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(UML 2.0 Update)

Example I: Online Course Information System

Problem Statement:

An Online Course Information System is provided for students to access the course material off-campuses that
include view and download lecture notes. Student and also getting solutions from the lecturers, after various classes
and tutorials had been conducted.
If the system becomes unavailable while a user is using it. The user will receive a message that the system is
unavailable. The system will try to reconnect three times. If not successful it will display an error message. The
error display will reflect the content of the input parameter: connect state.
This parameter basically indicates what error has been occurred. The system will retrieve error message and then
update the error log in the log file for the system administrator to investigation purposes. Finally, the message will
be popup in the user’ screen.

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The first is the time check path running in parallel to the basic approval path. The second is the branching with multiple outflows of which only some might be taken and multiple inflows of which only some might be necessary to trigger the following activity. office supplies or software. provides for reimbursement of expenses incurred by employees for the company. A work node represents a task performed by a human or application. for example buying a technical book. routing nodes (3 arrow icon). In a normal day there are several hundreds of instances of this process created. Whichever path finishes first wins.Employee Expense Reimbursement (EER) Process This process. A timer node represents a waiting period or an absolute date. Amounts equal to or over $200 need approval of the supervisor. A High-Level Workflow Diagram Below is a graphical representation of the EER workflow. then the request is cancelled and the employee receives an email and must re-submit. The reimbursement goes to the employee’s direct deposit bank account. This is the same as the test process in school. then the employee must receive an approval in progress email. If no action has happened in 7 days. Page 2 of 9 . One important example of this is the rules that control the flow of the process at routing nodes. There are two important characteristics in this example. If the request is not finished within 38 days.doc Example II . Another is the process data involved and used by the workers.UML 2. implemented as a workflow. The main rules of the process are Amounts under $200 are automatically approved. In case of rejection. A routing node indicates where the flow branches or combines. There are 3 types of nodes shown in the graphic: work nodes (person at computer icon).0 Update. applications and rules. the test is done when the student has answered all the questions or when the test time is finished. There are many aspects of the workflow definition that do not appear in the graphical image. The process flow is indicated by arrows. and timer node (clock icon). the employee must receive a rejection email.

0 Update.doc Start EER Load No action timer Notify Approver Submit for Approval Preapproval Notify Decisior Approval Approval Decision in Progress Cancel Reject Service Transaction Approval Timer Cancel Notify Reject Service End UML Equivalent Activity Diagram It uses an activity diagram that illustrates two parallel flows racing to complete.UML 2. The first one to reach the activity final aborts the others. for example who to notify in the case of no action. Page 3 of 9 . The two flows appear in the same activity so they can share data.

In other words. If the new standard part cannot be done in time then an alternate design is followed. A successful search returns the part to the plane design engineer workflow step. not the aerodynamic aspects of the body and wings. There are processes that define or complete the definition of other processes. To a certain extent this process definition is finished from a template at process instantiation time. Whether a part is to be modified or a new part created a workflow is started for that process.0 Update. That need is translated into a search workflow instance within the workflow system of the standard part engineer group. The availability of a qualified engineer to create or modify the part is critical to the scheduling and enactment of the process instance. The workflow needs to take into account that not every standard part engineer can work on any standard part. If no part is found with the reformulated search. Each group has its own workflow system. There are complex resource qualification and assignment rules. Schedule Pat Mod Workflow. Some of them are performed by the Design Engineer even though the Standards Engineer is managing the process. There are two groups of people involved. Specify Part Mod Workflow invocation produces entire activities and they are passed to subsequent invocations for scheduling and execution (i. When a part is not found. One of the unique characteristics of this example is the messages or interactions that occur between workflow instances. The airplane designer works within the context of a workflow process.e. The rules must take into account not only the skills and qualifications needed. Notice that the Standards Engineer insures that the sub-steps in Provide Required Part are performed in the order specified and under the conditions specified. it is assigned to the Assign Standards Engineer activity. but doesn't necessarily perform the steps. In his work he discovers the need for a standard part with a step in his workflow process. Design of an airplane means the selection of standard parts to assemble the interior of the airplane. Lastly. but also the availability of the engineer in relation to the airplane schedule. An unsuccessful search results in a modification to a standard part workflow process being started in the standard part group system. in short.doc Example III . Part of the modification process is to check the search conditions.UML 2. Execute Part Mod Workflow. the airplane designers and the standard part engineers. and Research Production Possibility). then the workflow process leads the standard parts group through an assessment of whether to modify an existing part or to create a new standard part. This schedule information is given back to the airplane designer for approval. The airplane designer might not have formulated the correct search because of the large number of parts and part categories. behaviors can produce tokens that are activities that can in turn be executed. The Expert Part Search behavior can result in a part found or not.Airplane Design (AD) Process This example centers on the design of an airplane. Page 4 of 9 .

0 Update.doc Page 5 of 9 .UML 2.

it must be recorded. the record must be checked for accuracy.0 Update. then the problem goes back to the resolution step. because the ability to verify if work was properly done might only be possible several steps later. A "bug" or "problem" is identified. which must be communicated back to the original party with the problem. from a single instance of a problem. Page 6 of 9 .UML 2. a resolution is identified.doc Example IV . Rework is quite common in processes. This process contains a potential loop.Trouble Ticket (TT) Process The Trouble Ticket process covers quality assurance teams or customer support teams. the underlying cause is identified. If the resolution cannot be verified as successful.

before they will be either accepted.doc Example V: Journal Revision Process An author submits paper(s) to the Editor for review. If the authors send back the revised papers. If the papers require to be revised as recommended by the panel member(s). Page 7 of 9 .UML 2. reject or required for further modifications. If the paper is accepted by the panel then it will be published in the next issue of the Journal. then the editor will send them back the author for modification. The Editor will send out the paper to the panel for viewing once he received the papers. they have to be gone through the revision process.0 Update.

If the check is settled with the bank OK.” The top partition contains the portion of an activity for which the Order Department is responsible. he will deposit check. then the sales will arrange the shipment for the customer.UML 2. These are attributes of the behavior invoked in the partitions. The flow of the invoice is not a behavior. which is external to the domain. If the sales received the check from the customer. Page 8 of 9 . Swimlaned Activity Diagram The figures below illustrate an example of partitioning the order processing activity diagram into “swim lanes. the middle partition.doc Example VI – ABC Book Shop A customer can buy books by calling the sales of ABC Book Shop by phone and provide the sales with the order details. If the membership is still valid. The order will then be completed. so it does not need to appear in a partition. he/she will check for the membership status of the customer. Simple Activity Diagram Presentation 2. Once the sales received the order. the Accounting Department. The sales will then pack the items await for the shipment and at the same time he/she will also create the invoice and sent it out. except for Customer. and the bottom the Customer.0 Update. the sales will enter the order details as given by the customer. 1.

doc 3. using parallel lines to delineate partitions is not practical. because it has an overriding partition. Hierarchical Swimlaned Activity Diagram The example below depicts multidimensional swim lanes. as illustrated the Figure below: 4. situated in Seattle. Page 9 of 9 . Partition Notated Activity Diagram In some diagramming situations. Even though the Make Payment is contain with in the Seattle/Accounting Clerk swim cell. it’s performer and location are not specified by the containing partition. but not necessarily the same instance for both behaviors. An alternate is to place the partition name in parenthesis above the activity name. The Receive Order and Fill Order behaviors are performed by an instance of the Order Processor class.UML 2.0 Update.