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I want to be as unequivocal as possible: I have never committed violence of any kind against any
woman in my entire life. My accuser can produce no authentic evidence, no legal record, and no
witness to support her baseless and malicious claims of domestic violence on my part.

In fact, I was the victim of repeated physical violence during our marriage, not her. The brazen and
shameless way in which she has accused me of the very thing of which she is guilty and of which I am a
victim has unfortunately come as no surprise to me, my family, friends, colleagues, and other mutual
friends and acquaintances. I would like to thank everyone who knows both me and my accuser well for
their virtually unanimous confidence in my innocence.

Although I had hoped to never have to think about or discuss the woman who spent years physically
attacking, threatening, and lying about me—and relentlessly and cruelly bombarding me with
unimaginable fits of rage—this incident is an opportunity to highlight the grossly underreported and
unacknowledged issue of female-on-male domestic violence.

Examples of Jessica’s Domestic Violence and Abusive Behavior

The incidents are too many to recall, but a few examples of the explosive anger that triggered my ex-
wife’s domestic violence against me include:
• She once grabbed the steering wheel as I drove down the highway and punched me in the face
as I drove because I called to make sure our destination served brunch and not just lunch. She
was threatened because a female coworker of mine had suggested we double check.
• She hit me with a flurry of punches on three separate occasions on a single day because I asked
if she’d mind if I go to the gym before breakfast. I spent that night in a hotel room.
• During one fight, when I tried to leave the house to give us some space, she blocked my way at
the door, hit me, and grabbed my crotch, falling to the floor as I wrested my way to the door. I
managed to escape to a hotel.
• During another fight where I tried to leave hours of torment, she chased me down the stairs,
fell, hurt herself, and threatened to tell people that I pushed her.
• One time when she punched me repeatedly in the face after a long fight, I left to get into my car
and she stood behind it in the driveway so I couldn’t move. I instead pulled forward through the
lawn to escape, and she ran after the car, injuring herself in the process.
• When I asked how many vacation activities she had planned that didn’t involve my 7-year-old
son (her stepson), she responded by calling him a “fuck trophy,” taking my name off of our hotel
reservation when we landed in Aruba, and punching me in the face by the cabana bar.

These are just a few examples of Jessica’s dishonesty-fueled violence. Like many domestic abusers, she
was especially adept at controlling her rage so that no others witnessed her physical attacks—though
nobody could ignore her explosive temper. Her rage was driven primarily by a desperate need to be
prioritized above everyone and everything else and to have complete control of the relationship. I
constantly walked on eggshells. No slight, no matter how small, escaped her hours-long fits of anger.
Even her purely verbal onslaughts and threats were unlike anything I had ever witnessed and were
extraordinarily abusive. For example:
• She threatened to divorce me during every fight whenever she didn’t get her way, from soon
after our marriage until our separation, using the threat to manipulate and control.
• After a long fight on a day trip, she demanded to be let out of the car on the way home—on the
side of the highway, at night, in the winter. When I initially declined to put my wife in that
situation and urged her to stay in the car, she threatened to call the police and falsely accuse me
of hitting her, adding that she would like to leave me with a ruined career.
• She once told me I’m such a terrible person that my son would probably someday change his
own last name.
• She frequently threatened to spread rumors about me if we ever divorced.
• During almost every fight, she gleefully hoped that after she divorced me, I would be sad and
alone, and that none of the family divisions that she had caused in my own family would ever be

Furthermore, my accuser has absolutely no credibility, honesty, or loyalty. She:

• Once threw her wedding rings into a snowbank in our front yard in a fit of rage in Feb. 2016, in
front of two witnesses. When a newspaper delivery person found them weeks later, the media
got a hold of the story and Jessica lied to the entire state of Maine about her rings accidentally
falling off of her finger, while basking in the attention of being on the evening news.
• Is addicted to drugs and alcohol and has a long and significant history of mental health
• Was fairly recently (2012) convicted of Driving Under the Influence in the State of Florida.
• Was very recently (Fall 2016) convicted of driving without a license and had a bench warrant out
for her arrest when she ignored the court date.
• Has been fired or terminated from each of her last five most significant jobs or contracts,
including the Maine Senate Republican Caucus, the Maine Republican Party, Bruce Poliquin for
Congress, the Maine House Republican Caucus, and Eric Brakey for Senate.

I have spoken with private counsel and am pursuing legal options to address her defamation. The true
victim of domestic violence here has become a victim of today’s frightening new world of trial by media.
Background Information on the Corbett-Sorensen Relationship
1. Character witnesses:
a) Mauranda Stahl, first wife:
b) Alanna Malik, current girlfriend:
c) Joanne Fryer, Esq., family law attorney and mutual friend of Jessica and David, to whom
Jessica stated post-separation that there was no violence:

2. Jessica threatened, in writing, to launch a smear campaign against David unless he agreed to
certain divorce terms related to property. She did not ultimately receive those terms in the
finalized divorce agreement and by making false claims against David now is following
through on her threats to defame.

“Otherwise, you and everyone you work with will

really wish I’d decided to leave Maine.”
3. Photo evidence of Jessica’s domestic violence against David.

MAY/JUNE 2015: Redness and cut behind left eye from punch to the face, scrape on back of neck from
Jessica grabbing David by the neck as he attempted to leave the house.
JULY 2016: Small bruise/scrape on left cheek from punch to the face; cauliflower/scrape under eye
from punch to the face, scrape on upper chest from Jessica attempting to prevent David from leaving
their property after her physical assault on him.
SEPTEMBER 2016: Dried blood on lip from punch to the face; hospital band on David’s hand after
admitting himself to Maine General Medical Center in Augusta, ME for possible aggravation of a neck
injury by repeated blows to the head.
4. Jessica has admitted, in writing, to physically attacking David Sorensen.
5. Jessica’s domestic violence has been corroborated, in writing, by Robert Mallory Foster, Jr. of
Jacksonville, FL—a longtime friend of Jessica’s whom David never met prior to his relationship
with her. Again, coming from Jessica, the punch was downgraded to a “slap.”
6. In recent weeks, Jessica wrote to a government relations representative of Churchill Downs,
explaining how her business interests can now be advanced more easily due to the recent
death of Mrs. Suzanne Grover, a prominent Maine political donor and activist. This is
evidence of Jessica’s poor character and willingness to sacrifice morals for personal gain and

7. Jessica’s opposition to President Trump, his policies, and supporters is well-documented.