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Tortuous arguments evade the issue of which should be the criterion in order to

decide whether an action is morally correct or wrong. One criterion that many
people agree with, is that a morall action should have more positive impact than
negative. However, staunch defenders of the opposite opinion, claim that the intent
of the person who performs the action is more important than the results of it.
Both groups of people have sound arguments to defend their opinion, however
personally, I tend to support the former one, for the following reasons.

First of all, the first thing we need to define is what means morality. Morallity,
is to act and take decisions based on a moral code, namely, common accepted ethical
values, according to which every person should perform actions thinking not only
his/her own good, but also other people. By that definition, the only factor that
makes an act morall or not, is whether the person who performs it, has benign

Additionally, I believe that it is quite unfair to judge an act only from the
results of it, and I will explain why. All the world we are lining inside, the
nature, the society that everyone belongs, even the relationships between persons,
all these systems are very complicated and difficult to understand. All these
systems, make a huge network, with millions of connections between each participant
of these networks, so it is impossible for someone to predict all the impact
his/her action will have to the world. We can only predict the impact in the tiny
'world' that sourounds us, for example our family or our job, therefore it is
almost imposible to use the aformentioned criterion to calculate positive minus
negative impact of an act. This bizare and complicated connection is also described
from the science community as 'butterfly phenomenon', namely a little movement of a
butterfly, could ignite a sequence of chain reactions that could be able to produce
a storm in the other side of the world. Could we claim that the little butterfly
did not act morally ?

All things considered, while it is true that before someone perform an act, he/she
should consider all the imidiate results of this action, I wholeheartedly believe
that people that act based on their moral code should not be jujdged negativelly
and that everyone should start to act morally, even though it is beyond his/her
control to predict all impacts of the action, and who knows, maybe the positive
results are more than the negative, even though we are not aware of it.