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Subject CHE483 Undergraduate Seminar

Seminar Title The Diffusion of Moisture in Paddy During Hydration and

Dehydration Process
Author Prakash Oli, Rachelle Ward, Benu Adhikari & Peter Torley
Source Drying Technology, Volume 32 – Issue 12: Page 1423-1434,
Candidate Mr. Ittisak Promma (Student ID: 56070503040)
Seminar Advisor Assoc. Prof. Somkiat Prachayawarakorn
Seminar Date 6 September 2016

Hydration and dehydration behaviors as well as the effective moisture
diffusivity of paddy were studied. Three different paddy samples, Sherpa
variety with low and high head rice yield and Reiziq variety, were hydrated at
60◦C and 90◦C, which are below and above gelatinization temperature,
respectively. The hydration behavior of paddy at 60◦C showed two different
hydration stages while three stages were discerned at 90◦C. Dehydration was
carried out at 40oC. The drying of all paddy samples that had been hydrated
at 60◦C took place in a falling rate period whereas the distinct constant rate
period was observed when hydrated at 90◦C. Both hydration and dehydration
patterns waere not different between Sherpa low and high head rice yield
paddy. This possibly indicates that the milling properties does not related to
the water diffusivity within the paddy kernel. The hydration and dehydration
behavior were predicted by the usage of five common semi-empirical models
and the Page’s model was the most suitable one. The temperature of
hydration has an effect on the effective moisture diffusivity during hydration
where the value of effective diffusivity at 90oC was three times higher than at
60oC.The effective diffusivity during dehydration depended on the hydration
temperature and period of hydration. To conclude this study, hydration
temperature influenced the material changes in the paddy that make the
difference in hydration and dehydration behavior and the effective moisture

Keywords Dehydration; Hydration; Diffusion; Effective moisture diffusivity;

Gelatinization; Parboiled rice
(Assoc.Prof. Somkiat rachayawarakorn)