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This is your chance to be creative & compose your own song.

Compose a lyrical song, with a singable melody.

A. Step 1 - Rhythm
1. Compose the Rhythm.
2. Do Not use many whole notes, half notes, dotted half notes, and
rests. Don’t use complicated rhythms.
3. The rhythm for the last measure should slow down for the ending.
4. **Put the beats under the notes!!
Are there 4 beats in each measure?
5. Clap the rhythm
B. Step 2 - Melody
1. Use the Keyboard to find out what pitches you want to use. This
is a melody so select notes that you can play on the Treble Clef.
The melody should be singable.
2. Write your song in the Key of C.
(First & last note should be a Middle
3. Use notes mostly between Middle
C & G.


4. Do Not write on the Keyboard. Use a book to lean on.

5. Write the letters of the notes you want under the Rhythm.

D. Step 3 – Add chords to Bass Clef – use the 3 chords

1. (C –E-G, F-A-C, G-B-D), make chords in Mozart-style, alberti
bass. (ex. C-G-E-G, F-C-A-C, G-D-B-D)
2. Look at your melody notes for the measure. Choose a chord that
has most of those letters in the melody.
C. Step 4 - Transfer melody and rhythm to Staff Paper or put into
Finale Program on the computer.
1. You can download at home for app.
$10.00. (First check with your parents). Finale program is
available in our school computer lab.
2. Write for Piano (use both Treble and Bass Clef).
a. Keep melody in only the Treble Clef
b. Chords go in the Bass Clef!!!
3. Note Stems must be an octave long.
4. Add a Title, Time Signature, (ex. 4/4), Tempo, and Dynamics to
your melody
5. Turn in your melody composition for a grade.
E. Step 5 - Performance
1. Practice your melody composition on the keyboard
2. Take playing test – play your melody composition