency with the use
of these ICT tools. Another problem that I have observed is the management plan of the
use of the internet. It is evident and clear that there are some who cannot be able to use
the internet since many are connected to the Wi-Fi. I responded to this challenge by
becoming a noble person by giving out suggestions to my fellow classmates to manage
their use of the internet, so that the people who needs the internet for some reasons
may use it with ease.

In the course of my stay in the Senior High in Manresa school, I had several
experiences that unraveled my path towards my future with the use of ICT. With the
school year about to come to an end, I am very thankful to my alma mater for
integrating ICT in our lessons in our tenure in our last days as a high school student.
From doing assignments with the use of internet, to becoming one as a family with the
use of the internet, like social media. These experiences shaped me into the person I
am today by making me a better person as Christians with the use of ICT, which one of
its purposes is to help change the world into a better place through the use of
technology. ICT is truly an essential in our lives, we not only learn on how to use
technology, but we learn lessons in life that helps us move forward towards life.