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So many of you reach out to us for advice on how to dig in deeper than just:

Muh Ypipo & Da Joos & Muh ???aganism

And we truly desire to help you do that.

The William Pierce speeches are great propaganda, the Uncle Addy speeches are
inspiring, the 'memes' can be funny...

...but recognize that these are all designed for appealing to the masses.

Most people in our movement are of the Herd.

They bathe in the propaganda and become a true believer...but they don't ever
really 'get it' on a deeper level.

Emotion for the many, reason for the few.

But, there are a few of you who, born out of the Masses, are what Nietzsche would
call "Higher Men".

You have found your way into this movement alongside the Herd, and now you're ready
to break free and become your potential.

1. Identify the "Trunk" of our Eternal Tree, the Aryan Worldview.

2. Investigate the Roots of the Tree.

3. Compare and Contrast the Various Branches.

4. Observe the (((Repeated Forces))) which work Against the Tree.

5. Synthesize the Information into an Articulate Thought.

This means that, if you identify...let's say, Nondualism as associated with our
Worldview (1), perhaps you start to investigate the Vedic Texts to see what the
ancient Aryans thought (2). Then maybe you cross that with what Meister Eckhart has
to say (a branch) (3). Then look at who continually works against Nondualism
(((Monotheistic Dualists to include Eckharts own Church who deemed him a Heretic)))

You then have an articulate understanding of Nondualism, which you can extract from
the specific 'branches' of our Worldview, such as Eckharts Mysticism or the
Bhagavad Gita; to be applied to our own Time and Situation (5).

The key to this though, is a desire to learn.

You have it, so pursue this.

Buy those books, download PDFs, write essays to your Fashy Friends about what you
are learning, go online and read every damn article and blog related to what
interests you.

There is so, so much information online.

Maybe you want to learn about Carl Schmitt, but you don't know where to start...why

Search: Evola on Carl Schmitt

You'll find yourself on Gonahoor reading their personal correspondence relating to
Donoso Cortes; apparently they both liked his ideas on Sovereignty.

So now you can go dig deeper and familiarize yourself with him and his ideas.

Or maybe you saw that dumb video about German Idealism and Trump.

What is German Idealism?

How was Hegel influential to both Marx and Giovanni Gentile?

Why does Evola reject Hegelian Historicism?

Where does Heidegger fit into this as a Radical Historicist?

What about Spenglers Historical Cycles?

Is that related at all to Guenons view of Cyclic Ages?

What did the Ancients think about time?

What are the similarities and differences between the Greek, Norse, and Vedic
doctrine of the ages?

And on and on...

There are so many questions, and they all linked together.

This is our Tree.

But this is your Quest.