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Career Fields & Pathways Career Fields “This guide will help stucents find Pathways that are related to thelr career interests. Arts, Global Communications & Information Systems Health Sciences & Human Services Health sciences © Biotechnology ‘+ Diagnostics ‘+ Health Information ‘+ Therapeutic Services Education Administration + Teaching/Training ‘© Professional Support Services Government & ‘Community Services Correction Services = Emergency & Fire ‘Management Services + Public Management & Administration Visual & Performing Arts + Music © Theater © Visual arts Journalism & Broadasting Video Journalism Print Journalism + Radio Broadcasting “Interests & begin ee “heres, Information Technology ‘= Information Support Services Network systems ‘© Programming & Software ‘+ Web & Digital Communications Design, Engineering, & Manufacturing Technologies Architecture & Construction © Construction © Design ‘© Maintenancey Operations Manufacturing + Production Quality Assurance + Logistics Engineering, Design Technology ‘+ Engineering Design Engine & Automotive Technology ‘+Automotive Repal = Engine eine Business, Management & Entrepreneurship Marketing ‘© Merchandising ‘+ Marketing Communications + Professional Sales Business, Managemant & ‘Administration Administrative Support + Operations Management General Management Finance ‘© Banking Services ‘© Business Finance = Accounting Hospitality & Tourism © Culinary Arts + Lodging ‘+ Recreation, Amusements eattactions © Travel &Tourism 20 « Information listen ths catalog Is current sof January 2018 tisavaliable online at wavwrisd191org/coursectaog SE" ae Career Fields & Pathways Pathways ‘ What is a Pathway at Burnsville High School? g A Pathway a sere of classes that BHS students can tke that wl helpthem follow ther interest and prepare or further study, traning or wrk opportunities within a carer fed. As students lam more about thelr iteects they can explore one or more Pathways which can help them Plan their education at BHS and beyond, Prepare for college and career. Explore classes that might interest them, Understand how classes & careers ft together, Understand whats required for success, Each Pathway falls within a Career Fleld, For instance, a student who is interested in architecture would: Look in the Design, Engineering, Manufacturing Technology Career Field, which includes architecture, 2. Find the Architecture & Construction Pathway, and 3. Plan to take courses in that Pathway, starting from the bottom and building tothe top, ‘This catalog has sections for each Career Feld, and inside each section, youll see a grid lke the one below that wall help you organize and plan your courses throughout your high school career. Can | only choose one Pathway? You ate ntiited by the Pathways. The are intend o hep you find courses tht match you interests but you can take courses om many ferent Pativay a: longa you meet BHS cet tequrements show oe Page How do | use the Pathway table? Each column inthe table represents a pec atvay.nthe table below the Pathways areAchitectre &Constve ton?“ Manufacturing “Engineering, Design Technology and Engine & Autornciveiochvclons Courses in that column bull from introductory courses a the bottom, which might be taken in ninth grade, tomore advanced courses a the top, ! @ e e | aver Fa Somaieaebueecoeertesctpeetdetmeyncinetreningeainn” Beste clr trough Bomilteintikimnmrintemecnartamnmtcmmeene, —Delgtedby xan go gag é Canscion 2) __ tea Teal I] Pathways 7 a Ee arin the table represents Path, Ue thecare Fes page to be a ee a ceed ee anc ncaa yf E]s Seema! [> Semecientadat > Gatingnamge PF eaedatane es ) Fs | seemate Stata he otom othe coat tbleotndtectoy | Courses your Paty fara FF inarnang Gana tg ine ag [+ Tagine edcloy then plan to build up toward c= a ae chanced coses ht eee, eee, | ae prepare you more and mae | j aeeaom | tan | See Fath cers taint You. Grades show aretee Sree More information at 2018-19 Dstct 191 Secondary Schools Course Catalog + 21