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Tortuous arguments evade the issue of whether students should study one national

common curriculum until they enter college or not. On the one hand, advocates
contend students should obtain a more spherical knowledge before they enter
college, while on the other hand, staunch defenders of the opposite opinion,
postulate that it would be a better idea students to have the option to choose from
a younger age their field of specialization. Personally, I espouse the former
argument for all the following reasons.

Firstly, these days the range and number of theoretical and technological knowledge
fields is enormous, making it impossible for a student to obtain an objective
opinion on what he/she really wants to study. Indeed, after the technological and
spiritual evolution that took place in the 19th and 20th century, scientific
specializations have increased exponendially, so it is necessery this common
curriculum to be designed in such a way to provide an outline of all these
knowledge fields to students. After this first contact with a variety of subjects,
students will be able to obtain a more clear picture of what they choose to study
for their rest of their lifes.

Another phenomenon that is observed in children is that they think theirselves in

future working in the same proffesion as their parrents. Indeed in a research made
by University of Psychology in Athens, nearly 80 percent of children claimed that
their ideal proffession is identical or similar to their parrents. This result
reveals that children are biased towards their parrents knowledge field, and that
from a very young age they will attatch importance in a limited number of subjects
in their school, these that will be correlated with their parents proffession.

All things considered, we saw that children cannot have an objective opinion on
what is most suitable for them to study, so if we constrain them in a more narrow
curriculum the problem will be increased instead of being eliminated. Students will
leave school with a very limited amount of knowledge, which will have a negative
impact in theirlives and in society, because the only for someone to obtain
critical thought and be an active member of a society is through a wide spectrum of
knowledge, which is possible only through a wide range of study subjects curiculum

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