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Ethics: A Case Study

Paige Guardiola, Jazmin Ramirez, & Dan Dilling


1. Overview of institution
2. Summary of case study
3. Violations
4. ACPA, CAS & NASPA Ethics
5. Discussion Questions
Overview of Institution

● East Coast Polytechnic University (ECPU)

● Public research institution
● 35,000 undergraduate students
● Focus is on Colleges of the Arts & Sciences
Overview of Case Study

Tyrone, newly appointed interim assistant dean of student services is

in charge of commencement. Mr. Nakano reached out to Tyrone
when he realized that his son’s name, Shawn, was not on the
commencement brochures.

Mr. Nakano asked Tyrone to reprint the brochures to have his son’s
name included because he wants to have physical proof of Shawn’s
college graduation to show back at home in Japan. Mr. Nakano plans
on coming back at the end of the day to pick up the formal inserts...
Continuation of Case Study

… Tyrone looked up Shawn’s academic records and realized that

Shawn switched majors 7 times and failed out of his classes in the
beginning of his second year. Tyrone got in contact with Shawn.

Shawn’s family had been sending him money to cover tuition, housing
and college expenses for the past 4 years. Shawn is planning on faking
his graduation, with the help of his friend, by walking the stage. He
will inform his father that the commencement speaker made a
mistake with this name...
Continuation of Case Study

...Shawn is asking Tyrone to not say anything to his father, Mr.

Nakano, or to anyone else. Shawn is planning on staying in the states
after graduation, so he feels like no one would actually find out.

There are 5 colleges and hundreds of students will be graduating that

day. What difference will one more graduating student make?
Discussion Questions

1. How should Tyrone respond to the student on the phone?

2. Should Tyrone speak with his supervisor? What would that
conversation look like?
3. What kind of conversation would you have when Mr. Nakano
comes back at the end of the day?
4. What sort of standard should Shawn's unnamed friend be held
to for letting him fake graduation in his place?
5. What ACPA, NASPA, or CAS ethical standards are at stake of
being violated in this situation?
Great ideas about the ethical standards!
Here’s what we thought:

● NASPA: Student Behavior & Integrity of Information & Research

● CAS: Veracity (We [SA Pros} act with integrity and honesty in all
endeavors and interactions).
● ACPA: 2.11 (Discuss with students issues that have ethical
implications) & 4.1 (assist students in becoming ethical &
responsible citizens).