Ronald Peter Rogers
Facts we know:
Jennifer Fountain of Winchester NH met her future husband, Wayne Fountain in the 4
grade. She began dating him in high school. And they began an on again off again
engagement that resulted in their marriage in July 2003. During this period she came to
know his family. Mother Debbie Bowen, grand father Pete Rogers and Uncle Wayne
At some point in high school Wayne Fountain told Jennifer that Pete Rogers was not his
real grand father but a close family friend. Wayne Fountain told her that Peter Rogers
began molesting him when he was 7 years old. 1984 Approximately
Upon the death of Pete Rogers`s adopted son and lover in 2004 Pete Rogers began a
series of extended stays in the home of Jennifer and Wayne Fountain in Martinsburg WV.
During these extended stays in their home he began reviling disturbing details of child
molestation to Jennifer.
Jennifer told her husband each time Pete Rogers would revile another chilling detail of
his molestation activities. All of the conversations between Jennifer and Peter took place
while Wayne Fountain was at work. Jennifer begged her husband to remove Peter from
their home and not allow him to return. Wayne`s reply each time was a dismissal or
disbelief of the conversation and a threat to commit suicide should she decide to leave or
revile the confessions. One day Jennifer came home to find the neighbors 7 year old boy
sitting in the living room with Peter. After that Jennifer began rearranging her work and
personal activities so that she could stay in her home any time peter would visit. She felt
compelled to stay in her home to prevent her home from being used as a launch site for
Peter Rogers`s molestation activities.
Pete Rogers and Wayne Fountain began staying out late at night. By the fall of 2006
these late night adventures occurred as often as 4 times a week and would last till 3 and 4
am. Wayne claimed to Jennifer that he and Pete where at the race track. Jennifer believes
that Peter was again molesting her husband.
When the horror and fear of Pete Rogers finally over came her loyalty to her husband,
Jennifer left her home on March 9
th 2007
. She left behind all her clothing, possessions and
pets. She returned 6 weeks later to collect a few things and began the process for divorce.
Pete Rogers told Jennifer that he and his son/lover Wayne Rogers took turns molesting all
3 children of Randy Steiner ages 7 to 12. The conversation about the Steiner children had
began because Jennifer and Wayne Fountain had just returned from the wedding of
Aarron Steiner in NH. Pete made the comment that he was surprised that Aarron married
because he knew that Aarron was gay. The next morning while Wayne Fountain was at
work Pete told Jennifer over breakfast the he and his son/lover Wayne Rogers had taken
all three boys to bed. This was the first of a series of revelations made by Peter Rogers to
Pete Rogers told Jennifer in great detail, how he molested his live in companion Wayne
Rogers when he was 14 years old. He explained to Jennifer that he first hired Wayne to
do yard work around his home. He fell in love with the boy and purchased Wayne at the
age of 14 from his father Clifford Cox for $500 (UPDATE he was referring to Wayne
Cox's step father Rogers Nichols. not Cliff Cox) . Jennifer believes this was in 1966. Pete
claims that when he brought Wayne Cox (Rogers) home to live with his family, his wife
became upset and took their kids and left the family home forever. Peter Rogers abruptly
closed his real estate practice at this same time. Pete Rogers told friends and neighbors`
that he had adopted Wayne Cox (Rogers) and they lived together as father and son (and
lovers) until Wayne`s mysterious sudden death in Oct 2004.
Pete Rogers told Jennifer that his own father committed suicide. He stated in a mocking
fashion that he never understood how a man would shoot himself in the stomach.¨
Jennifer understood this to be Pete`s way of implying that he was involved with his
father`s death when he was an 8 to 10 year old boy. Jennifer believed he told her this
story so she would know he was capable hurting himself or other people.
Wayne Fountain has copied large quantizes of VHS home movies to DVD/CD`s for Pete
Rogers during Peters extended stays in Wayne`s home in WV . The content of these cd`s
is known only the Wayne Fountain and Peter Rogers. Jennifer was present when Peter
viewed a video that appeared to be a compilation of home movies and still photos of
children. Jennifer felt like this was a review of many of the children Peter had been in
contact with over the years. Jennifer believes that most of the children on this trophy¨
video will prove to be victims of Peter and Wayne Cox Rogers.
Pete Rogers carries on his person or in his car mementos, photos and DVD`s of children
he has been in contact with over the last 30 years. Jennifer witnessed him review these
photos and DVDs on a DAILY basis. On some days he would view the same video over
and over again. The home movies viewed by Pete Rogers at Jennifer`s home included
many sections where children where shown in normal activities however the
cameraperson zoomed in for extended recorded close-ups of the child`s butt or crouch
area. Many of these children on the videos where recognizable to Jennifer as her and
Wayne Fountain`s childhood friends.
Pete Rogers told Jennifer Fountain about other events that include stocking and attempted
molestation of other under age boys in the last few years. These include a homeless boy
named Charles at Wal-Mart in Hinsdale. He bought Charles a cell phone. He purchased
propane for a heater used at a shack near Wal-Mart where the boy lived. This heater
caused a fire at the shack. 2 or 3 other homeless people lived at the shack during the time
that Peter was visiting to attempt seduction of the boy Charles. He took Charles to his
home. He requested that the boy shower. Then he had the boy put on clothing and after
shave belonging to his dead son/lover Wayne Cox Rogers. Pete said at some point he was
visiting the boy at the shack near Wal-Mart. He made a sexual advance and the boy
threatened him with a knife. Peter said that he ran away in fear. Peter also talked about
stalking a boy that works at the jewelry store in a mall in the Rochester area. He visited
him many times and purchased lots of gifts including music cd`s, in an effort to seduce
the boy.
Jennifer believes another possible current victim of Peter Rogers is the step son of
Raymond Haley. Raymond is Wayne Fountain`s step brother. It is reasonable to assume
that if Wayne was molested by Peter, so where his step brothers Raymond and Cecil
Haley. Raymond Haley, now an adult, allowed his step son Jeffery 14 or 15 years old to
stay with Pete for the summer 05 or 06. This potential victim is still under age as of
today`s date.
Debbie Bowen (Wayne`s Cox Rogers sister and Wayne Fountain`s mother) is a key
figure in the scouting and recruitment process for new molestation victims. Debbie
brought her young son Wayne to Winchester around 1984. Soon after her move from NJ,
Wayne said that Pete Rogers began molesting him. Wayne Fountain told Jennifer that his
mother had full knowledge of the molestation. She appears to have encouraged and
approved of the life long relationship between Wayne Fountain and Pete Rogers. She
promoted the myth that Pete was Wayne Fountains grandfather. Debbie Bowen appears
to have acted as a scout and recruiter for Pete and Wayne Rogers. She would require all
of Wayne`s young friends be introduced to Peter and Wayne Rogers. Jennifer believes
that many of those young friends where then molested. Many of Wayne Fountains young
friends where on the trophy¨ video viewed almost daily by Pete Rogers when he stayed
in Jennifer`s home in WV. Debbie Bowen was known to take in children to baby-sit at
many times during her life.
Pete Rogers told Jennifer that he had confessed all his misdeeds to his other nephew
Wayne and his wife Jennifer Boston of Rochester NH. He told Jennifer Fountain that his
nephew Wayne and his wife in Rochester where OK¨ with his past actions and current
lifestyle. He specifically said that the Jennifer of Rochester was ok¨ with his confessions
of molestations. Jennifer Fountain believes that these statements where made to seek her
approval in the same manner. He also said that nephew Wayne of Rochester was secretly
homosexual but that his wife did not know about it. He said that most of his personal
possessions where stored at their home. Peter stays with nephew Wayne and Jennifer in
Rochester, for extended periods, when he was not staying with Wayne and Jennifer
Fountain in Martinsburg, WV. Jennifer is not sure weather the other Wayne of
Rochester is really any blood relation. Jennifer believes that the Wayne of Rochester is
another childhood victim of Peter Rogers.
Jennifer Fountain believes that Wayne Fountain`s brother William Fountain of
Bloomfield NJ is also an adult victim of molestation by Pete and Wayne Cox Rogers.
They where known to visit him many times over the years in NJ when Debbie Bowen
lived there with William Fountain Senior. William Fountain Jr. is a developmentally
disabled man.
Peter Rogers and Wayne Cox Rogers traveled continuously over the last 30 years for
their antique business. Jennifer believes that this business and their travels were used as a
vehicle to recruit and molest young boys from Florida to Maine. When Wayne Cox
Rogers completed high school, Peter got him a job at Disney World in Fla. Peter and
Wayne Cox Rogers spent 2 or 3 summers living in camp grounds, while Wayne worked
at the park. They also managed a hotel in the area as care takers for one season. Jennifer
believes that Peter Rogers has a brother that lives in the area as well.
Jennifer`s recollections of conversations heard over the year`s leads her to believe that in
addition to extensive travel in the NE, Peter and Wayne spent some time in Scranton PA,
Charleston WV and lots of trips to Florida.
Jennifer questions the sudden early death of both Wayne Cox Rogers and Debbie Bowen.
These two individuals where the closest confidants of Peter Rogers and took many of his
secrets with them upon their death. Wayne Cox Rogers and Debbie Bowen both kept
detailed diaries which Peter is known to posses. Upon Debbie Bowen`s death, Peter
denied her son Wayne Fountain access to her home until he had several days to go
through it. Wayne Fountain believed he was the executer of her estate. Peter advised that
Debbie had changed her will and made Peter the executor of her estate. Wayne Fountain
never asked for or was ever shown this new will. Jennifer wonders why Debbie would
even have a will as it appears their was no assets to her estate. Wayne Fountain had to
cover all burial cost as he was told his mother had no assets. Wayne Fountain told
Jennifer that once he was allowed in the home, his mother`s diaries and jewelry had been
removed by Peter. When Wayne questioned Peter about the missing items, Peter said that
he was executor and had to do what he thought best. After a period of time, Peter released
some diaries to her son Wayne Fountain. Peter kept many of her diaries and advised
Wayne Fountain that should anything happen to him (Peter Rogers), that Wayne Fountain
should locate and destroy all of Wayne Cox Rogers and Debbie Bowen`s diaries. Jennifer
does not know where Pete keeps the diaries but believes her husband knows their
location. Peter told Jennifer that upon Wayne Cox Rogers death, he (Peter) read Wayne`s
diaries. Peter said that he was shocked to learn about many sexual encounters Wayne had
with both men and women. Peter was very hurt by the infidelity. He told Jennifer that he
tracked down two of the women in Wayne`s diaries and watched them. One woman had a
son that looked in appearance like Wayne. Peter approached the women and requested
proof that the boy was not fathered by Wayne Cox Rogers. The women convinced him
that the boy was not Wayne`s son. This is one of many stories Peter told Jennifer about
stalking or watching people.
Peter told Jennifer that he continued to get some type of welfare or state support that had
been set up for Wayne Cox Rogers. This went on for several years after his death.
Jennifer is afraid that her husband Wayne Fountain may be deeply under the control of
his childhood molester and may have extensive first hand knowledge of his dark
Peter Rogers and Wayne Fountain have talked about committing suicide. Jennifer is
afraid that an open investigation could result in an attempt by one or both to take their
own life.
Typed by Alan Horn as told by Jennifer Fountain.
Alan Horn
P O Box 3112
Martinsburg, WV 25402
703 400 0371
Jennifer Fountain
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