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1. Vocabulary. Traduce estas palabras al español:

Nail varnish: Make-up:

Painting: Still Life:

Pottery: Portrait:

2. Grammar. GERUNDS or INFINITIVES. Elige la respuesta correcta. Las incorrectas

restan 1. Las correctas suman 1.

a. Some people work extra hours to earn/earning more money.

b. I´m really good at drawing/draw cartoons.

c. Do you need to go/going to the toliet? Yes, please.

d. I don´t want to know/knowing anything else about her.

e. I´m so happy to see/seeing you again I´m about to cry!

3. Grammar. Write in the gap: Much. Many, a lot (of). A few, or a little.

a. She isn´t very popular. She has friends.

b. Manuel is very busy these days. He has free time.
c. How times did I tell you to close the door? Don´t make me repeat it to you!
d. This is a very modern city. There are old buildings.
e. There is money in my bank account.
f. There isn´t money in my bank account.
g. The weather in Zujar has been very dry recently. We´ve had rain.
4. Listening. Listen to part of an audio-tour at an art gallery. Qué tres obras
describe? Las incorrectas restan una cada una.

a) a landscape b) a still life c) a print

d) a sculpture e) a portrait

5. Listen again. Choose the correct word. (Las incorrectas restan una correcta)

1. Lucian Freud was a(n) Irish/British painter.

2. He painted the first picture on a trip to Wales /Ireland.
3. When he painted the first picture he was 17/7.
4. The second picture is a(n) oil painting/print.
5. Freud painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I/Elizabeth II.

6. Reading. Read the attached text and complete the following sentences:

a. What can you see in the exhibition?

b. Nowadays, face painting is popular at......

c. When do Native Americans wear face paints? …........

d. For British girl, ear piercing is often.....

e. Lucky Diamond Rich is.......

f. Do all the girls from the Kayan Lahwi wear neck rings?

g. Rhinoplasty is......

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