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Dragon, Black Wyrm
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By Collective Restraint
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Note: This creature was originally published in the 3E Monster Manual.
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ST: 65 HP: 65 Speed: 5.50
DX: 10 Will: 14 Move: 8
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IQ: 14 Per: 16
Membership HT: 12 FP: 12 SM: +5 (12 hexes)

How to join this site? Dodge: 8 Parry: N/A DR: 16

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Bite (21): 7d+7 cutting. Reach C.
Claws (21): 7d+7 cutting. Reach C-5.
Forum Corrupt Water (1/day): 3-yard area with a range of 66 yards. Same as Foul Water spell (GURPS Magic, p. 185).
Forum Darkness (3/day): 22-yard area. Same as Blackout spell (GURPS Magic, p. 112). Lasts 110 minutes.
Dragon Breath (21): Acid jet. 6d corrosive. Usable once every 3 seconds. Range 12/24.
Recent posts
Insect Plague (3/day): Summons 4 locust swarms adjacent to each other (use the swarm of bees statistics from p. B461). Lasts
Recent threads 13 minutes. Range 184.
Plant Growth (1/day): 184-yard area. Same as Plant Growth spell (GURPS Magic, p. 164).
Tail (21): 7d+15 crushing. Can only attack straight behind. Reach C-7.
Tail Sweep (21): 6-yard half-circle area centered from behind the dragon. 7d+15 crushing. Can only affect SM-1 or smaller.
Page tags Double Knockback.
Terror (Fright Check at -4): 66-yard area.
animal barsoom boss cer-1 cer- Wings (21): 7d+15 crushing. Can only attack the sides. Reach C-5.
13 cer-19 cer-29 cer-35 cer-36
cer-42 cer-48 cer-52 cer-56 cer-61 Traits: Amphibious (Water Move 8); Dark Vision; Doesn’t Breathe (Gills); DR 10 (Limited, Non-magical Weapons); DR 20
construct cp150-199 dark_sun (Limited, Acid); Enhanced Move 1 (Air Speed 24); Extra Attack 3; Flight (Air Move 12; Winged; Handling Penalty -3); Immunity
demon dinosaur dire_animal (Sleep effects); Immunity (Paralysis effects); Magery 4; Magic Resistance 3 (Improved); Night Vision 5; Quadruped; Sharp Claws;
dnd_conversion Sharp Teeth; Vibration Sense (Universal).
Skills: Brawling-21; Camouflage-23; Innate Attack (Breath)-21; Stealth-18; Survival (Swampland)-24; Swimming-26.
dragon earthdawn_ability Spells: Apportation-17; Control Water Elemental-17; Create Acid-17; Create Earth-17; Create Water-17; Deflect Missile-17;
elder_thing elemental elf Dehydrate-17; Destroy Water-17; Detect Magic-17; Dry Spring-17; Earth to Stone-17; Fog-17; Glue-17; Grease-17; Great Haste-
epic_boss faerie fodder force 15; Haste-17; Hinder-17; Light Thread-17; Purify Water-17; Quick March-17; Rain of Acid-17; Seek Earth-17; Seek Pass-17;
generic giant giant_animal goblin Seek Water-17; Shape Earth-17; Shape Water-17; Slow-17; Summon Water Elemental-17; Tide-17; Walk on Water-17; Whirlpool-
goblin-kin greater_worthy human 17.
hybrid keepers_of_the_way Class: Mundane.
lesser_boss lesser_worthy magic Combat Effectiveness Rating: 224 (OR 118 and PR 106).
mundane nazi offense or- Notes: Can use spells and breath underwater.
11 or-12 or-13 or-15 or-16 or-17
or-18 or-19 or-20 or-21 or-23 or-
24 or-26 or-27 or-28 or-30 or-33
or-34 or-40 or-9 orc plant pr-10
pr-11 pr-12 pr-13 pr-14 pr-15 pr- Adventure Ideas
17 pr-18 pr-19 pr-20 pr-21 pr-23
pr-25 pr-26 pr-27 pr-28 pr-30 pr-
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cer-224 dnd_conversion dragon mundane or-118 pr-106

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