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by Rick Heizman, San Francisco, Nov 8, 2017

If the question were asked, ‘who are the three most-hated Burmese people’ the three most
likely candidates would be Ne Win, Than Shwe, and Maung Zarni. Let’s talk about so-called
Dr. Maung Zarni, the supposed intellectual academic.

Maung Zarni (Burmese: မောင်ဇာနည်) was, at one point, a

Burmese democracy advocate, human rights campaigner,
and a former research fellow at the London School of
Economics, in the Civil Society and Human Security
Research Unit in the Department of International
Development (2011–13) before he was stripped of his
research fellow status in 2014 on accounts of plagiarism in
his PHD thesis. In that year of 2014, an anonymous PHD
investigated his PHD thesis and found it to be 90%
plagiarized. As a result, Maung Zarni was stripped of all
titles and positions.
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FIrst, let’s figure out how to address Maung Zarni - after all, he does have a fake Ph.D.
So, perhaps we can honor that achievement and address him as ‘fake Dr. Maung Zarni’.
Or….. since he does have a Masters degree, we can call him ‘Master Maung Zarni’, but
that doesn’t seem to fit, considering that he seems to be a master at nothing except foul
language, hatred, and ignorant arrogance. Or….. just ‘Zarni’ will be fine for now. (Apologies
to all the other fine people named Zarni).

So, Zarni, I would like to point out a few blunders that you have made.

1) I think, one thing we can agree upon is that the population growth rate of Bengali Muslims
(I know you prefer to say Rohingya, but we’ll get to that in a moment) and Bangladeshi
Bengalis is one of the world’s highest, and therefore the population is increasing at a
phenomenally high rate. Zarni, you keep talking about genocide - saying that there is a
genocide going on against those people that we both know have a ever-quickly increasing
population. Now, I don’t have a Ph.D, and I don’t even have a fake Ph.D as you do, but I
could figure this out when I was about 8 years old. I will assume that your fake Ph.D had
nothing to do with basic math.

2) About the term ‘Rohingya’ which you use quite frequently, a little bit of research, and study
of history can correct that problem. (Forgive me, I’m not sure if getting a fake Ph.D utilizes
research and history or not).

3) I know that you (and I also) are disturbed by fake news - such as these examples:

In this photo, which

you posted, you
claimed that these
Burmese army troops
were setting
Bengali villages on
fire, and this photo
proved that fact.
But, in fact, pouring
water on a fire usually
puts it out.

4) Here are 3 photos that you posted, claiming that the Burmese Army was planting landmines.
(Now, realize that I am not a fan of the Burmese Army. I was very deeply involved with the
Democracy movement for over 25 years, and one of the aims was to bring down the Army)

But, the mines that the Army would use look like those in the photos below. Those huge gas
cylinder mines are made by the Bengali
Muslims - the so-called Rohingya - your
friends! I think you must have been mad
that the Burmese Army had to take those
mines out of the road where they had
been carefully placed by your friends.
5) And, here is another creation of Zarni. Sayadaw Wirathu, the monk that actually never did
call himself the ‘bin Laden’ of Myanmar (to this date nobody has found a video or audio clip of
that - but that does not matter to journalists,
Human Rights Watch, and Media).
WOW - Zarni found a photo of Wirathu smiling
upon be shown a modern assault rifle!
However, try magnifying it 800 times, and it is
easy to see the sloppy photoshop work - the kind
of level that a person with a fake Ph.D might

And, it always helps

to have the original
photo - of Wirathu
smiling upon being
shown a camera
drone - in case you
want to improve your
abilities to cheat, lie,
manipulate, deceive,
demonize, slander,
And, next time don’t
forget to move the
controller out of the
photo (I know that is
a lot to think about for
fake Ph.D holders).
6) Zarni, I saw some of the stories that
you have posted in which you claimed
that there is a great interest in Myanmar
recently, especially in Rakhine State,
concerning Adolf Hitler and his book
Mein Kompf, and other books about

You know, I have spent far more time in

Myanmar, especially in Rakhine State,
than you have. In fact, just 2 weeks ago
I was at the countries largest book
store, Inwa Books, and I did not see
any books by or about Hitler, and I have
seen no interest about him. So, I was
just about to say you were wrong - but
then I realized - that you are right -
there is a great interest in Hitler, and I
just did not see it.

It is disgustingly true - there is a great

interest about Hitler among the Muslims
of Myanmar (and throughout the world)
and you saw it because of your friends, and I didn’t see it because my friends are different -
they are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, and some Muslims who have left Islam
(thankfully) and one Bengali ‘Rohingya’ who left Islam (and he has a lot to say about the
brain-washing, the making of a fictitious identity with a false history and more…….he can sure
teach you a lot - but that’s for another day).

It is quite easy to see the admiration of Hitler that

the Muslims have. Hitler’s book, Mein Kompf, is
easily the closest thing to the Quran - both share
the same intolerance and sheer hatred of Jews
and gays, in particular, and anyone else different.

There are NO known Buddhist admirers of Hitler,

nor any similarities or connections between
Buddhism and Nazism.

However, Muslims colluded and conspired with

Hitler, and very many Muslims admire Hitler and Nazism. Hitler was attracted to Islam, and
Muslims attracted to Hitler for good reason - they were similar in many ways.

“The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France.”

Adolph Hitler, April 2, 1945
Hitler was greatly admired throughout the Islamic world and received numerous telegrams of
support. He was on the friendliest of terms with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of
Jerusaleum, and the ranking leader of the Muslim world. Husseini was paid handsomely by
the Nazis for his efforts, recruiting Muslims for the German Army and was promised that he
would be made Palestine’s leader after its Jewish population of 350,000 had been murdered.

A prominent Arab saying at the time was, "In heaven God is your ruler, on earth Hitler"

The admiration of Hitler and Nazism is apparent in the Muslim protest signs, and the use of
the Nazi Swastika. (which, ironically, Hitler hijacked from Buddhism, reversed it, and gave it
new, and evil meaning).

That’s enough for now.

Zarni, you may not be Dr. Zarni,


you should see a doctor.

by Rick Heizman
San Francisco, Nov 8, 2017