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| always have coffee. Vocabular: 1) Write out the times in ful. 5 seven and | catch the bus to school at = ight, The schoo! gates open ot EE)... ah tesos son st (ED ne and ih es four, with a break for lunch between Ee oneond ETD . |) 2) Match each verb in the left-hand column 3 Write the periods of time. with a phrase in the right-hand column, g Ssomter of en hour. Moe oa TOD) 4 In your notebook, write what Michael usually does after school on Friday evening. by 4 6 ‘FRIDAM BN toca fr aerter nt ; =~ a far : 1.00 80 Pnesetraining= quem | Bes ee 4:30-5:30 basketball - gam } o 9) te chema Sik5- 600 TV hone | an av boo supeer= heme | vin 1p oan ma ries €.30- 7.15 homeuerk- Matt's hase o> feted oneal he ease ts finn rng eto on be 490 ‘he plays basketball. He plays for an hour. i ramm Present simple with adverbs of frequency - 5 > Use the verbs (in brackets) to complete Stuart’s account of a typical a Saturday morning at home = {usually | get up) at 7.30 on Saturday and (ii 4 eee (always / be) back home by 8.30, My brother Dave (usually / get up) at 10.30. Dave « breakfast. 1. (have) orange juice and cereal, Most Saturdays, 17 {go shopping) with my parents. Dave & rates shopping. He *. -momings. He "a. and ! 6 » Write questions from the prompts and then answer them, ‘What / Stuart / usually do / before breakfast (on Saturday? What does Stuart usualy do before breakfast on. Satu _Hecruns in the park. 1 What time f Dave / usually / get up? 2 Stuart | have coffee / for breakfast? 3 Stuart and Dave / go shopping? 4 What sort of music / Dave [listen to? (run) in the park before breakfast. 1 (never / drink) coffee so 16 - (always [bel at home on Saturday (Sometimes {play the guitar in his room, (sometimes fHisten) to his heavy metal CDs. (have) coffee and toast for {not go) because he Present continuous 7 > Write what the people are doing and not doing run / do weightiting running, He's doin, 2 play a computer game / listen toa CD 3. do a word puzzle J write letters