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Date : 8 February 2018

Day : Thursday
Time : 10.20 a.m. – 11.20 a.m. (1 hour)
Class : 5 Maliki
Level of Proficiency : Mixed-ability
Focused Skill : Grammar
Integrated Skill : Writing
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Unit 13 – Lost and Found
Content Standard : 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use
different word classes correctly and appropriately.

Learning Standards : 5.1.8 Able to use adverbs correctly and appropriately:

(a) frequency
Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1) construct sentences using the correct adverbs of frequency based
on the schedule.
2) .

Educational Emphases : 1. CCTS:

- Generating ideas, understanding, applying.
2. Multiple Intelligences:
- Interpersonal intelligences, kinesthetic intelligences.
3. Mastery Learning
Moral value : Cooperation, diligence.
Language Content : Adverbs of frequency.
Teaching Aids : - Video, PPT slideshow, flash cards, dice.
Previous Knowledge : The pupils have learnt about adverbs of frequency in previous lesson.
Steps/Time Content Teaching and Learning Strategies Remarks
Set induction Whole class activity: 1. Teacher shows a video of daily Rationale:
(5 minutes) Showing video. routine. - To arouse
2. Teacher asks questions about the pupils’
daily routine in the video. attention
Adverbs of frequency:
3. The pupils answer teacher’s about the
1. Always
questions. lesson.
2. Never
4. Teacher links the activity to the
3. Often Teaching aids:
lesson of the day.
4. Sometimes - Video
(Appendix A)

Presentation Whole class activity: 1. Teacher revises the adverbs of Rationale:

(10 minutes) frequency through PPT slideshow. - To introduce
Revising adverbs of
2. Teacher gives examples of daily the adverbs of
routines using adverbs of frequency. frequency.
3. The pupils give other daily routines
Jaslen’s schedule.
for adverbs of frequency. Teaching aids:
- PPT Slideshow
(Appendix B)
Practice Pair work activity: 1. Teacher explains the activity using Rationale:
(20 minutes) ‘The Dice Game’ ‘The Dice Game’ to the pupils. - To promote fun
2. The pupils throw the dice to choose learning
the adverbs of frequency. environment.
3. The pupils pick the schedule that - To let develop
contains the correct routines of the the pupils
adverbs of frequency. understanding
4. The pupils create a sentence based of adverbs of
on the adverbs of frequency and the frequency by
flash card. creating
based on the

Teaching aid:
- Dice
(Appendix C)
- Schedule
(Appendix D)
Production Pair work activity: 1. Teacher explains the activity to the Rationale:
(20 minutes) Constructing sentences pupils - To let the
based on schedule. 2. Each pair construct sentences pupils apply the
based on the schedule that they got. lesson they
Sample of sentence: 3. Each pair write their sentences on learn by
1. Constance always writing board. creating
brushes her teeth and 4. Other pupils help the pair to correct sentences.
showers in the morning. their sentences. Teaching aids:
5. Teacher facilitates the activity. - Schedule
(Appendix D)
Closure Whole class activity: 1. Teacher inculcates moral value. Rationale:
(5 minutes) 1. Inculcating moral 2. Teacher concludes the lesson. - To conclude
value. 3. The pupils respond to teacher’s the lesson of
2. Concluding the questions. the day.
lesson. - To inculcate
moral value(s).

Follow up activity: Complete the worksheet.