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Submitted by: Daniel Anthony L. Cabrera

Section: 3-BLM

A Descriptive Writing of “Little Knowledge”

Activity # 2: A Descriptive Writing of “Little Knowledge”

“Complexity of the Human World”

The human world is bound to the deepest complexity that we humans could ever

realize. Though it may be complex, what lies ahead is our knowledge that we have learned

from our culture. It is a must that we get to understand that the human knowledge could

be expanded to many different ways. It could also be dissected for the benefit of a wide

range of understanding which would eventually be applied in life. A human could easily

expand a small amount of knowledge that he has acquired form the nature and complexity

of things because it is in our nature of being radical and logical in terms of having specific

knowledge. In our world, philosophers and monks prosper in their teachings not because

of the knowledge that they have because of the knowledge that they have but because of

their capacity to be able to express in a way that people will be able to establish a sense

of understanding and awareness about it. In our generation of modernity, knowledge is

widespread because of the technologies and media that make people aware of the day to

day issues. Having a bit of knowledge could be able to bring people into communication

and make them related socially and emotionally. We need to understand that it is because

of our background that we tend to related to society in a different way. Many cultures and

traditions have been contributory to the capacity of humans to interrelate to each other

and become social on the part of how people socialize.

Little knowledge is a kind of asset that humans acquire in their day to day life from

the different cultures that they were raised upon. People tend to expand the little

knowledge that they acquire because of the fact that people are born logical and radical.
We don’t tend to acquire further knowledge because of the fact that we are scared that

our little knowledge might be of the contrary to other people. Naturally, we don’t want to

get discriminated and degraded by other’s opinion. Logic and reason have been the

factors that have helped shaped our lives and on the society that we live in today. It is

because of this factors that we get to realize that we are not alone and that we were made

for the benefit of the common good. We are inclined to the concept that “No Man is an

Island” where we tend to value others instead only of the benefit of ourselves. It is because

of little knowledge that debates and conflicts between countries arise because what lies

beneath little knowledge is a learning that has originated in the early ages when modernity

struck the earth. Humans have the capacity to surpass generations that continuously pass

in our nations and we tend to overcome it through the process of sharing our thoughts.

Misunderstandings between or within a nation occurs because of the little

knowledge that has been transferred to others and our natural disadvantage or

incapability to learn more of the facts and issues at stake. Presidents or leaders of the

nation tend to mislead the people of the truth which is the reason why conflict arises in

between among men. It is part of the nature of radical and logical humans to have or

acquired a little of everything because humans don’t want surround themselves with a

difficult and prolonged process of learning. They learn in a different and unique way for us

to be able to acquire the truths and mysteries about life. IT is our natural tendency to share

acquired and little of the knowledge that we have learned because that is the point of time

where our excitement strikes is. This is the time where we get to belong to a nation who

values perspectives and advocacies based on knowledge that was acquired with less

quality and passion. For generations to generations that have come, the only thing that
humans value is the knowledge that has been accumulated by the many. Sometimes,

knowledge of those who may be considered wise are being opposed because of the fact

that they could not accept the truth that underlies every knowledge that we advocate upon.

Sometimes, we need to be open for the opportunities that other people may bring in terms

of the knowledge that they learn. It is only for this reason that we get to acquire an

understanding of the conflicts that result to war and destruction.

On the process of doing the things for our better selves, it is not a mystery that

failure will exist. Most people associate failure with complete defeat. When we fail, we

learn. We grow and mature, achieving new understandings and perspectives on life, love,

business, money, relationships, and people. We’re forced to make new connections,

bridging gaps where we hadn’t connected the dots before. Failure is also a part of the

genetic makeup of life. Our DNA is the result of endless failures. With each iteration, our

genetic fiber has used those failures to evolve. It’s part of natural selection and the grand

design of things here on earth. However, if you’re going through failure right now, you

might not find its utility at this moment. The pain can run so deep, that at times, you

question your very existence. Failure will either make you or it will break you. But it can’t

make you until it breaks you. That’s the tricky part. No one has experienced a wild sense

of success without first failing in a major way. While some have had to endure only a few

failures before success, others have endured thousands. But when you fail, something

strange happens. You begin to redefine your priorities in life. You reorder the things that

matter to you. You look inwards, forcing an inventory of your hopes and your dreams. And

you come to realize the things that matter the most to you. For most, this redefinition of
priorities is a crucial step for overcoming failure. You shuffle things around to make room

for what’s important. If success is as important to you as you think, then you begin to make

the necessary adjustments. When you value the wrong things, success can be fleeting.

It’s easier to give up. But, when your values are in order, you can happily succeed rather

than succeeding to be happy. So, what does it exactly mean to value the right things?

Whenever we’re focused on taking something from the world or other people, failure is

only a moment away. But, when our values change to ones based on contribution, and

giving more to the world than we receive, a monumental tectonic shift occurs. Major failure

causes the ego to shatter. As a result, you become more compassionate. You become

more in touch with your fellow human beings. It forces you to look deeper at things,

understanding and caring more about others rather than solely focusing on yourself. All

of the decisions we make in life have an impact on our bottom line. When we disrespect

money and treat it with disregard, it brings the potential for failure closer. When you add

things like gambling, alcohol, and other addictions to the mix, it only amplifies

your chances for failure.

Believe in yourself and dare to attempt new things, dare to fail and surely you will

achieve great things in life. We all love to be succeed, no one wants to be fail. Our success

are appreciated greatly whereas failures are criticized badly, but do we ever think that Our

small or big failures actually create our way for big success until we get failures in our life

we don't try something exceptional. We don't commit to go an extra mile to seek for

creativity and we know creativity brings innovations so In life failures are important.

Failures are the proof that we are attempting something unusual and exceptional,

whenever we try exceptional things we get failed in couple of attempts but we learn, we
implement and A day in life we realize that cluster of failures and our efforts brings

innovation that helps millions of people to simplify their life so should we criticize our

failures and stop attempting new things? Or should we keep hugging our failures to learn

new experiences. All grand success are routed from many failures because until we get

failures we don't learn new things, we don't get experience of why we got failed. People

who respect their failure, who learn from their failures, who dare to be failed, who love

their failures, who wished to be failed are the luckiest people of the world and they are

always blessed with grand success.