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Detailed Solar Project Proposal


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Detailed Solar Project Proposal



By: Pinak Power Associates Pvt. Ltd. (Hisar)

12th Jan, 2018

Pinak Power Associates Pvt. Ltd.

83. 1 Floor, New Aggarsain Market, Hisar-125001 (HARYANA), INDIA.
Ph: +91-9416545906, +91-9812008513

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Detailed Solar Project Proposal


Dear Sir,

Greeting to You

Sub: Proposal for 2 KWp Off- Grid Solar PV System

With reference to your query, we are pleased to submit herewith our comprehensive proposal of
the Technical and commercial overview, for your kind perusal.

A.System defination
Size 2 KWp total DC capacity

Energy Production Site Location Delhi

Site coordinates 29.14⁰ N, 75.72⁰ E*
Tilt angle 35
No. of full production 330
days assumed per year

B. System components
Solar panels Make: Senz Solar
Category: TIER 1
Maximum System Voltage: 1000 VDC
Type: Polycrystalline
Inverter Make: UTL, EPRO
Quantity: 1
Maximum efficiency Off- Grid Inverter :
>96%Grid tie inverter
Quantity 1
AC max. output 5 Kw
MPP voltage range As per specification
Max. Current input As per specification
Max. efficiency As per specification
Power connection 3 Phase or single
Mounting structures Panels shall be mounted on galvanized frames
inclined at 35.38 to the south. The structure is
designed in such a manner that module can be
replaced easily and in line with site requirements
and it is easy to install and service in future. The
frames will be supported by angles legs of

Pinak Power 2017© All Rights Reserved PPA/17-18/PV/285

Detailed Solar Project Proposal

suitable lengths to provide the pre-determined

inclination. All fasteners, nut and bolts are made
of Stainless steel. The structures shall be pre
engineered to meet special requirements of
placing the modules on the corrugated rooftops.
Electrical Accessories Cables will confirm to IS 694 and shall be of
650V/1.1 kV grade. Interconnections, array to
junction boxes, junction boxes to DCDB, DCDB
to PCU etc. will be selected to keep voltage drop
and losses to the minimum. These wires are
insulated with special grade PVC compound
formulated and manufactured in-house.
Battery 4 C10
Energy meter The Inverter shall have a built-in meter that tracks
energy production and displays it on a small LED
screen. The display can be used to determine real-
time production, daily production, and yearly
production. For more sophisticated analysis and
visual data management, Solar Access modules
can be included.

C. Bill of Material

S.No Component Type/Model no. Specifications Quantity

1 PV modules Senz 300-325W 7 nos. ,315 watts
2 Grid Tie inverter UTL, EPRO 5 KVA 1
3 Mounting structure Custom made MS hot dip As per design
4 Array junction Box JMV junction boxes IP65 standards As per string
5 Main junction Box JMV junction boxes IP65 standards As per string
6 Earthing kit Reputed make 1 set
7 Lightening Arrestors Reputed make 1 set
8 AC & DC Cables Conforming to BOS As per site

9 Ground fault Protection included in the 1

system inverter
10 Remote Monitoring Sunny web Box NA
11 Battery Bank UTL C-10 As Per MNRE, 4

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Detailed Solar Project Proposal

F. Scope of work

1. We shall conduct a detailed site visit with specialists to take accurate measurements,
photographs, and other site-specific information for full design.

2. Prepare full system design to include civil, structural, electrical and mechanical components,
with construction drawings and specifications.

3. Procure equipment and materials and deliver to site.

4. Perform complete system installation.

5. Test all electrical components in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

6. Commission the system to full operability.

G. Client Scope

Site-specific considerations will require assistance and cooperation from the client, as
outlined below:

1. Provide access to work site for delivery of equipment and materials prior to and during
project implementation.
2. Provide a suitable and secure space for storage of equipment and materials.
3. Facilitate access of work crew to the work site 7 days a week.
4. Facilitate interfacing with the client’s resident engineering staff for consultation as needed.
5. Separate electrical loads as discussed in Part A (Grid Interfacing) and connect solar output to
building load system.
6. All the Statutory clearances, if any, required for the Project.

H. Delivery Schedule & Project Cost

Installation & Commissioning
All the Systems except Inverter will be installed within 4-8weeks from the date of receipt of
advance and approval of the “SLD”.

The Solar modules are warranted by the solar panel manufacturer for a period of 25 years. The
details are as below

1. Panels: Manufacturing Warrantee for the System: 3 yrs after installation and
commissioning. Performance Warrantee:

Pinak Power 2017© All Rights Reserved PPA/17-18/PV/285

Detailed Solar Project Proposal

a. 90% efficiency up to 10 yrs

b. 80% efficiency up to 25 yrs
2. Inverter: Depending on the make
3. Balance of the Systems: Standard 12 months warrantee against manufacturing defects.
We shall also ensure supply of Spares for the System for the required.

Unit Ex works
Price (Rs.)
1 PCU – 5KVA. Off- Grid Inverter
PV (Solar Panels) – 2 KWp GI
structure, Cables, Earthing & 1 set 1,93,755.00 1,93,755.00
Lightening Material, All other
Accessories. Installation &
Sub Total Rs. 1,93,755.00/-
Taxes @5% Rs. 9,688.00/-
Total Rs. 2,03,443.00/-
Total Amount (In Words) = Two Lac Three Thousand Four
Hundred Three Only.
Other Terms & Conditions:
Payment Terms:-
- 30% of the amount payable as advance along with Formal PO for a
specific Solar System size.
- 65% against PI before dispatch.
- Balance 5% on successful commissioning of the project.
• Prices: Price quoted is for at site Hisar.
• Freight & Insurance: In client scope from Hisar to site.
• System Installation: System will be supplied and same will be installed by us. Installation
Charges included.
• GST: Extra @5%.
• Octroi : Any Octroi/Entry tax, if any, will be payable will be extra
• Delivery: Dispatch will be affected in 5-6 weeks from the date of acceptance of your
Purchase order. (P.O). System installation will be completed in 3 week’s time from date
of receipt of materials at site, provided site is ready for installation.
• Validity: This offer is valid for 15 days from the date hereof.

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