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Illithid (Boss)
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By rolandon
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Note: This creature was originally published in AD&D 2nd edition
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Illithids have a basic humanoid body, but their head is octopus-like. They have four tentacles around a lamprey-like mouth, and
require the brains of sentient creatures as part of their diet. An illithid who snares a living creature in all four of its tentacles can
extract and devour its living brain. Their eyes are pale white, and they can see perfectly well in both darkness and light. Their
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sense of hearing is slightly poorer than a human's; they have difficulty distinguishing between several sounds mixed together.
Their skin is purplish blue to gray-green and covered in mucus, and is very sensitive to sunlight. Sunlight does actually harm them
Membership and they loathe it with incredible ferocity.
How to join this site? One of the most feared powers is the dreaded Mind Blast, where the illithid emits a cone-shaped psionic shockwave with its mind
Site members in order to incapacitate any creature for a short amount of time. Illithids also have other psionic powers, generally telepathic in
nature, although their exact effects have varied over editions. Other powers include a defensive psionic shield and powers of
Forum psionic domination for controlling the minds of others.
Forum Illithids are hermaphroditic creatures who each spawn a mass of larvae twice in their life. The larvae resemble miniature illithid
Recent posts heads or four-tentacled tadpoles. Larvae are left to develop in the pool of the Elder Brain. The ones that survive after 10 years are
inserted into the brain of a sapient creature. Hosts are determined in a very specific manner. Hosts generally are humanoid
Recent threads creatures that are between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches. The most desirable of races for hosts are Human, Drow, Elves,
Githzerai, Githyanki, Grimlock, Gnoll, Goblinoid, and Orc. Upon being implanted, the larva then grows and consumes the host's
brain, absorbing the host's physical form entirely and becoming sapient itself, a mature (but still young) Illithid. This process is
Page tags called ceremorphosis. Illithids often experiment with non-humanoid hosts, but ceremorphosis involving other creatures usually
fails, killing both host and larva. Occasionally, ceremorphosis can partially fail. Sometimes the larva does not contain enough
animal barsoom boss cer-1 cer-
chemicals to complete the mutation, sometimes there is psionic interference. Whatever the reason, it has happened that
13 cer-19 cer-29 cer-35 cer-36
ceremorphosis has ended after the internal restructuring, resulting in a human body with an illithid's brain, personality and
cer-42 cer-48 cer-52 cer-56 cer-61
digestive tract. These unfortunates must still consume brains, typically by cutting open heads (as they lack the requisite
construct cp150-199 dark_sun
tentacles). These beings are often used as spies, where they easily blend in with their respective host types.
demon dinosaur dire_animal
The illithid society also maintains a long-standing taboo related to deviations to or failures of the ceremorphosis process and hunt
dnd_conversion and destroy such exceptions. Every so often, a mind flayer community is attacked (often by vengeful githyanki and githzerai) and
its inhabitants must flee. This leaves the larvae unattended. Bereft of exterior nourishment, they begin to consume one another.
dragon earthdawn_ability
The survivor will eventually leave the pool in search of food (i.e., brains). This unmorphed larvae is known as a Neothelid. If the
elder_thing elemental elf
neothelid consumes an intelligent creature it will awaken to sapience and psionic abilities and grow to immense size, while
epic_boss faerie fodder force
retaining its memories of savage survival.
generic giant giant_animal goblin
goblin-kin greater_worthy human
hybrid keepers_of_the_way ST:9 HP:10 Speed:5.25
lesser_boss lesser_worthy magic DX:11 Will:15 Move:5
mundane nazi offense or-
IQ:15 Per:15
11 or-12 or-13 or-15 or-16 or-17
or-18 or-19 or-20 or-21 or-23 or- HT:10 FP:10 SM:0
24 or-26 or-27 or-28 or-30 or-33
Dodge:8 Parry:- DR:-
or-34 or-40 or-9 orc plant pr-10
pr-11 pr-12 pr-13 pr-14 pr-15 pr-
<Attack> (<Skill>):
17 pr-18 pr-19 pr-20 pr-21 pr-23
pr-25 pr-26 pr-27 pr-28 pr-30 pr-
Traits: Hermaphromorph, High Technology +1, Lightning Calculator, Eidetic Memory (1 level), Singe-Minded, Teeth (Tentacles,
32 pr-37 pr-5 pr-7 pr-8 pr-9
Fangs) Night Vision 10, Doesn't Breathe (Gills), Nictating Membrane (5 levels), Racial Memory, Affliction (Area Effect, 2 yards,
ritual ritual_path_magic rpm
+50%, Disadvantage: Deafness, +20%, Emanation, -20%, Hearing-Based, +50%, 20 punti), Magery + 3, Mind Shield (10 Levels),
slime supers trap troll undead
Mental Blow (6 levels), Steal Energy (6 levels). Odious Racial Habit (eats brains of sentient creatures), Reputation (brain-eater,
worthy wwii -20 points), Low Pain Threshold, Skinny, Cowardice, Greed, Intolerance (against the other creatures), Jealousy, Megalomania,
Paranoia, Sadism, Appearance (Hideous), Weakness (sunlight, 1d of damage per 5 minutes).

Admin Skills: Mind Blow 18, Steal Energy 18; Innate Attack (Beam) 18
Site Manager Class: Alien
License Notes: Currently, the illithids are in a period of intense study and experimentation, gathering knowledge of all sorts that will
The material presented here is the original enable them to eventually reconquer the universe and hold it for good. They frequently meddle in the politics of other races
creation of the contributors, intended for use
with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson
through subtle psychic manipulation of key figures, not to cause chaos but so as to better understand the dynamics of civilization.
Games. This material is not official and is not They regularly probe the minds of surface dwellers so as to gather intelligence and learn about new advances in magic and
endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. technology. They also do a good deal of research themselves, mainly focused on developing new psychic powers.
GURPS is a registered trademark of Steve
Jackson Games, and the art here is Illithids regularly conduct raids on all sentient settlements to acquire new thralls, because their existing stock of sentient thralls do
copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All not breed fast enough to satisfy their food and labor needs. Typically, a group of mind flayers will teleport to the settlement and
rights are reserved by SJ Games. This
material is used here in accordance with the swiftly incapacitate them with their psychic powers. The captives will then be marched all the way to the illithids' underground
SJ Games online policy. settlement by specially trained and conditioned thralls. Great care is taken to cover their tracks.

An illithid city is ruled by a creature called an Elder Brain which lives in a pool of cerebral fluid in the city's center. When an illithid
dies its brain is extracted and taken to the pool. Illithids believe that when they die their personality is incorporated into the Elder
Brain, but this is not the case. When the brain of an illithid is added to the Elder Brain, the memories, thoughts and experiences
are consumed and added to the sum of the whole, but all else is lost. This fact is a closely guarded secret of the Elder Brains,
since all illithid aspire to a form of immortality through this merging process. An extremely ancient Elder Brain is called a God-
Brain because its psionic powers are almost limitless.

Since the Elder Brain contains the essence of every illithid that died in its community, it functions in part as a vast library of
knowledge that a mind flayer can call upon with a simple telepathic call. The Elder Brain in turn can communicate telepathically
with anyone in its community, issuing orders and ensuring everyone conforms.

Illithids generally frown upon magic, preferring their natural psionic ability. Psionic potential is an integral part of the illithid identity,
and the Elder Brain cannot absorb the magical powers of an illithid mage when it dies. They tolerate a limited study of wizardry, if
only to better understand the powers employed by their enemies. However, an illithid who goes too far and neglects his psionic
development in favor of wizardry risks becoming an outcast. Denied the possibility of ever merging with the Elder Brain, such
outcasts often seek their own immortality through undeath, becoming alhoons.

Illithids typically communicate through psychic means. They project thoughts and feelings to each other in a way non-illithids can
scarcely comprehend. When they do feel the need to write, they do so in "qualith." Instead of typical alphabet-based writing,
illithids write in qualith by making marks consisting of four broken lines. They use each tentacle to feel the breaks in the lines,
making it basically similar to braille. However, qualith is extremely complex, as each line modifies the preceding lines through
explaining abstract concepts associated with the above words in ways no human can understand; only by understanding all four
lines simultaneously can the meaning be understood properly.

Traditionally illithids revere a perverse deity named Ilsensine. They have a second deity named Maanzecorian, who is later killed
by Tenebrous (Orcus) in the Planescape adventure module Dead Gods. Although Ilsensine is the illithid patron deity, few mind
flayers actively worship him, thinking themselves the most powerful creatures in the universe.

Illithids seek to rebuild their former empire wherein all other species were their slaves, so they view any sentient creature as
worthy only of being their slaves or their food. They are pragmatic, however, and will trade with other races, such as dark elves
and gray dwarves, who are too strong to be conquered. They also trade with the Neogi in order to obtain slaves.

Their archenemies are the githyanki and the githzerai, descendants of the rebellious slaves who destroyed their empire millennia
ago. Hunting and slaying illithids whenever they can is an integral part of their cultures.

Illithids fear the undead because these creatures, even the sentient ones, are immune to telepathic detection and manipulation,
and have no brains to consume. Confronting such mindless creatures can even be traumatizing to some of them.

Illithids are one of the only races respected by the aboleths. This is because the aboleths remember the origin of almost every
other race, through their hereditary memory. However, illithids, as far the aboleths can remember, just appeared without
preamble, which scares them.

-Alhoon: Alhoons (also called illithiliches) are illithids that have grown powerful enough in magic to become liches. Alhoons are
generally pariahs in illithid society because they go against most illithids' eventual goal; to merge with the Elder Brain, both
physically and psionically. Alhoons, on the other hand, are more concerned with their own personal survival. When discovered
near illithid communities Alhoons are mercilessly hunted down.

-Ulitharid: Ulitharids are created from tadpoles much like standard illithids; fewer than 0.1% become ulitharids, and it is impossible
to determine whether a tadpole will become an ulitharid until ceremorphosis is complete. Superior in nearly all ways to a regular
mind flayer, ulitharids possess two extra tentacles, which are twice as long as the others, and an extreme arrogance, even by the
standards of their own kind. Only the elder brain holds more sway within an illithid community.

-Vampiric illithids: The origins of these unique undead mind flayers are unclear. All that is known of these creatures is that they
cannot create spawn, need both fresh blood and fresh brains to survive, are more feral than typical illithids, and are barely
intelligent. One possible origin is given in the Ravenloft adventure Thoughts of Darkness, in which a vampiress collaborates with
the illithids in using the Apparatus to create the first vampiric illithid, a being never conceived of before.[18] Whether they spread
from the demiplane of dread or not is another matter, what can be said is that these creatures are hated and feared by typical

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