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A marketing plan is a comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines a business advertising

and marketing efforts for the coming year. It describes business activates involved in
accomplishing specific marketing objectives within a set time frame. Business marketing plan
deals with some specific fields regarding target market segments, how company can reach them
and how company can retain them. Industrial goods are made up of machinery, and any other
industries or firm. Consumer goods are ready for the consumption and satisfaction of human
wants, such as clothing or food. The tyre industry is among the rising industrial sectors in
Bangladesh. The demand trend of the industry has been driven by numerous factors, including
increasing automobiles sales, the advancement of public transportation infrastructure and
increasing income of the people.

For completing our course, we have to generate a business marketing plan for industrial goods.
For making the course successful we “UNIQUE-5” select TYRE manufacturing industry as a
business marketing plan.

In term of characteristics, Durability is the most popular factor, which buyer took for in tyres,
followed by price and quality which are given equal importance

Situation Analysis
A situational analysis consists of different methods used with the same goal to figure out the
company’s capacities, potential customers, and the business environment. After that, company
owners can generate an appropriate marketing strategy to apply for their business based on the
projected impacts from these below factors.

Political factors of Unique TYRE Ltd.

Our company has all legally approved certifications and it maintains all the national standards.
Company is successful in satisfying every one especially to the business customers and rules
and regulations of Bangladesh Government.

Economic factors of Unique TYRE Ltd.

In tax issues, the import duty on natural rubber is more as 20% and 10% as less as on finished
tyres is unaddressed because of the issue of tax structure. Due to the increasing cost of raw

materials tyre manufacturing companies profit is changing. As the materials based on natural
rubber, crude and steel are historically volatility in prices. Domestic natural rubber has
increased to 40%. The fact is known that 70% production of price is combines with the
manufacturers. As there is a huge demand for tyres we have decided to build up tyre
manufacturing company in Bangladesh. As our economy is moving forward, our automobiles
industries will also moving ahead. So tyre industries can be really profitable for new segments
of our country.

Social factors of Unique TYRE Ltd.

Presently, small families are demanding for 2/4 wheelers for individuals. The sales of tyres has
gained more in past decade. From upper class families with more than 1car per family observed
to be increasing demand of tyres exponentially, mainly in cities where working couples find
difficult to maintain them without more than 1 car. As we know that our middle class families
are known for its savings frenzy has now been slowly warming up to an idea of EMI and buying
on credit. Due to this factors, there is an enormous demand in passenger cars. We had gained
high profits in providing customer needs in passenger car category.

Technological Factors of Unique TYRE Ltd.

Previously we had a lack of technological advancement. But in recent time with the economic
development of our country give the opportunity to hire more advance technology from foreign
countries or we can produce the required technologies in our country compared to foreign
countries. Within a span of four decades, technology progression from cotton (reinforcement)
carcass to high performance radial tyres.

Competitive Advantage

A close study of the tire industry reveals that the market has become much more intensely
competitive over the last decade. As a matter of fact, you have to be highly creative, customer
centric and proactive if you must survive in this industry. We are aware of the stiffer
competition and we are well prepared to compete favorably with other leading tire
manufacturing company in Bangladesh.

Unique TYRE Ltd. is launching a standard one top tire provider that will indeed become the
preferred choice of residence of BD and every other location where our outlets will be opened.
Our tire retail shop is located in a corner piece property on a busy road directly opposite one of
the largest residential estates in Bangladesh. One thing is certain; we will ensure that we have
a wide range sizes of tyres available in our company at all times. One of our business goals is
to make Unique TYRE Ltd. a one top tire industry for both corporate organizations. Our
excellent customer service culture, online store, various payment options and highly secured
facility will serve as a competitive advantage for us.

Lastly, our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the
best within our category in the industry meaning that they will be more than willing to build
the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our aims and objectives. We
will also give good working conditions and commissions to freelance sales agents that we will
recruit from time to time.

Mission & Vision

To be amongst the most profitable tyre companies in Bangladesh by 2025 through:
Market Leadership in select categories in Bangladesh
Market Leadership in significant countries outside Bangladesh

Unique TYRE Ltd. has decided to expand its business and such has decided to introduce tyre
business in Bangladeshi tyre market. We are setting up manufacturing unit at Bangladesh which
will start its productions from January 2018. During this period, Unique TYRE Ltd. needs to
build up a brand image of its own. For this purpose, Unique TYRE banking heavily on
the marketing and advertising activities which would pave the way for a better future in the
Bangladeshi Tyre Market. The primary objective is to create Brand awareness among the target
business group and build up a good perception among their minds.

Market Segmentation
Segmenting market is one of the prime wings of marketing. A company needs to identify the
market segments it can serve effectively. A market segment consists of a group of customers
who share a similar set of wants. The marketer does not create the segments, the marketer’s

task is to identify the segments and decide which ones to target. Segment marketing offers
several benefits over mass marketing. The company can more easily select the best distribution
and communications channels. Segmentation is dividing the market into segments based on
geographical, demographical, psychological or behavioral variations.

UniqueTYRE Ltd. Focus on behavioral segmentation. Market segmentation for Unique TYRE
Ltd. tyres is discussed below:
Benefits: Tyre quality, customer service, economy, convenience, speed.

User Status: Non-user, ex-user, potential user, first-time user, regular user.

User Rates: Light user, medium user, heavy user.

Readiness Stage: Unaware, aware, informed, interested, desirous, intending to buy.

Unique TYRE Ltd. Focus on regional districts under the demographical segmentation. They
expend their operation in 5 different regions, like-


Target Market

In Bangladesh tyre market is so competitive. Below mentioned a diagram where categorize

UNIQUE TYRE LTD. s target market-

Public Transport Agencies

Carrier Agencies

Govt. organization & Instituation

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Before choosing a location for Unique TYRE Ltd. we conduct a thorough market survey and
feasibility studies in order for us to be able to penetrate the available market and become the
preferred choice for residence of BD. We have detailed information and data that we were able
to utilize to structure our business to attract the numbers of target customer we want to attract
per time.

We hired experts who have good understanding of the auto tire industry to help us develop
marketing strategies that will help us achieve our business goal of winning a larger percentage
of the available market in BD.

In other to continue to be in business and grow, we must continue to sell the tyres that are
available in our company which is why we will go all out to empower or sales and marketing
team to deliver. In summary, Unique TYRE Ltd. will adopt the following sales and marketing
approach to win target customers -

 Open our tire company in a grand style with a party for all
 Introduce our auto tire company by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure
to organizations, and key stake holders in BD.
 Ensure that we have a wide range of tyres from different brands at all times.
 Make use of attractive hand bills to create awareness and also to give direction to target
 Position our signage / flexi banners at strategic places around Bangladesh.
 Position our greeters to welcome and direct potential customers.
 Create a loyalty plan that will enable us reward our regular customers
 Engage on road shows within our neighborhood to create awareness for our tire
 List our business and products on yellow pages ads (local directories)
 Leverage on the internet to promote our business
 Engage in direct marketing and sales
 Encourage the use of Word of mouth marketing (referrals)

 Ensure that we position our banners and billboards in strategic positions all around
 Distribute our fliers and handbills in target areas in and around our neighborhood
 Contact corporate organizations, households, Car Company by calling them up and
informing them of Unique TYRE Ltd.
 Advertise our Tyre business in our official website and employ strategies that will help
us pull traffic to the site

Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is a broad concept which includes several aspects of marketing which related
to creating awareness and customer loyalty. The term is often summarized as referring to the
"four P's". So, marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable
categories, which are known as 4ps:

4 P’s 4 C’s

Product Customer Solution

Price Cost

Place Convenience

Promotion Communication

4p’s and 4c’s can be related to each other for implementing any marketing plan. Products are
for customers’ satisfaction in fulfilling their wants and needs. The price is the cost a customer
pays for the product. Place is a way of getting the product to the consumer and/or how easily
accessible it is to consumers for their convenience. Promotion is the communication link
between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential
buyer's purchasing decision. So, organizations need to produce right product, sold at the right
price, in the right place, and use the most suitable promotion in order to be successful in the

Unique TYRE Ltd. offer premium ranges tyre, below given the tyres model:

Category Tyre Size & Pattern Name

10.00-20 16PR LUG XL PRO

10.00-20 16PR MILE XL

10.00-20 16PR MILE XL RIB

10.00-20 16PR MILE XL SL + SD

Truck / Bus (Bias Tyre) 9.00-20 16PR MILE XL RIB

9.00-20 16PR MILE XL

9.00-20 16PR MILE XL SL + SD

8.25-20 16PR Mile XL Rib

8.25-20 16PR MILE XL




7.00-15 12PR HT80


LCV (Light Commercial RIB
Vehicle) Tyre




7.50-16 16PR HT100




155/80 D 12PR ANM RIB

145/70 R 12 MILAZE TL

PC (Passenger Car) Tyre 175/70 R13 Milaze TL

185/70 R 14 MILAZE TL

205/65 R15 RHINO


MC (Motorcycle) Tyre
100/90-17 55P VERTIGO SPORT

120/80-17 VERTIGO RAGE




3.00-17/6 Milaze

3.00-18 6PR 52P UNIQUE TYRE


3.00-18 6PR 52P UNIQUE TYRE




2.75-18 6PR 48P UNIQUE TYRE


275.17 6PR SECURA Zoom F

2.50-18 4PR SECURA F67

400.8 6PR BULAND

4.00-8 6PR 76E AUTORAJA

4.50-10 8PR ANMOL RIB

AR (Auto Ricksaw) Tyre
4.50-10 8PR ANMOL SL

5.00-12 10PR 82J ANMOL SL

5.00-10 8PR 89E ANMOL LUG

Scooter 3.50-10 /4PR SECURA

Product Segmentation

Tyres can be classified into two main types on the basis of vehicle categories - commercial
vehicle tyres and passenger vehicle tyres.

Commercial vehicle tyres include medium and heavy commercial vehicles (MHCV), light
commercial vehicle (LCV) and tractor tyres.

Passenger vehicle tyres include car, jeep, motorcycle and scooter tyres.

The share of these vehicle segments in the total tyre market has changed significantly over the
past 15-20 years, with the share of passenger vehicles increasing and that of commercial vehicle
tyres declining.

Pricing Strategy of Unique TYRE Ltd.

In this competitive market Unique TYRE Ltd. following skimming pricing strategy. At preset
Unique TYRE Ltd. still importing the tyres from Bangladesh, therefore they cannot able to
follow lower pricing strategy. But they will turn to low price strategy, when their production
start here in Bangladesh manufacturing plant.

10 | P a g e
11 | P a g e
Unique TYRE Ltd. Product Placing Strategy
Product placing is one of the key elements of marking mix. To the large extent the success of
the business depend on putting the right product at right place at price at right time. After
establishing Unique TYRE Ltd. Bangladesh Ltd on 2018, it has developed placing strategy
based on target market. Based on Unique TYRE Ltd. Bangladesh target market it has divided
the market in five different regions such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Joshore, Sylhet and Bogra. In
order to maintain supply chain it has established warehouse in these regions. By doing that it
has reduced the lead time and ensured proper delivery of their products from the warehouses
to their target market on time. To make the products available to the customer an effective
dealership network has been stabilized in these regions. It has maintained proper
synchronization of product by moving products from one region to another based on demand.
If there is less demand a specific products or size in a particular region and if the product
remains unsold then it is being shifted to another region where there is more demand for the
specific products or size. It is done for the following reasons

12 | P a g e
To fulfill consumers demand
To ensure right product at right time at right place
To reduce inventory cost
To ensure proper distribution of products

The company maintains his entire selling activities through the dealers which is strategically
located. Unique TYRE Ltd. Bangladesh Ltd avoids direct selling and does not have any
showroom or outlet.


Customer TYRE Ltd.


Unique TYRE Ltd. Promotional Mix

In order to achieve Unique TYRE LTD. Bangladesh Ltd intended growth it has come up with
effective promotional tools. The promotional mix has been intended to achieve sales increase,
increase profit margin, Creation of Band equity, product awareness etc. Unique TYRE Ltd.
Promotional mix targets five main aspects of a promotional mix.

13 | P a g e
For making people aware of the products and to achieve growth UTL using various
advertisement tools. For example- bill board or wall painting bus at terminals, truck stands, on
high ways, in store displays by authorized dealers, leaflets, pads, pen- diary or emails are the
most common.

Personal Selling
Direct selling through individual or group presentation through oral presentation helps to
peruse prospective customers. Through a talented and energetic sales force UTL conduct its
sell penetration. Beside that it also arrange sales training programs for the dealers and sales
meeting with bus-track owners.

Sales Promotion

For sales promotion UBL give rewards to the dealers based on sales performance such as
foreign tour, Laptop, mobile set etc. Beside that company provides-

Sales Advance incentive: A dealer will be eligible for a “Sales Advance Incentive “of up to
18% per annum on his “Sales Advance Deposit” provided he does a minimum of 2 rotation per
quarter of his “Average Sales Advance Deposit for the quarter “.

Turn over Discount (TOD): A dealer will be eligible for TOD at 1% on the pre-tax invoice
values (Net of all discount) only if dealer completes at least 3(three) rotations in quarter. TOD
will be given up to a maximum of 6 rotations in a quarter.

Public Relation
UTL right now does not have begun its public relation programs. It is soon going to launch a
TVC and made charitable contribution in social welfare.

Direct Marketing

UTL is developing online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and
outdoor advertising.

14 | P a g e
Porter's five forces model analysis
Porter's fives forces model is an excellent model to use to analyze a particular environment of
an industry. In this model five factors are analyzed to get idea about the industry environment.

of New

Bargainning Degree
Power of of Rivalry
Power of
Buyer supplier

Threat of

UNIQUE TYRE LTD. Competitor Rivalry

There are other existing companies serving this tyre which cause competition to UTL.
UNIQUE TYRE LTD.s foremost competitors are MRF, Continental, Apollo, Birla, CST,
Maxxis etc.

Bargaining Power of Unique TYRE Ltd. Distributers

Here the bargaining power of distributers is very low as all the products are imported directly
by company UTL own, therefore company deals with distributes with a proper agreement
where contains price, discount range, yearly benefits and others related issues.

Bargaining Power of Unique TYRE Ltd. Buyers

There are different tyres available in the market. So, the buyers bargain power is also higher.
If buyers do not like Unique TYRE Ltd. product they can easily move to another brand.

15 | P a g e
Threats of substitute products

There is no substitute of tyre this is not an automobile accessory. It’s an essential part for every

Threat of new entrants

There are many Chinese companies importing different tyres and provide with lower price,
thus it’s become a big threat issue for Unique TYRE Ltd. But there is very lower possibility to
enter new tyre company with manufacturing factory plant. Existing two local companies like
Gazi and Hussain may pinpoint as threat by expand their product line for truck-bus and
introduce new radial tyre.

SWOT Analysis of UTL

Strengths and weaknesses are the micro environmental factors influencing a business which
are within the organization. Opportunities and threats are the macro environmental factors that
influence all the firms in the industry. They are present in the whole industry. The following
figure shows the strengths and opportunities of UTL.

Strengths Weaknesses

 Provides premium range tyre.  Product awareness is very low.

 Product quality, reliability and  Lack of proper human resource in
longevity. delivery and customer service section.
 High brand equity.  Lack of advertisement and promotional
 Products have required accreditations. activities.
 High degree of customer satisfaction.  Lack of coordination to provide

16 | P a g e
Opportunities Threats

 Prospect to increase market share.  Vulnerable to reactive attack by major

 Factory role will be active to export. competitors.
 Chance to get more corporate deals  Lack of infrastructure in rural areas
 Chance to become lower product price could constrain investment.
for factory production.  High volume/low cost market is
intensely competitive.
 Create environmental hazards by
factory production.


A marketing plan is a plan which outlines a company's overall marketing efforts and marketing
plan may be a part of an overall business plan. Building a new brand or product needs huge
promotional activities. To introduce a completely new product or brand it needs effective and
future oriented sequential steps. In case of this plan all the necessary steps has been outlined in
a systematic manner. The things shown are designed in such a way that is able to grab the
attention of the present customers of other products.

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