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Interactive Organizers

Name: Annie Carter

Topic: Interactive Organizers

Standard: W.2.3- Write narratives in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short

sequence of events, include details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, and use temporal

words to signal event order, and provide a sense of closure.

Objective: Students will know how to use an interactive graphic organizer (with a small group)

in order to plan out a story.

Assessment Plan: Each student will be able to choose one part of the interactive graphic

organizer and be able to use and explain to the teacher how each part of it works

Materials Needed: Computer, Junie B. Jones book or list of some of the books, markers, white


Mentor text: Junie B. Jones series by Barbra Park

Key Vocabulary:

Graphic Organizer- educational tool that uses visual symbols to express knowledge, concepts,

thoughts, or ideas, and the relationships between them,

Character Map- a visual map explaining characteristics of characters in the story,

Conflict map- a visual map explaining the plot or conflict in the story,

Resolution map- a visual representation of how the character(s) helped resolve the problem or


Setting map- a visual representation or explanation of where the story takes place
Connection: Teacher: How many of you have read the Junie B. Jones books? Which ones were

some of your favorites? I will give you two minutes to work with your group to come up with a

list of all the books you can remember, and then talk about one of your favorites.

Teaching Points:

 Today we’re going to use an interactive graphic organizer to brainstorm and create our

own Junie B. Jones story from our own experiences.

 Who can tell me what a graphic organizer is? Continue to ask about all the key

vocabulary terms.

 What do you think we could use a graphic organizer for?

 We can use this to help us organize our thoughts before writing a story and help us think

about the little details we sometimes forget

 What do you think would be a good idea that would make an interesting story? (Make list

on whiteboard)

Active Engagement:

 Show them the interactive organizer and how to work it with one of the examples we

came up with

 Have them fill out their interactive graphic organizers in their small groups taking a topic

(that was not used as an example) that we came up with as whole group. Teacher will

walk around and ask questions about their interactive graphic organizer and their story.

The teacher will ask questions about the characteristics of the character, or the setting to

ensure the students are going in depth with the organizer.

 Ask different students about the different parts of the graphic organizer and what they

mean. Ask the students what part of the story making process they liked the most.

 Get with another group and give a quick summary about their story