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Audie Anthony Q.

FEBRUARY 03, 2018


CSR Activity of HYATT Hotel
Philanthropy and Community Investment
We demonstrate our commitment to care for our local communities in part through our
philanthropic efforts. We are proud of our long history of giving back to our communities. At the
local hotel level and at our corporate headquarters in Chicago, we draw on the close relationships
we have built within our communities to strategically direct our investments to support solutions
to some of today’s most pressing needs
Their Activity
In Brazil and elsewhere, Hyatt hotels continue to work with the Youth Career Initiative (YCI), which
enables hotels to provide six-month education programs for young people from disadvantaged
backgrounds. Participants learn life and vocational skills to expand their career choices and
improve their employability. During 2013, YCI students were trained at Hyatt hotels in São Paulo,
Brazil; Warsaw, Poland; Amman, Jordan; Mumbai, India; Delhi, India; and Cancun, Mexico. Our
hotels have collectively hired 41 percent of the program’s graduates, and we hope to expand that
number in the coming years.
CSR Activity of Southwest Airlines
Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility Southwest Airlines takes seriously, and efficient
operations are the hallmark of their Company and the foundation of their environmental
commitment. Our planet sustains us all, so they feel it's their responsibility to protect it. This focus
on efficiency not only makes good business sense, it is the right thing to do.
Their Activity:
To better understand our impact on the planet and to increase the transparency of our operations,
we have voluntarily tracked our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2009. In 2016, we
improved our CO2e intensity ratios for the fifth straight year. While overall CO2 emissions
continue to go up as the company grows, we will continually look for opportunities to reduce or
offset emissions
CSR Activity of Las Vegas Sands (CASINO)
Our global corporate giving program, Sands Cares, integrates our philanthropic work worldwide,
including financial giving, Team Member volunteerism and in-kind support. The ultimate goal for
Sands Cares is to build on our company’s legacy of making an impact in the areas we care about
most – our People and those working in the hospitality industry, the Communities we call home
and the Planet we share.
Their Activity:
In Las Vegas, our $7 million multi-year partnership with the University of Nevada,
Las Vegas William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration through Sands Cares is supporting
construction of a new academic building and providing executive education opportunities through
the Center for Professional and Leadership Studies. Team Members also serve as mentors to
hotel college juniors and seniors.
CSR Activity of MK Restaurant
The Company puts priority to Environmental preservation to maintain Environment and ecological
balance of communities where it operates. The Company also treats waste water and have it
examined under the standards of Ministry of Industryas stipulated in the Factory Act,
B.E.2535(1992)before releasing the treated water into public waterways. In addition, the
Audie Anthony Q. Palpal-latoc
FEBRUARY 03, 2018
Company strictly complies with environmental impact control standards of Department of
Industrial Works, international standards and other laws and regulations.
Their Activity:
Giving scholarships to orphans at Bangpleng Temple; teaching hem social skills such as how to
properly clean their hands and to get them eat more veggies; and donating to several temples,
hospitals and foundations for the public interest.
Overall Positive effect on Financial Aspect, those CSR activities boost the reputation of the
hospitality industry that helps aid the environment conservation, gives awareness towards social
issues, and gives financial support to the less fortunate in order to have good karma and for the
benefit of the consumers. CSR improves its brand awareness and loyalty for customers. As
services are intangible, and evaluated based on perception of quality, rather than tangible product
attributes, the goodwill created by social initiatives taken by the firm, transfers to the brand image,
creating differentiation, which can in turn create an advantage in a highly competitive industry that
provides substitutable services like hotel rooms, restaurants, airlines and casinos. Reputational
benefits accruing from social initiatives also result in customers’ willingness to pay premium prices
that often times enable hotel companies survive seasonal industry demand and unfavorable
economic cycles. Demographic segments like millennials, socially conscious consumers, and
tree-huggers create and nurture demand for green hotels, a growing niche which takes into
account sustainability when making hotel decision choices. In fact, several studies have found
that consumers are willing to pay a premium price (sometimes beyond 15%) for green and
sustainable hotels and restaurants using local and or non-genetically modified or organic
Overall Negative effect on Financial Aspect, some CSR activities gives sunk costs that doesn’t
benefit the company thus lessening the profit. Hospitality Industry choice on CSR affect the cost
of a certain activity and if CSR looks like as a profit thing, people will lose trust on the company
and the reputation and sales are affected.