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Air Freight

Delivering Sensitive
Goods Safe and Sound

Lufthansa Cargo’s Active
and Passive Packaging

Woolcool’s Eco-friendly
Wool-based Packaging for
Pharmaceuticals and Food

Going Green
The most consistent way. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of sheep’s
wool? We often associate wool with warmth. Woolcool, a budding
Cool/td – our special product for temperature sensitive shipments. company, is using this same natural material to create packaging solu-
tions for the transportation of pharmaceutical and food products that
Find out more: require certain temperature-controlled conditions. Read more about
this on “All Wool and a Yard Wide”.

Pharmaceuticals is one of our special feature in this issue. The phar-

maceuticals industry is experiencing a period of profound trans-
formation. However, there are various challenges that the industry
has to contend with. The thermal instability of many pharmaceu-
tical products, for example, imposes particular requirements on
the logistics in the cooling sector. Temperature fluctuations can
strongly reduce the effectiveness of medicine and vaccines. On pa-
ges 6 and 13 you can read about how airlines like Lufthansa and Air
Shirley Stahl
France KLM MartinAir Cargo are coming up with solutions to ensure Editor
that temperature-sensitive goods like medicines and vaccines are
being properly handled and delivered on time and in the right con-

On page 16 we take a look at a summary of DHL’s white paper, “The Smarter

Cold-Chain” which highlights the critical need for the next generation cold-chain.

Edeka Cash and Carry in Chemnitz, Germany, recently installed a high speed,
deep freeze store door from Efaflex – find out more about the door in “A Door You
Can Lean On” on page 20.

Some reviews and previews of the industry’s trade fairs are available from
page 26.

As you read through this magazine; ponder over this, what role do I play in this
industry? How can I make the most from the industry without causing damage
to the environment? Can I invest more time to find ways to make the industry as
“green” as possible, if not for ourselves, at least for the next generation?

Shirley Stahl

Pharmaceuticals Trade Fairs and Events
Lufthansa’s strategic active and passive packaging Nufam to showcase latest technologies, innovations
solutions����������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 and solutions in the vehicle manufacturing sector��������� 26
DHL’s White Paper highlights the critical challenges Anuga Frozen Food sector to attract 500 exhibitors
facing the healthcare industry���������������������������������������16 this year����������������������������������������������������������������������� 28
9th logitrans International Transport Exhibition to take
Packaging place in Istanbul in November��������������������������������������� 29
Woolcool’s sustainable wool-based packaging���������������10 Inter airport Europe’s 20th International Exhibition for
Eagle Product Inspection system reducing risk airport equipment, technology, design and service������� 29
of harmful contaminants and substandard food������������� 25
News������������������������������������������������������������������� from 30
Quality and Hygiene
Improved version of the GoBox 1210 6 Cool Moves/Imprint������������������������������������������������������ 32

bulk storage container���������������������������������������������������12

Delicate Delivery
Air Freight
Air France KLM MartinAir Cargo’s specially designed
solutions for temperature-sensitive goods���������������������13

Cold Store Operation

Edeka installs high-speed deep-freeze door from Efaflex
as part of the extension to its cold storage�������������������� 20
The next Fresh Logistics Magazine
Supply Chain Management appears on 7 October 2015
Xinfei France acquires 100 percent shares
in Lamberet SA������������������������������������������������������������� 22
Refrigeration and Cooling Units
Bitzer’s new condensing unit for high
12 20 Packaging
Cold Chain Logistics
ambient temperatures�������������������������������������������������� 24
Bulk Storage Controlled Temperature Telematics & Fleet Management
Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and
Refrigeration and Insulation

Advertising and editorial deadline

18 September 2015

13 26

Safe Solutions Meeting Point

Inhalt 2
News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News ··· News

European Sustainable Energy Week focuses on Heating and Cooling ELP discusses Infrastructure and Automisation in Road Freight Transport

A big focus of this years’ event which plan to open a store every 18 hours effect. Worldwide cooling is respon- At the eighth event of the European
attracted more than 2 700 participants during 2015. India projects investment sible for 10 percent of all greenhouse Logistics Platform (ELP), around 50
from all over Europe, was the EU’s of 15 billion US dollars into cold chain gas emissions, but the environmental EU policymakers and industry stake-
brand new heating and cooling strat- development over the next five years. damage will significantly increase glo- holders came together to discuss the
egy. Obviously, ECSLA participated in At the same time as this increase in de- bally over the coming decades with advantages of automatisation in Road
several events in the framework of the mand, vast amounts of waste cold that the rapid growth of a huge new middle Freight Transport with regard to infra-
European Sustainable Energy Week could be put to good use are wasted. class and increased urbanisation and structure usage. The event was hosted
2015. In particular worth mentioning in This happens, for example, during the the associated demand for cooling. But by Inés Ayala Sender MEP, Member of
this context is a workshop on “Cleaner process of re-gasification of LNG (Lique- compared to electricity, transport and the Transport Committee, who under-
Cooling” and a policy event on tapping fied Natural Gas) at import terminals. heat, cold has received very little atten- lined the importance of seizing the
the potentials of the building, heating Speakers from industry and academia tion in the energy debate so far.” opportunities of Intelligent Transport
and cooling sectors in the framework agreed and advocated for increased in- Systems or ITS in the transport sector.
of the review of the Energy Perfor- vestment in the R & D of clean cold tech- Fair play She highlighted that “the EU Digital
mance of Buildings Directive and the nologies; a coordinated systems level Consequently, there was consensus Agenda is a big new opportunity to
EU strategy on heating and cooling. approach to thermal energy – where coo- among the panel and participants that raise the profile of logistics, and show
The Workshop on “Cleaner Cooling” ling demand is considered and planned the EU Heating and Cooling Strategy the best profile of the logistics sector
was organised by Dearman, a global for alongside heat to maximise resource should have an equal focus on both through greater efficiency and making
technology company delivering clean efficiency; and support for the emerging cooling and heating, whereas currently better use of capacity.”
“cold and power”. Dearman describes Cold Economy which has the potential to it does not.
its technology “as cutting-edge, which provide thousands of new jobs. The workshop concluded with the ob- Changing gears
uniquely harnesses liquid air to deliver servation from participants that cooling Claire Depré, Head of Unit “Intelligent
zero-emission power and cooling.” The Cold chain challenge was conspicuous by its almost com- Transport Systems” (ITS) in DG MOVE,
first application of Dearman technolo- Professor Toby Peter, Visiting Professor plete absence to-date in the current elaborated on the Commission’s
gy, to provide sustainable and efficient in Power and Cold Economy, University Heating and Cooling Strategy debate agenda to boost ITS digital mobility.
zero-emission transport refrigeration, of Birmingham opened his presentation throughout the EU. One participant She explained why the Co-operative
is currently undergoing trials at UK en- by stating that “Cold is the Cinderella of noted that some work was happening Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
gineering and test centre, MIRA. the energy debate” and that we should to explore possibilities in promoting Platforms have been established,
be “doing cold smarter”. The “cold district cooling systems, but that much highlighting that there is no interest
Clean cold chain challenge” is an urgent issue for more work needed to be done to under- in automatisation if vehicles and in-
The meeting heard presentations from food and medical supplies – showing stand the demand for cold across Euro- frastructure are not connected. She
experts in clean cold technology who how societal demands for cooling can pe, its uses and how it can be thought noted the urgency of the C-ITS challen- Claire Depré, Head of Unit “Intelligent Transport Systems” (ITS) in DG MOVE,
called for a move away from the business be met, while simultaneously reducing of at an energy system level. ge, particularly the need to move from elaborated on the Commission’s agenda to boost ITS digital mobility.
as-usual approach of relying on fossil its environmental impact. ECSLA is committed to actively contribute research and development to deploy-
fuelled technology and uncoordinated “Cooling is a critical infrastructure on and to work together with other stakehol- ment for the EU to remain competitive. tation on how “platooning” works in dal transport. Better connections and
energy infrastructure to provide cold. which modern society relies, but cur- ders to give the cooling aspect of the po- For the automotive sector, Peter Kron- practice by presenting an ongoing the deployment of innovative ICT ac-
The demand for cooling is increasing rent technologies are often highly pollu- licy discussion a higher profile in the EU berg, Safety Director of Volvo Group gave pilot project in the Netherlands. He ross all transport modes will lead to a
worldwide as cold is integral to modern ting and inefficient – and in cities even Energy Union debate and in the formula- some insight on how the Volvo group is showcased that by linking trucks into more sustainable, efficient and future-
society and has many energy-intensive self-defeating through the heat island tion of the heating and cooling strategy. working towards the efficient and safe road-trains or platoons, significant op- oriented transport system of the EU.”
uses: automation of commercial vehicles portunities are presented to increase The European Logistics Platform con-
• the food cold chain, including both through the step-wise deployment of the capacity of roads and reduce con- sists of more than twenty industry
transport and storage; new technologies. Mr Kronberg noted gestion, save fuel, and improve safety. stakeholders representing a wide vari-
• the cold chain for medicines; that as the drivers for automation are In conclusion, Nicolette van der Jagt, ety of actors involved in logistics and
• industrial-scale cooling for data so obvious with improved traffic flow, vice-chair of the European Logistics supply chains across Europe. Current
centres; productivity and environmental efficien- Platform said: “Europe needs to fos- members include ACEA, CLECAT, Deut-
• air-conditioning; cy, further automation will happen alt- ter solutions based on state-of-the-art sche Bahn, Deutsche Post DHL Group,
• “Freezing and powdering” materi- hough challenges remain; these being information and communication tech- duisport, ECSLA, Goodyear Dunlop
als for recycling and easy disposal. optimised infrastructure for automated nologies, particularly in the field of the Tires Europe B.V., HERE – a Nokia
vehicles and the deployment of C-ITS. efficiency and service level in logistics business, Hutchison Whampoa, IRU,
Around the world, with the rising midd- chains. At the same time, the develop- Michelin, Nordic Logistics Associati-
le classes in emerging economies, the How platooning works ment of interoperable intelligent trans- on, P&G, SAP, Transport en Logistiek
need for cold is increasing at a rapid Speakers from industry and academia agreed and advocated for increased Bastiaan Krosse from the Dutch Re- port systems (ITS) has to be pursued to Nederland, VdTÜV Verband der TÜV,
pace. In China, for example, Starbucks investment in the R & D of clean cold technologies. search Institute TNO gave a presen- improve efficient road and synchro-mo- e. V., Volvo Group.

4 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 5

Lufthansa’s strategic active and passive
Pharmaceuticals packaging solutions 6 Contents
Inhalt 2 Pharmaceuticals

Handle with Care

Aviation is, and always will be at the forefront of technological development. Yet, the
air-section of transportation is not what makes one airline different from the other
in terms of cargo. What happens on the ground before and after the flight is decisive
especially in temperature-controlled transportation.

ven though transporting tempe- Sensitive subject tion process and that in the end it
rature-sensitive air cargo is no Were it not for the various international will somehow enter the human body
rocket science, it presents some legal tools available to the airlines to to unfold its designed effect. So, avo-
challenges that need to be overcome limit their liability, it is doubtful that iding temperature deviations in the
in order to close yet another gap in any carrier would accept shipments first place is the most important, top
cold chain logistics. For sure, every- of which they know neither the value priority issue. Not only because those
one handling temperature-sensitive nor the sensitivity of the contents, and involved in the logistics chain have
goods accepts great responsibility, where a total loss could be incurred made promises or would like to avoid
and a considerable risk. The goods’ by a temperature deviation of a mere financial complications, but also, and
values that are transported often few degrees from a given set point. perhaps mainly, because we all have An example of the latest innovation step: a temperature controlled unit built by DoKaSch.
rate as much as 300 to 400 times the But airlines do know that a shipment a moral obligation to see that nothing
shipment revenues that can be obtai- of pharmaceuticals is the result of an goes into a human body that might properties, just because of a tempe- equipment. A 747 Jumbo of one airline of semi finished and finished pro-
ned. expensive and complicated produc- have deteriorated from its assigned rature variation during the transit pe- doesn’t differ much from a 747 of the ducts;
riod from production to consumption. next airline – at least not technically. • as the necessity for temperature-
Chances are that one day any one of us controlled air transportation
may have to rely on the administered Set apart grew, so did the complexity of the
medications and that they work the But what happens on the ground be- packaging material develop. Just
way they are designed to. fore and after the flight is decisive. putting a box on a plane, along
How good are an airline’s processes with other general cargo would no
Making amends on the ground and how well do they longer do.
In that context, understanding what an control those processes. Can they
air carrier can do and what it can not provide the same level of protection Packaging progress
do, is a first but important step to help at all destinations in all four corners It all began with simple cardboard
avoid temperature excursions. The of the world? In the early days, trans- boxes and dry ice for the transporta-
answer to the question as to what can portation of pharmaceuticals consis- tion of deep frozen products. As re-
be done to improve the efficiency of ted mostly of temperature insensitive quirements for transportation grew to
the air transportation part, might well and simple medicines such as aspirin include other temperature ranges, in-
be: “understand where the limitations etc. If temperature sensitive transpor- sulation and “gelpacks” were added
are and appropriately adjust your pa- tation of pharmaceuticals was requi- to the packaging. In more advanced
ckaging solution.” Ever since the old red they were usually small amounts packaging examples, simple battery
DC3 plied the South Pacific, tempera- that were dispatched by persons operated fans were added to circula-
ture controlled transportation was the using hand carried thermo contai- te the air. More sophisticated chemi-
thing for airfreight and one might ex- ners. Then a number of things began cals were used to fill the gelpacks in
pect that the airlines have temperature to happen: order to achieve defined temperature
control – under control. After all, avia- • As scientific research began to find ranges. As none of these packaging
tion is, and always will be, at the fore- remedies for more & more disea- systems had any form of feedback
front of technological development. It ses, the components and active loop to actively control the tempera-
is a very process driven industry with ingredients became more complex ture – the term “Passive Packaging”
a high-level of built-in, redundant sa- and thus more sensitive to tempe- quickly established itself. Around
fety measures, and above all, it is fast rature changes; the mid 90’s the first containers ap-
and reliable. But the air-section of the • shipment sizes began to increased peared on the market that had integ-
transportations is not what makes dramatically as humanitarian aid rated electronic feedback loops that
one airline different from the other in activities around the world grew, could actively control the tempera-
terms of cargo. They all fly at the same • globalization of the pharmaceutical ture, using dry ice as cooling agents.
Higher reliability requires higher investments that must achieve higher prices in the market. speed; they all use the same or similar industry greatly increased traffic These then developed further to in-

6 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 7

Pharmaceuticals Contents
Inhalt 2

available. As far as active temperature control

is concerned, the solutions are quite sophis-
ticated and rarely fail expectations. Obviously
the high-end compressor technologies have a
greater reliability but they also require higher
investments and must therefore achieve high-
er rates in the market.

Prospective plans
The future of precise temperature controlled
transportation most probably lies with further
innovations in active temperature controlled
packaging solutions. Passive packaging so-
lutions have probably reached the pinnacle
of their development. Ground breaking, revo-
lutionary ideas seem to develop more likely
in the area of active temperature controlled
containers. Here the number of sensors will be
increased in the near future to record other po-
tential threats to the molecular integrity of the
pharmaceuticals. Things like shock, vibration,
x-rays, altitude radiation and so forth, may
have an impact and might have to be measu-
red and recorded. The availability of GPS/GSM
technology will make real time data logging

available and help airlines to pro-actively inter-
vene before things go wrong. The development
of an airworthy hydrogen fuel cell will give ac-

better airports
tive containers vastly improved independence
The new Lufthansa Cool Center at the Frankfurt Airport. from external power sources. New lightweight
composite materials will make containers ligh-
clude heating capabilities and finally components that control the tem- can be extreme. Warehouses them- ter and better insulated. There are, however,
compressors. perature through a signal feedback selves are designed for transit, not a few simple things that can be done before
loop. While insulation and gel-packs for long-term storage. They are desi- sending a temperature-sensitive shipment on
r airport Europe
20th anniversary – inte
Passive and active packaging help mitigate the risk of tempera- gned for a high through put, so doors its way:
ort industry
Excellence for the airp
As in other industries, new develop- ture deviations, they don’t eliminate open and close all the time. Hot or • Anticipate significantly varying temperatures
ments were always an improvement them. And though the cargo holds of cold shipment come in off the tarmac and choose appropriate packaging;
of the last step. But contrary to other an aircraft are pressurized and hea- and are put into a temperature cont- • deliver and pick-up as close to the flight-
products, where the use of previous ted, temperature control in the sen- rolled environment where they either occurrence as possible;
models eventually fizzles out and the se that the pharmaceutical industry absorb or release energy, depending • put temperature recorders inside the
product vanishes from the market, is used to, does not exist. Since the on the length of time that they have packaging and not where it is exposed to
all variants of temperature controlled air carrier has no knowledge of how been exposed to outside temperatu- sunlight;
packaging continue to exist and find sensitive the contents really are, it is res. That makes precise temperature • clearly label all packaging units with unam-
wide usage. It is easy to see that an usually left up to the shipper to deter- control of an air cargo warehouse a biguous labels;
air carrier cannot possibly know all mine which packaging type would be challenging task. Things like weather, • avoid long storage periods at airports;
the operational details of all passi- appropriate for the sensitivity of the even geophysical incidents (volcanic • ensure all import and export documentation
ve and active packaging solutions contents and the intended transpor- eruptions, earth quakes), but also in- fulfill all country regulations.
available. And an airline must make tation profile. terruptions by labor disputes, traffic
choices as to how many different ty- congestion and technical deficiencies Until the ultimate, fail-proof packaging technolo- 20th International Exhibition for Airport
pes of containers they can handle Beyond control at airports, or with the aircraft itself, gy has been developed, one that you can pack,
before the added complexity makes Air carriers will provide procedures can make deviations from standard turn on and forget, the best plan to avoid tempe- Equipment, Technology, Design & Services
handling errors more likely. While that support temperature sensitive procedures necessary and can have rature excursions is for the shipper, the forwar-
passive packaging can be more af- passive shipments on the ground, an impact on the stability of the tem- der and the carrier to come together and openly

6 – 9 October 2015
fordable depending on the business but they have little control over the perature range of a given packaging discuss the needs and capabilities of each party
case, temperature variations can and duration of ambient temperature ex- solution. It is precisely for these re- involved. Without this tripartite exchange too
do occur. Passive packaging is subject posures. Shipments must be taken asons that many countries have mu- many elements of the supply chain will be left
open to guesswork and assumptions in a com-
Munich Trade Fair, Germany
to ambient temperatures just as acti- from the aircraft and moved to ware tually agreed to limit the liability of
ve containers are. But unlike the acti- houses. On busy hubs, that can take a carrier. But it is not that airlines plex logistical challenge that leaves very little
ve containers, they have no technical quite a while and tarmac exposure do not have more reliable solutions room for error. 

8 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015
Packaging Woolcool’s sustainable wool-based pa- Contents
Inhalt 2 Packaging

All Wool and a Yard Wide

A packaging design expert took up a challenge to produce sustainable packaging
using sheep’s wool. A few years later, Woolcool, an eco-friendly wool-based packaging
company was launched.

or decades, conventional material Why wool
such as polystyrene and polyethy- Wool is one of nature’s most amazing
lene have sold themselves as the “smart fibers”, with a complete struc-
only option for insulated packaging. ture and natural properties that cope
However, there has been a lot of criti- with extremes of cold and heat. Wool
cism by scientists and environmental fibres are hygroscopic, meaning they
organizations as to the risks that they absorb and release moisture, a natural
pose to human and ecosystem health. thermostat that maintains stable tem-
With an increasing pressure on indus- peratures. “The first thing I identified The products have passed various rigorous testing to industry standards.
tries, businesses and governments to about wool, apart from its sustainabi-
“go green”, the spotlight is now on na- lity, was that it was superior in its per- Benefits of using Woolcool pendently proven to keep “ambient” sitive vaccines. Having already sold
tural materials. formance, compared to materials such • It is supplied flat packed and is pharmaceuticals within 15 degrees around 3.5 million units of their wool
as polyethylene and polystyrene,” says much less bulky than the current Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius for in ex- liners, which equates to the fleece of
Setting trends Angela Morris. “With the same product Environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. cess of 120 hours without the need for nearly 1 million sheep, Morris and her
A new concept created by Angela and the same ambient temperature pro- and helps with Corporate Social • It has no punitive cost implications any additional phase change material. colleagues are immensely proud of
Morris, an experienced packaging de- file, I found wool kept the product under Responsibility. regarding waste disposal. The insulation is sealed in breathab- their achievements to date. They are
signer, is challenging companies to 5 degrees Celsius for longer.” During • The insulated packaging is genui- le film which allows the “smart” wool particularly proud of their efforts to
reconsider their choice of packaging. the design stage, Morris also revealed it doesn’t contain additives, such as nely sustainable and much better fibres to absorb humidity and create a educate industry and academia about
The idea began in 2002, as part of a another benefit to using wool. This is its borate or polyester, found in other for the environment than oil based more hygienic environment. They snu- their products. To promote long-term
research project to develop insula- ability to be fully flat packed, allowing types of wool insulation. Fleeces are products. gly cushion fragile contents to prevent development and support for sustai-
ted packaging using sheep’s wool. for more boxes per pallet than conventi- washed and scoured in accordance • It gives the added value of envi- breakages in transit, without additio- nable packaging materials, the team
Impressed by the findings of her re- onal polystyrene. “Wool was nearly five with the Pollution Prevention and ronmentally friendly packaging nal void packaging. continues developing and designing
search, which proved that wool offered times more favorable in terms of decre- Control regulations and ISO14001 and helps with Corporate Social suitable packaging to benefit consu-
the high performance, natural, eco- asing logistical and storage costs.” environmental management sys- Responsibility (CSR). Achievements mer and end-users.
friendly and sustainable alternative to tems, without the need for extreme In 2012, and 2013, the company was
man-made polymers, Morris later laun- The process temperatures, chemical treatments Controlled Room Temperature awarded funding from the UK Govern- Future goals
ched a new company, Woolcool Food Wool is sourced and processed speci- or additives. Beneficial by-products (CRT). ment backed Technology Strategy While the Woolcool team is keen to
Packaging, in 2008. fically for making Woolcool to ensure of the washing and scouring pro- Recent changes in EU GDP guidelines Board to further research and develop branch out and develop a number of
cess include a nitrate and mineral now require temperature monitoring of their technology, specifically fro the innovative projects, its main focus is to
rich sludge which is used as natural CRT products in distribution. Woolcool pharmaceuticals sector and the trans- work more closely with the pharmaceu-
fertilizer or made into biodegradab- insulated packaging has been inde- portation of highly temperature sen- tical sector on a global scale. Specifi-
le slug pellets. The washed fleece is cally, Morris is investigating the use of
garnered, needle-felted and cut into ice packs in transporting medication
strips which are hygienically sealed and vaccines. “A typical 100 liter po-
A range of insulated boxes and insulated pouches is among the products
within recyclable PE film with micro- available. lystyrene container can require more
perforations to allow the hygroscopic than 12 kg of phase change materials,
function. Woolcool’s range of products such as icepacks, to maintain product
The products have passed various ri- temperature between 2–8 degrees Cel-
Standard Range Specifically designed range of Woocool PharmaGrade insulated
gorous testing to industry standards, packaging for direct deliveries of temperature-sensitive phar- sius for 72 hours, thus reducing the
proving that the insulated packaging maceutical products, such as vaccines. products space to only 15 liters. Our
maintains pharmaceuticals at their Five Standard Formats The PharmaGrade insulated boxes are available in five stan- PharmaPack box giving 15 liters of pro-
required temperature for longer than dard sizes which are suitable for cold chain distribution. duct space, is half the size and uses
conventional materials. The insulated Total Solution The PharmaGrade insulated liners combined with rigid, recyc- less than half the weight of icepacks
led, flat packed, white cardboard boxes make-up the complete
packaging has been independently solution. Alternative color and branding options are available.
needed”. Morris concludes, “I hope
proven to keep pharmaceuticals within Woolcool Pouch Packs The PharmaGrade pouches are ideal for sending small quanti- by 2020 we will have developed a na-
The insulated packaging has been independently proven to keep pharmaceuti- the critical 2 degrees and 8 degrees ties of temperature sensitive products. The pouches are made tural alternative to conventional phase
cals within the critical 2 degrees and 8 degrees Celsius from 24 hours to more Celsius from 24 hours to more than from white recyclable LDPE with an extra secure 15 mm self- change materials that uses substanti-
than 72 hours. 72 hours. adhesive strip. ally less energy.” 

10 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 11

Air France KLM MartinAir Cargo’s spe-
Quality and Hygiene
Improved version of the GoBox 1210 bulk storage
Inhalt 2 cially designed solutions for tempera- Air Freight
ture-sensitive goods 13

Blue is the new Green Safe and Sound

Goplasticpallets, an independant seller of plastic pallets, recently introduced to its range
a new, improved version of its GoBox 1210 BBC Bulk storage container in blue. Air France KLM Martin Air Cargo introduces its specially designed solutions for the safe
transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive products like vaccines and insulin.

anufactured from the highest

food grade virgin HDPE, the   ransporting healthcare products Plans have been underway to obtain a lity when they know the precise way to
GoBox 1210 BBC Blue bulk by air requires specific equipment Good Distribution Practices (GDP) cer- handle your shipments, each shipment
storage container is suitable for all ty- and storage facilities, harmo- tification, which takes full account of is powered by its own Special Handling
pes of application where cleanliness nized handling procedures and an ex- GDPs from around the world, internati- Code. The status of all pharmaceutical
and hygiene are of prime importance, perienced, dedicated team. Air France/ onal standards and national and local shipments can be simply tracked from
from harvesting hard fruit and vege- KLM Martinair Cargo knows this all too regulations when applicable. origin to destination via the track &
tables to meat handling and storing well and realizes the importance of trace option on the company’s websi-
fats, oils and other food ingredients. meeting the the latest pharmaceutical Never out of sight te or via their mobile application pro-
Hugely versatile, it can also be used industry regulations and guidelines. The pharmaceutical industry relies on gram. New technologies, such as their
for clearing waste and used packaging Committed to ensuring that product air transport for its speed, reliability telemetry programme have so far deli-
for recycling. The box is so flexible it integrity is maintained throughout and efficiency. The company offers a vered significant improvements to the
has been used by The Scottish Sal- their part of the supply chain for all worldwide network and that is why company’s operation. Customers have
mon Company for transporting and high-value, time-sensitive and tempe- their Pharma network stations are only the possibility of using one of the con-
storing salmon between primary and rature controlled shipments, they have offered when all conditions, in terms of nectivity solutions on board its flights,
secondary processing at its Stornoway designed a special cool chain product facilities and capabilities, are fully met. allowing them to have constant and
plant. Due to its suitable size and fle- portfolio, “Closed Cool Chain solutions With the conviction that the people in accurate information about their ship-
xibility, the Scottish Salmon Company The new GoBox 1210 BBA container on four feet. and Controlled Cool Chain solutions”. the cold-chain take greater responsibi- ments.
is able to fill each GoBox 1210 Blue
container with up to 475 Kilograms of
salmon with ice layered between the
fish. Once packed, the boxes are ref-
rigerated until the salmon is required
for filleting. The boxes are then emp-
tied, washed and sanitized, ready to
be reused.

The storage container has been hygieni-
cally enhanced to help food processing
companies meet the most stringent
hygiene standards, while also making
it even easier and faster to clean. The
recent changes include no acute an-
gles, larger radiuses in the structure,
fewer open sections on the sides, and
closed supporting columns. Other en-
hancements include increased ground
clearance, making it easier for forklifts The new GoBox 1210 BBC Blue Container on three runners.
to enter and exit runners, plus additio-
nal smooth ribs within the corner and 1 000 mm (W) × 760 mm (H) and comes holders are also available. Customers
central corners for optimum strength on three runners so it can be used in also have the option of choosing to
and superior performance in dynamic, racking or stacked up to five high for have RFID chips added to the inside
stacked and racked scenarios. the ultimate space saving solution, middle column of the box to track and
but a version is also available with trace deliveries. The RFID chips can be
Specifications four feet (GoBox 1210 BBA Blue). Both programmed according to customers’
The GoBox 1210 BBC Blue bulk storage versions have six possible drainage requirements and are completely wa- Harmonised handling procedures and a dedicated team makes it possible to effectively manage pharmaceutical
container measures 1 200 mm  (L) × locations. Lids and moulded-in label ter resistant.  products safely.

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Air Freight Contents
Inhalt 2 Air Freight

Closed Cool Chain solutions specifications. • notification to the captain to

ensure in-flight conditioning
Active Containers Passive Containers (NOTOC).
• Two different sizes of active • Several sizes of high performance passi-
container; RAP and RKN ve containers using Phase Change Mate- Pharma Control 2–25 degrees
rials to maintain a constant temperature Celsius
during transportation for a minimum of
This solution offers protection against
120 hours*
extreme temperatures and weather
• Both dry ice and electrical units
are approved
conditions while customers’ ship-
ments are at the company’s facilities,
• Transport in temperature-controlled • Transport in temperature-controlled
active containers passive containers including such services as:
• Highest loading priority • Highest loading priority • Air Transport, trucking and storage
between 2 degrees Celsius and 12
• Dedicated monitoring and conditioned • Dedicated monitoring
storage for transit degrees Celsius
• Set temperatures between -20 °C and • Temperature ranges between -50 °C and • Dedicated monitoring in case of
+25 °C according to customer specifications +40 °C, according to customer specifications extreme weather conditions
• Mandatory temperature and dry ice • A seamless handling process throughout • Thermal blankets on request for
acceptance checks the supply chain worldwide additional temperature control and
• Notification to the captain to ensure • Optimal container sizes for US and Euro protection.
in-flight conditioning of customers ship- pallets
ments (NOTOC) For more information about Air France/
• Reporting of temperature, re-icing and KLM Cargo, check out their website for
battery levels at all touch points
the new Pharma network tool:
• Temperature-controlled trucking 
Timeframe dependent upon ambient conditions


Air France KLM MartinAir Cargo operations staff with passive va-Q-tec container.

Closed Cool Chain solutions efficient and flawless airport-to-airport Pharma Control 15 to 25 degrees Celsius
The company’s premium solution for or door-to-door solutions. are designed for customers who require
transporting temperature sensitive healthcare products that require trans-
shipment utilizes active or passive con- Controlled Cool Chain solutions port and storage within these defined
tainers. With their Closed Cool Chain This service is specifically designed to limited temperature ranges. Services
solutions, it closes the cool chain for transport and store valuable and tem- offered are:
shipments requiring the strictest tem- perature sensitive goods within defi- • Air transport, trucking and
perature control. Together with the ned temperature ranges, in combinati- warehousing at temperatures bet-
company’s packaging partners, they on with customers’ packaging solution. ween 2 and 8 degrees Celsius or
offer several rental agreements for spe- Their worldwide operational teams are 15 and 25 degrees Celsius;
cialized containers for the transport of trained to keep your healthcare pro- • storage in temperature-controlled
temperature sensitive products, such ducts within the required temperature facilities on airport premises;
as vaccines and insulin. These rental range during transport and storage. • dedicated monitoring of the cool
packages provide customers with cost- Pharma Control 2 to 8 degrees and chain;

14 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 15

Pharmaceuticals DHL’s White Paper highlights the critical challenges Contents
Inhalt 2 Pharmaceuticals
facing the healthcare industry 16
The premium platform
for intralogistics solutions

The Smarter Cold Chain

DHL Global Forwarding research highlights critical need for next generation
cold-chain with specialized and compliant network, globally consistent process,
risk-appropriate packaging and total cost strategy.

14th International Trade Fair for Distribution,

n order to improve global health A balancing act depend upon it. With global demand,
standards, a new generation of “Astounding developments in the life particularly in emerging markets, gro- Better logistics can contribute to better Materials Handling and Information Flow
cold chains needs to be developed sciences industry coupled with globa- wing hand in hand with ever stricter healthcare.
for the life sciences and healthcare
industry. This is according to new re-
lization means there is an opportu-
nity for better health, pain relief and
compliance from regulators, the in-
dustry faces a critical situation unless Specialty drugs and biologics are one of the 8 – 10 March 2016
search by DHL Global Forwarding. En- cure from disease for many millions a new generation of cold chains are fastest growth areas with US spending on spe-
titled “The Smarter Cold Chain: Four of people around the world,” said developed that can support growth cialty drugs to quadruple to 401.7 billion US
New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Germany
essentials every company should Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post aspirations and at the same time sa- dollars in five years, according to Pricewater-
adopt”, DHL’s white paper high-
lights the critical challenges facing
DHL Group. “But getting the medica-
tion to patients in the right condition
feguard products. house Coopers. Similar growth rates are being
projected for the rest of the world. These highly Being innovative –
the healthcare industry as global
demand for expensive structurally
and achieving that goal requires a
complex balancing of cost and risk.
Increased spending
According to a health study conduc-
sensitive pharmaceuticals bring new complexi-
ty to the supply chain since they have specific Shaping change
complex and temperature-sensitive It emphasizes yet again the strong ted in November 2014 by IMS Health, condition tolerances and a high value. Annual
biologics and specialty drugs grows. link between trade, logistics and the global spending on healthcare is fore- per-patient treatment costs can be up to and
This latest report was published du- impact it has on improving people ́s casted to reach around 1.3 trillion US above 100 000 US dollars, making a single
ring DHL’s 15th Global Annual Life Sci- lives.” Pharmaceuticals are expen- dollars by 2018. The World Economic consignment worth up to 50 million US dol-
ences & Healthcare conference, held sive and sensitive – and product in- Forum also estimates that by 2020, lars. The distribution of these complex drugs
in Hamburg, Germany from June 15th tegrity is paramount as ultimately one third of all global health expen- and increased global demand is predicted to
to 17th. someone’s health and even life may diture will be in emerging markets. fuel approximately 60 percent growth in cold
chain logistics reaching 13.4 billion US dollars
by 2020.

High stakes
“Collapsed cold chains due to non-appropriate
conditions can result in loss of a shipment
worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over
the longer term, this can lead to a damaged re-
putation, slumping sales, potential share value
and even pose a risk to patients. These are high Once again featured at LogiMAT
stakes and a smarter supply chain is necessary
to overcome these challenges. As the life scien-
ces and healthcare industry expands and trans-
forms to meet the growing needs of the world,
logistics providers need specialist investment
in research and development as well to be able Suppliers of solutions in:
to offer the expertise needed to get medicine • Purchasing • Marketing • Sales
and equipment to the patients. In the simplest • Payment processes • Distribution
terms: better logistics can contribute to better • Returns management • After sales
healthcare,” said Angelos Orfanos, President • ERP systems • Fulfilment • Advice
Life Sciences & Healthcare, DHL Customer Solu- for commerce + industry
tions & Innovation.
Life-saving products need
supply chain integrity
According to the research, life sciences and
Making sure that patients’ products arrive in perfect condition is critical. healthcare companies that want to overcome
Meet the Market at Stuttgart!

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Pharmaceuticals Contents
Inhalt 2 Pharmaceuticals

processes and people, packaging alo- • risk-appropriate packaging – tech-

ne cannot do the job. Moving these nology, cost appropriate, perfect To read the White Paper
goods across borders, especially in handling;
emerging markets, requires expertise • total cost strategy – includes
and precision that currently only few assessing risk and the real cost of
can deliver. failure to the company.
Consistency Specialized solutions for smarter
According to the report, smarter cold supply chains
chains must be consistent and robust, On their way to the “next-generation” Cost-efficiency
incorporating ways of mitigating risk cold chain, pharmaceutical companies Finally, the fourth essential of a smar-
and loss, with strong contingency ca- should implement a third essential into ter supply chain is better cost ma-
pabilities and proactive problem-re- their supply chain, the report says. This nagement. According to the study,
solution processes. Most importantly, tackles packaging and finding the right quite often, companies base their
they must be built on four key essen- balance between costs and risk. Today, supply chain decisions on the direct
tials: shippers can choose between passive costs visible to them, e. g. transpor-
• A highly specialized and compliant and active solutions. When making their tation or packaging costs. However,
network tuned to moving products decision though, manufacturers must that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Po-
efficiently, while protecting their consider a wide range of factors, such tential indirect costs such as product
integrity; as the value of the product, its tempe- losses, brand risks and regulatory
• globally consistent processes – po- rature-management needs, regulatory issues are usually not accounted for
licies and procedures that mitigate compliance requirements, customer due to the different siloes in an orga-
risk; and market risk, as well as total cost. nization.  


Securing product intergrity also requires having the right staff in place who fully understand end-to-end cold chain
compliance. 7TH COOL LOGISTICS GLOBAL | 29 SEP – 1 OCT 2015
Hosted by Port of Zeebrugge | Crowne Plaza Bruges | Belgium
the challenges of maintaining pro- ring with the right logistics provider
About DHL’s specialised duct integrity, regardless of the cli- can ensure that.”
solutions mactic conditions faced during global
distribution, will need to build new Forging bonds
To ensure a smart supply chain for its generation of cold chains. Lisa Har- The white paper urges pharmaceutical KEY SPEAKERS CONFIRMED
life sciences and healthcare customers, rington, President of the lharrington companies to build high-performance Oliver Blum, Head of Operations Fresh/Time Definite & Cross Functions, Lufthansa
DHL developed over time a rich product group and Senior Research Fellow, partnerships to create and manage
portfolio that caters for all needs and all Prof. Gabriel Felbermayr, PhD, Director, IFO Center for International Economics
Where the
Robert H. Smith School of Business, highly complex, next-generation sup-
transport modes:
University of Maryland, and author ply chains. These partnerships need Andrei Kouztnetsov, Procurement Manager non-Salmon, Marine Harvest
• DHL Thermonet: For managing tempe-
rature sensitive air freight shipments;
• DHL Ocean Secure for customers
of the research, recommends compa- to be firmly based on a foundation of Alexis Michel, Group Logistics & Reefer Senior Vice President, CMA CGM perishable
movers and
nies collaborate with logistics service collaboration at both the strategic and
interested in shipping their goods via Derek O’Galligan, Director Reefer Trade Europe, OOCL Europe Limited
providers that have the right infra- tactical levels – all focused toward one
structure in place and can ensure con- common goal: serving the health of the Ole Schack Petersen, Global Head of Commercial Reefer Management, Maersk Line
• a door-to-door courier transport so-
lution, is the global standard for high
value and sensitive goods;
sistent processes on a global level.
“Securing product integrity requires
patient. Carlos Rodriguez, Partner and President Europe, AGRO Merchants Group
• “Life Sciences graded Specialty Chayenne Wiskerke, Managing Director, Wiskerke Onions
the physical infrastructure to be desig- Proper packaging
Courier”, covers for the specific
needs of the life sciences industry ned and operated for life sciences pro- “In the current market situation, regu-
and complements another product ducts only,” Harrington says. “It also lated by stricter compliance require-
offer; requires having the right staff in place ments, a robust packaging material is
• Medical Express, which is based on
who fully understand end-to-end cold not enough to ensure a constant tem-
DHL Express’s global network and
time definite express service; chain compliance. As providers of perature range for a product,”stresses
• DHL Clinical Trial Logistics’ provi- life-saving products, life sciences and Nigel Wing, Global Head Life Sciences
des logistics services for clinical healthcare companies have a respon- & Healthcare, DHL Global Forwarding. GOLD SPONSORS SILVER SPONSORS BRONZE SPONSOR
trial materials including investiga-
sibility to protect the lives of patients. “If not complemented by two criti-
tional medication, ancillaries and
lab kits. Making sure their products arrive in cal essentials – a highly specialized
perfect condition is cri tical. Partne- and compliant network, and the right

18 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 SPONSORS 19

Cold Store Operation Edeka installs high-speed deep-freeze door from Efaflex as part of the Contents
Inhalt 2 Cold Store Operation
extension to its cold storage 20

A Door You Can Lean On

have short waiting periods and are
on hand when needed. Thankfully,
this has so far only been the case
for routine maintenance work.”
The development of the SST-TK-100
deep-freeze door followed the requi-
In order to avoid excessive temperature fluctuation damage caused by frequent rement for a real high-speed door
door openings, Edeka C+C Großhandel GmbH Chemnitz has installed a high-speed that could survive heavy use in deep-
freeze areas in cold stores. With a U-
deep-freeze door from Efaflex as a part of the extension to its cold storage area. value of 0.62  W/m2K and measuring
4 000  ×  4 500 mm, Efaflex offers a
low-energy door with well above ave-

he storage of frozen food in free- house director of Edeka C+C Großhan- After each release, the TK door closes rage performance features. For ex-
zers and cold stores can impose del GmbH. For the last two and a half completely automatically and is there- ample, the standard fitting of an “Ac-
a heavier burden on the environ- years, Efaflex’s SST-TK-100 cold sto- by used “cyclically” as a “single door tive Framework Mechanism” (AFM)
ment as foodstuffs preserved in ano- rage door has been providing constant solution”. guarantees an almost airtight seal for
ther way. In specially insulated buil- refrigeration in the cold storage area. the deep-freeze area when closed.
dings, efficient cooling systems limit Right in front of it is the shopping area Safe and reliable
the impact on the environment. But at ambient temperature. “The SST-TK With this application, the responsib- Double sided doors
how can you protect against invasive separates a temperature difference of le people must be able to rely on ab- The TK high-speed spiral door from
heat when moving frozen goods in and a good 40 degrees Celsius. If the door solute safety at all times. “The door Efaflex can be installed both on the
out of storage with unavoidable door has to be opened in order to put goods must work constantly. All of our stock warm side as well as on the deep-
openings? into the cold storage room, now only would risk damage if the door were freezing side. Contact area heating
a little of the cold escapes due to the no longer able to close due to a de- used in the circumferential seal profi-
Smart move extremely fast opening and closing fect.” It’s not just the manufacturer’s les, slat seals and contact strip profile
“A good decision by our construction speed and the heat stays outside. This products that are reliable and quick. keep the seal’s contact surfaces with
department”, said Klaus Naumann, only does our energy balance good.” “Even Efaflex’s customer services the door panel, floor and between
individual slats on the door panels The SST-TK seperates a temperature difference of up to 40 degrees Celsius.
free from ice. High-speed doors bet-
ween freezer areas up to minus 30 de-
grees Celsius, and areas in front of connected via rubber seals and whilst
the door of up to 30  degrees Celsuis also being attached to strap hinges on
Edeka-Efaflex Collaboration have to be well insulated and sealed the side. Therefore, force is only ap-
especially tight. The SST-TK-100 with plied and transmitted over the strap
Edeka has been enjoying the trust of
EFA-AFM’s excellent insulation is gua- hinges and not over the door panel
millions of customers for many years. ranteed through use of 100 mm thick slats. In turn, this allows for extreme
The company also places its trust in EFA-THERM slats. Panels of this cons- durability and exemplary maintainabi-
partners and suppliers such as Efaflex. truction are thermally separated and lity where e. g. door slats can be indi-
The deep-freeze door is by far not the
only door from Efaflex that the Edeka
insulated. Segmentation occurs every vidually and quickly exchanged at any
group has installed. In Chemnitz alone, 225 mm. The slats are interlockingly time. 
Edeka has installed a variety of diffe-
rent high-speed doors that have also
been working perfectly for many years. Advertisement
In 2007, the brand Edeka celebrated its
100th anniversary and is as well known
and popular as ever. The cash and car-
ry business took off at the beginning of
the 60s. Today’s C+C business is opera-
ted by five of the seven Edeka regions.
Edeka C+C Großmarkt has been the
joint umbrella brand for all C+C mar-
kets, the regional and national delivery
service since April 2008. For wholesale
customers in catering, the hotel indus-
try and commercial kitchens as well as
for shop operators in the convenience
segment, Edeka C+C superstores are
among the first choices for supplying
high-quality foodstuffs. Edeka has 116
locations across Germany, comprehen-
sive regional ranges, top-freshness and
short delivery routes within the respec-
tive regions.
The TK high-spped spiral door from Efaflex can be installed either on the warm side or on the deep-freezing side.

20 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 21

Xinfei France acquires 100 percent shares
Supply Chain and Management in Lamberet SA 22 Contents
Inhalt 2 Supply Chain and Management

Ambitious Acquisition
of our product ranges, now segmented
into categories dedicated to each busi-
ness. These innovations have been
rewarded by five major international
prizes, such as the Trailer Innovation
Xinfei France, the French subsidiary of the Chinese international group, Avic, recently acquired Award 2013, which was won at the IAA
trade fair in Hanover, Germany, with
100 percent of the shares in Lamberet SAS, a company which specialises in the manufacturer the SR2 SuperCity refrigerated semi-
of refrigerated vehicles in Europe. trailer. The commercial vehicles ran-
ge also warrants recognition, and the
New Frigoline range launched in 2014
has successfully equipped 100 percent

ormed following liquidation of truck trailers, semi-trailers and swap at Saint-Cyr/Menthon in Ain, France. of the platform and chassis cabs under
Lamberet Constructions Isother- bodies for industrial vehicles. It sells There has been an increase in capacity seven tonnes on the market. Its gro-
mes SA, the company has since about 4 800 vehicles per annum to 37 at this factory to 17 heavy vehicles and wing dominance was supported in June
posted six consecutive years of strong countries in Europe and the Middle- 16 commercial vehicles per day, which by the transition to three shifts at the
growth. The consolidated turnover for East from this range. is a record. Lamberet thus employs ne- production site located at Sarreguemi-
2014 amounted to 140 million Euros, arly 850 staff in Europe. nes (Moselle France), which is dedica-
that is, 70 million Euros in the year Working force ted to the manufacture of composite
2009, for which over 50 percent was The first four months of 2015 confirm Noticeable growth insulating panels. In order to meet
achieved in export, or an 18 percent this dynamism: the order book amoun- It is this spectacular growth that is the the demand for its range of integrated
increase in the level of invoicing, com- ted to 41 million Euros at the end of mark of a clear turnaround, which has insulation units for vans, the compa-
pared to 2013. Its range is suitable for April, up 50 percent compared to the attracted the new shareholder. Erick ny is working on the construction of a An aerial view of Lamberet Factory in Saint-Cyr/Menthon in Ain, France.
all goods transport from 1 to 100 cubic same period in the previous year. Lam- Mejean, Managing Director of Lam- new, ultra-modern, 20 000 square me-
meters and include boxes and trailers, beret SAS now distributes its bodywork beret SAS, stresses: “This success is, ters production site in France.” It is in
vans, platform-cabs and chassis cans in 37 countries and during the period amongst other things, the fruit of a this context, combining self-financed
for utility vehicles, bodies for rigids, has welcomed 80 new staff to its site complete renewal, in under five years, growth, significant success and strong
ambitions, that the Lamberet group
has a change of shareholder.

Familiar faces
This acquisition takes place in line with
continuity, Erick Mejean is confirmed in
his position as Managing Director and
joins the supervisory board of Lambe-
ret SAS. It remains a French company,
registered on the companies and busi-
nesses register of Bourg-en-Bresse, in
Ain, France. The change of shareholder
does not involve any change in mana-
gerial organisation structure or overall Erick Mejean retains his position as Managing Director and joins the
operation of the group.  supervisory board of Lamberet SAS.

you can download our magazine here

The company employs nearly 850 staff in Europe.

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Refrigeration and Cooling Units Bitzer’s new condensing unit for high Contents
Inhalt 2 Eagle Product Inspection system reducing risk of harmful Packaging
ambient temperatures 24 contaminants and substandard food 25

Keeping it Cool Eagle Eyed

By ensuring the safety and integrity of a wide range of bulk and packaged food applications,
Compressor specialist Bitzer has developed a new condensing unit for high ambient temperatures
an Eagle Product Inspection system can reduce the risk of costly product recalls, safeguard
and greater cooling capacity. Now available, the LH265E is energy-efficient, extremely robust and
brand reputation and protect consumers from harmful contaminants and substandard food.
ideal for the low temperature application in countries with a hot climate.

reviously known as Smiths De- brand reputation and protect consu- gid containers (including glass, me-
tection, Eagle Product Inspection mers from harmful contaminants and tal and ceramic containers), plastic

Image: Bitzer
articularly in warmer regions such is a provider of x-ray inspection substandard food. Customers from containers, cartons/boxes, pouches,
as Southern Europe, Asia and the and metal detection equipment with the food manufacturing industry in- bags/sacks, tray and tube.
Middle East, uninterrupted coo- their machines being found in food vesting in one of the x-ray systems can
ling chains are extremely important. and pharmaceutical processing plants also achieve compliance with Hazard Hygienic design
But the low temperature application, worldwide. The company was found- Analysis and Critical Control Points The hygienic design of x-ray inspec-
such as food refrigeration, poses a ed in 1998 as a cooperative venture (HACCP)-based Global Food Safety In- tion systems is critical in order to
major challenge in such areas. For this between specialists in the product in- itiative (GFSI)-recognised standards, prevent the growth and spread of
reason, Bitzer has expanded its well- spection field and the Smiths Group. such as: biological contamination in food ma-
known series of air-cooled condensing The business was renamed Eagle • The British Retail Consortium’s nufacturing plants. For this reason,
units to include another construction Product Inspection, after the original (BRC) Global Standard for Food all systems fulfill international sani-
size: the LH265E. In addition to Asia x-ray machine product range from Safety; tary design guidelines and are easy
and the Middle East, the device will Smiths, when Smiths Detection was • International Food Standard (IFS); to clean. Machines come with IP65
also be launched onto the market in sold in 2011. • Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 sealing as standard to cater for the
Europe. The LH265E air-cooled con- Code; majority of sanitary requirements,
densing unit is suitable for greater Wings wide open • The Foundation for Food Safety and IP69K as an option for equipment
cooling capacity in the low tempera- The importance of effective produc- Certification(FSSC) 22000. used in harsh wash down environ-
ture application. It has a cooling ca- tion inspection has escalated in recent ments. Applications in the food indus-
pacity of more than 40 kilowatts, and years and specialist engineers and Proper detection try include ready meals, bakery, dairy,
is compatible with single and double The new Bitzer condensing unit LH265E is ideal for use in hot regions in particular. newly-appointed compliance experts Eagle x-ray systems provide exceptio- fruit and vegetables, condiments,
stage semi-hermetic reciprocating are committed to working closely with nal detection of dense contaminants, fish and seafood, snacks, cereals and
compressors. Ideal for high ambient customers to design market-leading x- regardless of their size, shape or grains, confectionery, infant feeding
temperatures Different types of compressors densing unit. Users have the option to ray and metal detection systems that location, within a variety of applica- and meat. 
The robust, compact LH265E is flexible equip the LH265E with an accessories allow manufacturers to meet incre- tions. These include: glass shards (in-
Powerful and robust in its composition: it can be equipped package comprising a pressure limiter, asingly stringent global safety stan- cluding glass contamination within
“The LH265E was designed specifi- with all single stage four-cylinder com- oil separator with check valve, and a dards, regulations and legislation. glass containers), metal fragments
cally for the low temperature applica- pressors and the single and double liquid line with filter drier, sight glass The company’s modern research and (including metal within foil and me-
Eyes on the Eagle’s Pack
tion in demanding conditions,” says stage six-cylinder reciprocating com- and solenoid valve. The condensing development (R&D) facility in Germa- talized film packaging, mineral stone, 400 HC
Dieter Hildebrandt, Bitzer Manager pressors in the Bitzer Ecoline series. unit can also simply be retrofitted with ny has enabled it to enhance the ca- some plastic and rubber compounds
World Condensing Unit. “This has The single stage Ecoline reciprocating the corresponding accessories, just pabilities of a comprehensive range of and calcified bone. In addition to en- Eagle’s Pack 400 HC provides superior
contamination detection and automa-
allowed us to meet the demand for compressors boast high efficiency and like the compressor. product inspection solutions, which suring food is safe to eat, x-ray equip- tic rejection of foreign objects in the
reliable condensing units in extreme- can be equipped with cutting-edge ca- include x-ray inspection, metal de- ment is a highly-effective tool for kee- food, meat and pet food industries like
ly warm countries as well as exploit pacity control. The double stage six-cy- Efficient and eco-friendly tection, Material Discrimination X-ray ping customers happy. By allowing glass shards, metal fragments, mineral
growth opportunities in these regi- linder compressors can also be equip- With its impressive capacity, the (MDX) and fat analysis technologies. manufacturers to “see” inside pa- stone, some types of plastic and rubber
compounds, and calcified bone.
ons.” Depending on the refrigerant ped with liquid sub coolers, increasing LH265E is the top product in the new In addition, we’re able to offer new ckages, x-ray inspection systems can The x-ray inspection system is suitab-
used, the condensing unit can achieve cooling capacity and efficiency. The LHE series, which Bitzer launched at and existing customers support lo- increase productivity by performing le for products like plastic containers,
a capacity of more than 40 kW in the LH265E is compatible with all refrige- the end of last year. The condensing cally thanks to our brand-new applica- inline quality checks like fill, level cartons/boxes or pouches and provides
low temperature application. “Even rants that are authorized for Ecoline units fulfill the efficiency requirements tion centers in Royston, Hertfordshire inspection, mass measurement, seal 400 mm of detection coverage at the
belt and is capable of high-speed ima-
in extremely high outside temperatu- reciprocating compressors, including of the current European Union Eco de- (UK), Tampa, Florida (US) and Shang- inspection and component counts. ging up to 60 meters per minute (200
res, the condenser guarantees reliab- R134a, R404A, R407A and R407F. sign Directive and offer much better hai (China). What’s more, foil and metallized film FPM).
le operations and maintains the cold air cooling than their predecessors. packaging and changes in product With multiple inspection capabilities,
store temperature,” says Hildebrandt. Accessories for greater operating To increase efficiency, Bitzer installed Food temperature and moisture content Eagle’s Pack 400 HC can help manufac-
turers increase productivity by simulta-
A robust weather protective housing reliability the fans in a revised full bell mouth By ensuring the safety and integrity have no effect on the sensitivity of neously performing the following inline
also makes the device very corrosion- As it does for all other models in the that optimally guides the air stream of a wide range of bulk and packaged contamination detection. Solutions product integrity checks:
resistant. If required, the condenser series, Bitzer also offers the corres- and thus considerably reduces noise food applications, an Eagle Product are available to inspect products in • Mass measurement
can also be equipped with fins coated ponding accessories that increase generation. Optional EC fans ensure Inspection system can reduce the risk the following types of packaging are • Seal inspection
• Component counts
in plastic. operating reliability for the new con- maximum energy efficiency.  of costly product recalls, safeguard unpackaged, bulk products, tall ri-

24 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 25

Nufam to showcase latest technologies, innovations
Trade Fairs and Events and solutions in the vehicle manufacturing sector 26 Contents
Inhalt 2 Trade Fairs and Events

A Meeting of Machines
The Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre is set to transform into the meeting
point of the commercial vehicle industry in September.

he 4th Nufam trade fair for com- Karlsruhe spotlights current issues ‘workshop equipment, parts and ac-
mercial vehicles will take place such as motorway toll expansion, car- cessories’ and ‘telematics solutions’
this year from 24–27 September go theft and road safety. “Nufam has areas”, summarises Britta Wirtz, Ma-
2015 at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Cen- established itself as an important naging Director of Karlsruher Messe-
tre. The entire range of commercial ve- event in the commercial vehicle indus- und Kongress-GmbH.
hicles in all weight categories, will be try in Germany. Many exhibitors have
presented by more than 300 exhibitors booked more space this year, and the Where the industry meets
on more than 60 000 square meters. outdoor exhibition area and the local Presented by the most powerful ma-
In addition to perennial topics such municipalities meeting place extend nufacturers and dealers, the commer-
as energy, time and cost efficiency as the space available for the trade fair. cial vehicle industry will showcase the
well as driver shortages, the fourth We have been able to attract leading latest technologies, innovations and
trade fair for commercial vehicles in companies in the ‘bodies and trailers’, solutions to visitors and to deepen

The entire range of commercial vehicles in all weight categories, will be presented by more than 300 exhibitors.

the personal networks of this sector. wheel or investigate what is under the for the young and old enthusiasts. Visi-
Visitors will have the opportunity to engine bonnet. The accompanying tors are promised to be inspired by the
find out all the latest from this sector programme offers best-practice-tests strongness and fascination of commer-
through interesting lectures, discus- as well as exciting activities and fun cial vehicles at Nufam. 
sions and best-practice examples at
the exhibition forum. Manufacturers of
refrigerated bodies and systems will be
More major industry players join exhibitors
well-represented by companies such
as Jean Chereau, Kress Fahrzeugbau,
for the first time
TBV Kühlfahrzeuge and TKV Thermo
The fourth Nufam, Karlsruhe’s Trade Fair for Commercial Vehicles under the hono-
King Süd. New exhibitors representing rary patronage of Winfried Hermann, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister for Transport
the garden and landscaping, building and Infrastructure, will bring major industry players to the region. For the first time,
and municipal vehicles sectors at Nu- companies like Otto Nussbaum, a manufacturer of platform lifts, SEKA, producer of
fam include JPM Bennes, Fliegl Bau- semitrailers for the transport of liquid foodstuffs and VBG Group Truck Equipment,
manufacturer of the Ringfeder trailer coupling, will be among the exhibitors at the
und Kommunaltechnik and Schoon trade fair.
Fahrzeugsysteme & Metalltechnik. A concept has been developed to group the exhibitors in two spaces organized by topic:
In addition, exhibitors in the bodies telematics and workshop, parts and accessories. Attendees will only have to cover short
segment include Fahrzeugbau Kempf, distances to reach the exhibitors in each segment, allowing them to quickly gain an
Fliegl Fahrzeugbau, Frielitz Fahrzeug-
bau und Zubehör, Kohrs Nutzfahrzeu- Telematics Day
ge, Langendorf, Müller Mitteltal, Reis- For the first time, Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress-GmbH is holding the Telematics
ch Fahrzeugbau, Schwarzmüller and Day in cooperation with the media group. The media company
will present itself at NUFAM with the mobile TV studio of Telematik.TV, the industry
Seka Tankaufbau. broadcaster, and coordinate the accompanying programme on Telematics Day on 25
September. Companies from the telematics segment will be able to showcase them-
An event for everyone selves on “Telematics Innovation Row”. Written inquiries should be addressed to Jen-
Nufam is the event for those who al- nifer Angelbeck, Head of Publishing at the media group, verlag@
Events Hall at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. ways wanted to sit behind the steering

26 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 27

9th logitrans International Transport Inter airport Europe’s 20th
Anuga Frozen Food sector to attract 500 exhibitors Exhibition to take place in Istanbul in
Trade Fairs and Events this year 28 Contents
Inhalt 2 November29airport equipment, technolo-
International Exhibition for Trade Fairs and Events
gy, design and service 29

Frozen Food Fair logitrans International Transport Logistics Exhibition

The 9th logitrans International Transport

Anuga Frozen Food an international meeting Logistics Exhibition will take place in
Istanbul from 18–20 November 2015.
point of the frozen food sector.
This will be a great opportunity for both
national and international companies
to meet and find prospective partners

he international frozen food sec- and cooperation opportunities within
tor is once again this year using the logistics and supply chain ma-
Anuga Frozen Food as a central nagement sectors from the region. Last
meeting point. In Halls 4.1 and 4.2, year’s event attracted a total of 14 428
around 500 exhibitors will be presen- participants from 56 countries. A total
ting the wide spectrum of products and of 200 exhibitor companies from 22
services of the frozen food segment to countries introduced their products
both the trade and food service sec- and services in two halls. Besides Tur-
tors. key, the top five exhibitor and visitor
countries in order of sequence were
Diversity defined Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Repu-
The leading exhibitors of Anuga Frozen blic and Luxembourg. Over 50 percent
Food include, for example, Agrarfrost, of the exhibitors came from abroad.
Almondy, Ardo, Aviko, Brasil Foods, The event has been organized by EKO
Crop’s, Gunnar Dafgard, Erlenbacher, MMI Fuarcilik Ltd. Şti and Messe Mün- The exhibition offers a platform for national and international
Farm Frites, Lamb Weston, Miratorg, chen International. business cooperation.
Pickenpack, Roncadin Salomon Food-
word, Surgital and Wernsing. In additi-
on, joint participations from countries
like Egypt, Belgium, China, France,
Inter Airport Europe
Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portu-
gal and Spain will be demonstrating Our modern world is based on connec- Trade Fair Centre in Germany. A total of From the last trade fair, held in 2013 a
their competence in frozen foods with Visitors at the Frozen Food Hall at a past Anuga event. tedness of people and businesses, and 11 900 international industry experts total of 11 900 trade visitors from 110
their respective focuses: From fish and airports play a key role as a provider of from airports, airlines, air cargo carri- countries came to the world’s leading
meat, through to fruit and vegetables, bulk packs for buyers from the commu- sales surface sizes). It will take place worldwide connectivity. Robust gains in ers and aviation-support attended the exhibition for the airport industry to
from ready-made meals through to nal catering and food service sectors. on 12.10.2015 6:00 p.m., (Congress global passenger traffic over the past previous exhibition. find out about the latest technical
Whereas the trend in the retail sector Centre East, Offenbachsaal). The key- twelve months initiate new business Airport enlargement, refurbishment trends and invest in new airport equip-
is towards small packets and ready- note speaker is Lu Ann Williams from opportunities in the airport sector. and new construction are currently ment.
made meals, the hosts from the food Innova Market Insights. Renowned as the leading one stop high on the agenda for airport opera- During the four exhibition days, a total
service sector are relying more and shop event for the entire airport in- tors, not only in growth markets but of 640 exhibitors from 37 countries pre-
more on pre-portioned and ready-pre- Keeping up with the trends dustry, inter airportEurope is the first also in Europe where there is an evi- sented the latest equipment and sys-
pared components. Around 6 800 ex- Innova Market Insights will furthermo- choice for airport operators when it dent tendency to capacity constraints. tems available, whether for terminal,
hibitors from approx. 100 countries are re present detailed analyses on cur- comes to sourcing airport equipment, As a result, innovations in the areas terminal-adjoining facilities, runway,
expected to participate at Anuga from rent themes from the food industry in technology and services for ground of fully automated handling systems, apron or hangar. With a record floor
10–14 October 2015 in Cologne. the scope of the “Anuga Trend Zone” handling, terminal operations, airport quicker data exchange, time efficient space of 28 300 square meters, inter
special event. An accompanying se- IT and airport design. More than 600 aircraft handling, energy-saving airport airport Europe 2013 was bigger than
Maiden affair ries of lectures presents the current exhibitors from 40 countries present design and highest possible security ever. The mood was buoyant throug-
Since 2013, the German Frozen Food consumer trends and gives insights a comprehensive range of technolo- standards are in the focus at inter air- hout the exhibition and exhibiting com-
Institute (dti) has been the exclusive into the areas packaging, technolo- gies atinter airport Europe 2015, held port Europe 2015 in order to enhance panies reported about a large number
partner of Anuga. Together, Koeln- gy and flavour-determining product from 6–9 October 2015, at the Munich cost-efficiency and sustainability. of new contacts and positive business.
messe, dti and the Lebensmittelpraxis features. This will be illustrated by
Verlag, Neuwied, will be awarding the more than 200 innovative products
Frozen Food Star for the best frozen and packaging ideas from around the
food departments in the German food globe. Anuga is exclusively open to
retail trade for the first time ever in trade visitors from the retail and food
2015. This award honours outstanding service trades from Saturday, 10 Octo- Euro ID and ID World International Ex- “The market for identification has approach of the exhibition and confe-
frozen food departments in the food ber 2015 until Wednesday, 14 October hibiion and Conference for Identifica- changed rapidly in the last years and rence was not regarded in the required
Exhibitors display their Frozen Food retail trade. The Frozen Food Star is 2015, from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. tion, scheduled to happen in Frankfurt diversified into the individual tech- form”, said Maren Wiedleroither, Vice
products. awarded in four categories (different on all days.  am Main, will not take place in 2015. nologies. Therefore the integrated President of the organizer Mesago.

28 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 29

News from 30
News Contents
Inhalt 2 News

Fruitful Expedition Real Time Tracking

Fresh fruit is the latest addition to pecially products intended for further “This new service expands our portfo- Since late May 2015 the logistics service
the range of products transported processing. Liquid Concept plans to lio of tanker transportation into fresh provider Rhenus eonova and its custo-
by Liquid Concept, a young service offer fruit transportation throughout fruit,” says Christian-Eycke Dörre, Li- mers are able to see the status of their
provider in the liquid cargo logistics Europe all year round and on a daily quid Concept managing director. consignments in real time, thanks to the
industry based in Hamburg, Germa- basis. Wherever demand develops, The new facility is aimed at all pro- smartphone app Mobile Track from Euro-
ny. Its insulated tank trailers will be the network of routes will be expan- ducers and end-users of fresh fruit Log. The app gives them direct and in-
shipping the fruit within Europe, es- ded and densified. which is destined for additional pro- dependent access to track whether their
cessing. Liquid Concept therefore consignments have been loaded, are in
expects good demand for fruit trans- transit or have already arrived at their
port by tank trailer, particularly from destination. “The app complements our
the fruit processing segment of the existing ERP systems and information
food industry, such as manufactur- tools. It allows our customers to check
ers of preserves and juices. Liquid the status of their goods in real time. Rhenus eonova have found a solution that allows them to track consignments
Concept’s new logistics solution gu- With the app Mobile Track from Euro-Log right through to the “last mile” using Euro-Log’s “Mobile Track” app.
arantees fast and reliable transport we have found a solution that allows us
of fresh fruit and punctual delivery to to track consignments right through to mation tool, which the relevant custo- As well as logging the status, the scan
recipients. the ‘last mile’”, reports Vera Krüger, Busi- mer can also access. If the smartphone also automatically checks for comple-
Initially 40 tank trailers with a capa- ness Unit Manager at Rhenus eonova. is not receiving a signal when the scan teness. In this way, any missing items
city of up to 35 000 liters each will Thanks to Mobile Track, both Rhenus is performed, the app can also be used or loading crates are immediately high-
be deployed on European routes. To eonova and their customers know the in offline mode. The data is transmitted lighted.
ensure that the perishable cargo is exact current status of their deliveries in as soon as the phone comes within ran- The Rhenus eonova project meant that
protected against adverse tempera- real time. To guarantee this, since late ge of a signal again. Euro-Log had to make further deve-
ture effects, the insulated tanks are May each loading list carries a barcode, On delivery of the goods to the customer, lopments to Mobile Track. In the new
temperature controlled. Transport which the drivers have to scan. All the all the consignments are scanned once version, the app now carries out the
by tank trailer is especially suitable drivers need for this is a smartphone again. This procedure logs the time and loading scan as well as the unloading
for fruits like black and red currants, with the app installed. After they have place of delivery. The latter is derived scan. Euro-Log was able to complete
cherries, strawberries, apricots, and scanned the barcode, the drivers must from the GPS coordinates of the smart- the project within just two months of
raspberries. scan all the loading crates on the load phone. The following status reports are starting. Krüger commented, “based
list. This generates the status “loaded”, generated, based on the loading and on this project, Euro-Log has proved
which is then transmitted in real time to unloading information: “ready”, “loa- itself to be a reliable and results-orien-
Rhenus eonova’s Internet-based infor- ded”/ “in transit” and “delivered”. ted cooperation partner”.

Fighting Fire
Teaming Up
With 2  700 employees and out of idea behind the innovative fire pre- and oxygen. If the ambient oxygen
11 production sites the Belgium bake- vention concept Oxyreduct, which is concentration is being reduced a fire
ry group “La Lorraine serves the whole “Action rather than reaction” basically cannot propagate as the fire will lack Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is to and mail traffic through Frankfurt rose share a passion for quality and perfor-
of Europe with its deep-frozen bakery means preventing a fire before it even the air it needs. It will choke instant- acquire a 51 percent shareholding in 1.8 percent to some 2.1 million tones. mance and likewise who have demons-
products. The company is characte- starts instead of fire extinguishing. Fai- ly. Oxyreduct generates the nitrogen Fraport Cargo Services (FCS) as part of FCS employs more than 600 cargo trated a commitment to the cargo hand-
rised by constant growth and has built lures can have catastrophic effects on needed to reduce the oxygen level a strategic partnership with Fraport AG. handling professionals at its modern ling industry over more than 40 years.”
two new high-bay warehouses in Euro- the supply chain, especially in the field directly from the ambient air. The The investment is part of WFS’ strategy freight centers in the airport’s CargoCi- Fraport AG executive board chairman
pe within two years. In August 2013 the of logistics where every second counts. generated nitrogen will then be lead to continue to expand in Europe’s ma- ty South and provides services to most Dr. Stefan Schulte said: “As in the past,
new high-bay cold storage in the Czech This can have a massive impact on the into the area to be protected and will jor cargo markets. Fraport is to retain a of the world’s leading air carriers. the cargo business continues to be vi-
town of Kladno was launched. The ac- entire company as well as on its trade reduce the oxygen to the predefined 49 percent share in FCS and will con- tally important for our business model.
tive fire prevention system Oxyreduct partners. Even small fires could conta- level. In this fire retardant atmosphe- tinue to take a substantial role in the Strong Ties To continue developing our cargo hand-
protects against failures or damage minate goods with smoke or particles re stored goods and logistic proces- management of the company. Terms of Olivier Bijaoui, Executive Chairman, ling business successfully, it has been
caused by fire. of soot, rendering them unsellable. ses are well and reliably protected the transaction, which WFS and Fraport President & CEO of WFS, said: “This is our wish to find a strong and competent
This can result in supply shortfalls, against fire. plan to close by September 2015, have a major transaction that positions WFS partner that offers a strong international
Actions speak louder loss of customers and can also dama- The system is suitable for use in food not been disclosed. For over 40 years, and FCS as a vantage point at one of the network. Thus, we are pleased today to
The proven fire protection solution by ge the company’s reputation substan- storages and deep-freezer areas, whe- Fraport Cargo Services has been the biggest cargo airports in the world. As announce this new strategic partner-
Wagner was also chosen for the se- tially. re water-based systems due to extre- largest provider of independent cargo Europe’s largest economy, Germany is ship with such a renowned international
cond new building in Polish Nowy Dwór The product is based on a simp- mely low temperatures and the risk handling services at Frankfurt Airport, obviously a prime focus in our growth partner like WFS, to gain an even broa-
Mazowiecki and the commissioning is le principle, namely, a fire always of contaminating the goods are being Europe’s joint largest cargo airport plans. We could not ask for a stronger der globally- linked base for successful-
scheduled for August 2015. The basic needs sufficient fuel, (heat) energy stretched to their limits. alongside Paris CDG. In 2014, cargo partner than Fraport, with whom we ly developing FCS further in the future.”

30 Fresh Logistics Magazine | 4-2015 31

Cool Moves/Imprint 32
Cool Moves Contents
Inhalt 2

Streams Stressed by
Pharmaceutical Pollution
harmaceuticals commonly found tigated, both alone and in combina- Disturbing nature
in the environment are disrupting tions, using pharmaceutical-diffusing Results suggest that this antihistami-
streams, with unknown impacts on substrates. ne is disrupting the ecology of these
aquatic life and water quality. Dr. Emma They focused on the response of bio- sensitive biofilm communities. Rosi-
Rosi-Marshall, a scientist at the Cary Ins- films, because they’re vital to stream Marshall notes, “We know that diphen-
titute of Ecosystem Studies, comments: health. Biofilms are complex commu- hydramine is commonly found in the
“Pharmaceutical pollution is now de- nities composed of algae, fungi, and environment. And its effect on biofilms
tected in waters throughout the world. bacteria all living and working together. could have repercussions for animals
Causes include aging infrastructure, se- In streams, biofilms contribute to wa- in stream food webs, like insects and
wage overflows, and agricultural runoff. ter quality by recycling nutrients and fish. We need additional studies loo-
Our streams and rivers are exposed to organic matter, and are also a major king at the concentrations that cause
a cocktail of synthetic compounds, from food source for invertebrates that, in ecosystem disruption, and how they
stimulants and antibiotics to analgesics turn, feed larger animals like fish. The react with other stressors, such as ex-
and antihistamines.” most striking result of the study was cess nutrients.”
diphenhydramine’s effects on algal Society’s dependence on pharmaceu-
More than meets the eye production and microbial respiration. ticals is not likely to wane. Nor is its
Together with her colleagues, Rosi- Exposure caused biofilms to experience need for clean, fresh water. This stu-
Marshall looked at how six common up to a 99 percent decrease in photo- dy adds another piece of evidence to
pharmaceuticals influenced similar- synthesis, as well as significant drops the case calling for innovations in the
sized streams in New York, Maryland, in respiration. Diphenhydramine also way we manage waste water. Currently,
and Indiana. Caffeine, the antibiotic caused a change in the bacterial spe- only a fraction of the world’s waste wa-
ciprofloxacin, the anti diabetic metfor- cies present in the biofilms, including ter is treated, and the infrastructure in
min, two antihistamines used to treat an increase in a bacterial group known many developed nations is aging.
heartburn (cimetidine and ranitidine), to degrade toxic compounds and a re-
Source: Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. “Streams stressed
and one antihistamine used to treat al- duction in a group that digests com- by pharmaceutical pollution.”
lergies (diphenhydramine) were inves- pounds produced by plants and algae. ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 1 April 2013.<www.sciencedaily.

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