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Vol 48, #1 January, 2008

Dr. David D. Swanson
Dear FPCO Family and Friends,

As the new year unfolds, I am expectant and hopeful as last summer, teaching classes, preaching in their chapel,
to what it holds. God has been moving and stirring us and preaching for a local Anglican church. That trip has
through the fall towards a spiritual awakening, and now started a unique partnership with Wycliffe Hall and their
we have the opportunity to continue to take steps on that Principal (President), Richard Turnbull. Dr. Turnbull and
journey. I trust you have heard about our new model for another New Testament Scholar, Peter Walker, will be
“doing” church called LIFE. A body of believers is called here on Thursday, January 17, for a one night teaching
to live LIFE together. In every respect, that is what we event, “In the Steps of Jesus.” There will be two lectures
want to do. beginning at 7pm in Lee Fellowship Hall. Join us that eve-
ning and feed yourself on the Word of God.
Many Awaken groups have transitioned into ongoing
LIFE groups. This is as we had hoped, and if you would Finally, as you are thinking about all the “new year” things,
like to see your group continue – or even to get in one for I pray that you will make a commitment to be among the
the first time – contact Lori Needham in the Discipleship body of Christ this year in worship. I will be preaching a
Office for information and direction. Part of doing LIFE challenging and yet needed series this month on death,
together is providing opportunities for both spiritual nur- dying, and heaven called “Discussing the Inevitable.” I
ture and service. The events in our church this month are hope it will get our year off to a good start, and that you
a great example of that. will be present as we seek to serve the Lord and worship
Him together.
First, take the time to attend the first Orlando Consortium
on HIV/AIDS on Friday and Saturday, January 11-12. I May God bless you
have talked about this on a number of occasions because and yours in the
I believe this is a tremendous area of importance for our year ahead, and I
city. We are vastly undereducated and underequipped remain
to deal with it, and I hope this Consortium will be the
catalyst towards changing that. This is where the church
should be. This is where Jesus would be. Take a chance, Yours in
be willing to get your hands dirty, and come learn about the Ministry
a way in which you can live the Gospel on behalf of those of Christ Jesus,
in need.

Second, Wycliffe Hall Seminary is the theological college

at Oxford University. Through connections with First David

Presbyterian Church, I had the opportunity to go there

2 |
by Jennifer Knight

I think I needed the Family Christmas Celebration more

than my kids did. Sometimes for an adult it can be hard to
get into the “Christmas spirit.” Many times I find myself al-
ways trying to create the perfect Christmas moment for my
kids. You know the ones you remember as a kid? As a child
I always found Christmas so mystical. Too often I feel I can
get caught up in the memories and miss out on the great op-
portunities for new memories with my children.

The Family Christmas Celebration made one of these new

memories, and not just for me, but for my entire family. We
began by making very unique angels. Well as least ours was,
in an interesting kind of way. We decorated Styrofoam balls
and cones with an array of sequins, felt, fur and other shiny
materials. These angels reminded me of my grandmother’s
Christmas decorations. She must have made all of her own
as well, except she did not have access to CDs to use for
stands and halos.
story. This is where the mystical part of Christmas begins.
After dinner we all retired to the grand living room (the
I love to close my eyes and hear the story. I love to picture
Sanctuary) for wonderful entertainment. The Orlando
Mary at the manger holding God in her arms. I must never
Youth Theater put on a spectacular presentation of Christ-
forget the true meaning of Christmas.
mas songs and an excerpt of their upcoming performance of
“Little Women.” The children were captivated. I don’t think Thank you Carol, Jan, Stacey, Vickie, Donna and all involved
my kids have ever sat that still in church before. Most impor- in making the Christmas Cabaret a wonderful event and
tantly the evening ended with the reading of the Christmas family memory. n

Beginning January 16 Wednesday Night Discipleship

Returns to Campus
• Campus is open for LIFE Group meetings • Children’s Choir & Club
from 6-7:30pm (nursery available) • Student Ministry VAPOR & Cross Training
• Bethel Bible Study Class for adults • Dinner available in LFH at 5pm

Call the church for more information. | 3
Join a LIFE Group in 2008!
By: Lori Needham, Discipleship & Spiritual Formation

s crazy as it sounds, as an adult I miss the illustra- not intimidate him! Then I think about the time when he
tions that adorned the pages of some of my favorite taught the seventy-two to go out in twos to the various vil-
children’s books! I don’t know about you, but read- lages – spreading the good news of what they had learned. I
ing the story and studying the picture made perfect sense love that he had a ‘small group’ or ‘LIFE group’ – the twelve
and actually made the story lifelike. disciples. There he shared knowledge, created relationships
Well written books that adults often read for pleasure by building trust, he even shared his fears. Further yet, he
permit us to visualize the character, a place, an event that is had his closest friends, James, John and Peter, his trans-
critical to the story being told. parency group, to share deep feelings and divine revelations
Through the years, growing in my faith has allowed the that only they could know. I also never forget that he had
most precious book ever written, The Bible, to become my that group of ‘one’ – the precious time he would use to se-
book of illustrations – life’s illustrations! quester himself on a mountain top or a granite boulder to
Christ was the ultimate ‘illustrator’. He recognized the have those intimate conversations with his Father.
need to communicate with his audience and the most effec- As I reflect on those images of Christ, I translate those
tive way of doing this was through the telling of ‘parables’. examples of who He was and is to the LIFE groups I can
Webster’s dictionary defines the word ‘parable’ as “compari- have. I have my church family…the crowd of thousands that
son; usually a short fictitious story that illustrates a moral I gather weekly with to worship God and have fellowship. I
attitude or a religious principle.” How ingenious! Speaking think of the yet smaller group, perhaps the Sunday school
with illustrations that permit the people to clearly under- class that energizes and affirms my need to spread the Good
stand the message! News. And then I gravitate to the ‘small groups’ that I have
I find the Bible filled with ‘illustrations’ that speak to so enjoyed. In those settings, a level of trust and comfort is
me clearly because I am able to visualize the message. But provided that permits me to share joys, heartaches, ask for
that’s not the end of Christ’s storytelling abilities. He led by prayer, all while growing in my knowledge and understand-
example as well. ing of the Bible. But, it doesn’t stop there. Everyone needs
Christ was relational on many levels. If you think about that ‘transparency group’ - that small number of people
the various scriptures familiar to all of us you can visualize within which you go deeper still. These are people that know
Christ standing on the side of a mountain slope, thousands you so well they can look at you and know if you are having
gathered around him to hear him teach. Large crowds did a good or bad day and they care! These are people you can

4 |
also share your most precious thoughts and know those con-
versations go no further than that group. Having all of those
‘groups’ in your life still does not compare to the personal
one-on-one time with your Father, God. It is clear God cre-
ated us to be in fellowship with one another and with Him.
As you contemplate your spiritual goals for 2008, we
hope the ‘groups’ described above are actively a part of your
life. However, if you lack any one group and desire to learn
how to be connected, whether through the worship process,
finding a Sunday school class, leading or becoming a part
of a LIFE Group or creating that powerful praying life, the
Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Ministry is prepared
to assist!
As Pastor Rick Warren states, Life together begins
when you truly connect with God and a part of his family.
It’s one thing to visit God on Sundays and exchange small
talk with other churchgoers. It’s another thing to connect
– to build consistent relationships in which you invest time
and develop trust. Connecting with God’s family will help
Many Groups.
One Mission: LIFE!
you establish or deepen your connections.”

Contact Rev. Donna McClellan at x1488 or dmcclellan@ to learn more about connection groups that will
deepen your life! l
Living for Christ
The lifelong process of becoming
fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Facilitator/leader training for

LIFE Groups Inviting to Christ

Evangelism through relationships.

Facilitators will receive information, helpful hints on

leading groups and opportunities to learn from others Fellowship in Christ
how to be effective using the leadership gifts entrusted Living and sharing Christ’s life in
to you to serve Him and others. The Discipleship & Spiri- encouraging and accountable
tual Formation Ministry invites all current small or LIFE relationships.
Group leaders, along with those who have an interest in
starting a new group. Join us for a light dinner and a time
of fellowship and support on January 9, from 6-7:30pm in
room 330 EMC. Please RSVP to Rev. Donna McClellan at
Engaged with Christ
Putting faith to work in the or 407-423-3441 x1488.
neighborhood, the church, the
city and the world. | 5
“This experience was amazing!
I saw God all week.”
– Ginnie

“I was able to let go of many
things I’d been holding on to!”
– Adair

“Everything about Eagle Rock

calms my heart and my mind.
By Jonathan Christian, Student Ministry
God spoke to me in more ways
than I could have ever hoped
for and I finally set some
things right that needed to be When was the last time you had
set right. This trip was unfor-
a significant and personal encounter
gettable. I am so glad I went.”
with God? Do you remember where
– Clare
you were?
“Eagle Rock has always been Ask these two questions of al-
a place that I feel the most my- most any high school student plugged
self. Every year it allows me into our church’s Student Ministry
to look back on the year before
and chances are their answers would
and see how I‘ve grown. I love
be one in the same. With a reminis-
the bonds this trip creates, it is
one of the most unique places.” cent smile painted on their face, the
– Becca vast majority of them would proudly
exclaim “EAGLE ROCK!”
“There is something about What is Eagle Rock? Eagle Rock is
Eagle Rock that grabs hold of
an experience like none other. Yes, it is
your faith and transforms it.”
a beautiful retreat center nestled in the
mountains of Tennessee. Sure, it offers
“Every activity or sermon or all kinds of thrilling recreational options
song has taught me a little like rock climbing, mountain biking and
more about God and myself.” hiking. All of these descriptions accu-
– Chapman
rately portray what Eagle Rock is and
present enticing reasons to visit there.
“My experience at Eagle Rock
has made me realize that if I But I can guarantee you the main draw
want to live the life of a Chris- to the 130+ who enjoyed a long Novem-
tian man then I have to ask ber weekend there was something much
God into my life continually.” greater than that. To them, Eagle Rock provided an
outlet to wake up from a life of spiritual sleep-walking and to encounter Jesus in a fresh
and empowering way.
By the last night of our journey through our Awaken theme, I recall God’s
spirit falling on the room like a Smokey Mountain
fog, evoking a response from all who were open to
His presence. Hands were stretched towards the
ceiling, knees met the floor in humble submission
and tears streamed down the faces of many as God
showed up in a God-sized fashion. Restoration
was brought to the broken and clarity was
brought to the awakened.
Praise the Lord for how He moved
at Eagle Rock and moves in the lives
of you and me as we let Him. n

6 |
Cross Training for Students
By Browning Wood, Director of Student Ministry

8 |
t the core of the Student Ministry’s vision is disci- 6) they all memorize a verse a week from scripture by
pling students. Disciple means learner, or pupil, topic, title, address and the verse itself which are cu-
and for our purposes it is a student of the Word of mulative by the end of the semester; and lastly
God and follower of Jesus Christ’s teachings. It is an ele- 7) they commit to a standard of conduct for the se-
ment of the Student Ministry which we have intentionally mester which calls them to Holier living. Make no
postponed for two years in order to evangelize and devel- mistake; this is not an easy commitment. Our motto
op trusting relationships with students. Now in our third is many aspire and few attain, and though we had 17
year here as a staff together, we are embarking on the very begin with us we have only 11 who finished. This is a
crux of what builds and grows student ministry and stu- level of consistency and discipline that many of us as
dent leadership, that is…intentional discipleship! adults don’t maintain. This is my favorite part of youth
For the past four months two programs have been offered ministry. I love watching kids loving the Lord like this.
to see students deepen in their faith. For High School, I love watching them light up when they “get it”.
Jonathan has been teaching and leading the Habitudes This Winter and Spring we will be offering the follow
series. It is a full two years worth of curriculum which up to Cross Training, called Deep Impact. This is another
teaches students the basic spiritual disciplines of the faith. four month commitment to hands-on training and disci-
For the Middle School, we have offered a program which I pleship. They will spend each month practicing spiritual
have developed and used in every church in which I have disciplines: Month one is prayer and fasting. We will be
served. Cross Training continues to be the core disciple- going into hospitals, nursing homes, and standing out-
ship program for our students. Students sign-up in ad- side of Walmart with a prayer table to pray with people
vance with full knowledge of the following requirements; as well as going to school campuses to do prayer walks
1) they commit to 13 weeks of study of which they are around them. Month two is spiritual gifts month. Kids
allowed only two absences; will discover their spiritual gifts then use those to run the
2) they are required to take notes at every event where Middle School Vapor outreach. Month three is serving,
the scripture is being taught, in particular Sunday in which we will adopt one service project and serve in
mornings messages; that for the month. Month four is evangelism training.
Students will learn to share the gospel, then we will have
3) they are responsible for journaling their daily time a mystery trip to a city nearby where they will learn to
alone with God; share their faith in a public setting with people on the
4) they are required to read one chapter a week out street. (Kids won’t know where we are going until we get
of a particular book we go through corporately each there, only their parents will know.) Then we hope that
week and have the corresponding worksheet to that some of these kids will be able to help Carol Welker with
chapter filled out; her Camp Geneva summer children’s camp. That is dis-
5) they are expected to maintain a prayer journal cipleship. Students trained to go into the world and make
where they keep track of answered prayer requests: more disciples. n

I love watching kids loving the Lord like this. | 9
If you’re looking for a place to strengthen your mar- We hope you’ll be able to participate in this wonderful
riage, fellowship with other couples your age, and fall opportunity of learning more about Christ, our spous-
more in love with Jesus, then this will be a place for es and one another. All you need to bring is a willing-
you. Rev. Case Thorp will be the primary teacher of ness to grow and a desire to serve the body of Christ
this new class. He is excited to help unfold God’s Word and world around you. If you have any questions or
for you and discover all that God intends for you in would like to help in any way, please contact Chad
marriage and life. Cahill or Seth Wiepking We wait with great anticipation
Beginning January 20, please join us Sunday mornings to see all that Jesus will do in and through this exciting
at 10am in room 324 of the Clayton Life Center. Also, new ministry!
coffee and bagels will be provided from 9:30-10 am in
the Rotunda on the CLC second floor.

10 |
Donate Now leading you to minister to our young families in this way,
For your convenience, FPCO has made provisions for you please call Susie Taylor at 321-297-0573.
to contribute to the church online using the church’s secure
contribution service. Look for the Online Donations link on What Meals For New
the church home page: Moms Meant For Me
By Julie Eastwood
First Connections Seminar My husband, Tom, our infant
Those considering church membership, new members, or son, Cole, and I thank the Lord
those who simply want to know more about our church each day for bringing us into the
are invited to attend First Connections. This five week community at First Presbyterian
seminar runs Sundays, January 27 – February 24. To reg- Church. We couldn’t believe the outpouring of support we
ister, or for more information, please contact Ann Russell received after my back surgery (even in the hospital). The
at 407-423-3441 x1457. Early Childhood Ministry organized a hot home-cooked
meal to be delivered to us each week day for over a month!
Sympathy to: This was an amazing blessing for our whole family. Tom
Edna Mae Phillips on the death of her husband, John didn’t have to worry about cooking after working all day
Phillips, on November 12, 2007. Mr. Phillips was the and then coming home to care for me and our son. It was a
father of Gale Hillenmeyer. blessing knowing that my family was being cared for when
I couldn’t do it myself. Meeting a new family each day was
Congratulations to: the highlight of my day during recovery. We will be forever
Becky and Jeffrey Junod on the birth of twin daughters, grateful for the love and support and look forward to being
Piper McClain and Prescott Price, on October 5, 2007. able to provide the same to a family in need.

Stephanie and Jeff Muddell on the birth of a daughter, Car-

oline Grace, on October 13, 2007.
Karen and Wes Wankelmanon the birth of a son, Wesley
William “Will”, on October 29, 2007
Barbra and James Speer on the birth of a son,
Sam Noah, on November 12, 2007. Grandpar-
ents are Donna and John Speer.
November ‘07 Giving Snapshot

Kathryn Elizabeth Voorhees and Miguel An- General Operating Contributions Budgeted Surplus/(Deficit)
gel Rivera who were married October 6, 2007.
November 2007 $466,262 $588,472 $(122,210)
Kathryn is the daughter of Gregory & Sue Voor-
Year-to-date $5,602,370 $5,603,218 $(848)
Kristi Marlene Sorger and David George Gamb- Cash in Bank $138,524 Line of Credit $300,000
lin who were married November 10, 2007. Immeasurably More Outstanding Balance $8,156,660
November 2007 Collections $166,619
Meals for New Moms Volunteers Needed! Year-to-date Collections $832,386
We are seeking people who would like to be part
of a ministry that provides home cooked meals Contact Dr. Keith Wright for a full revenue & expense summary.
for families with new babies. If you feel God | 11
F PCO is delighted to host national ministry leader and
author Kay Warren as part of the Orlando Consortium
on HIV/AIDS Conference. Kay will be the conference key-
Kolkata, India; at the leper colony and AIDS hospice in Ma-
nila, Philippines; and with World Vision and International
Justice Mission in Thailand and Cambodia. In Africa, she’s
note speaker. ministered to those living with HIV/AIDS through several
In 2002, Warren became, in her words, “seriously dis- organizations, as well as through Saddleback Church’s part-
turbed” by the suffering of the millions infected with or af- nership with churches and government leaders in Rwanda.
fected by HIV/AIDS. Now she is challenging the worldwide She has become a student of AIDS and attended the XVI
Church to take on not just AIDS, but the global giants of International AIDS Conference in Toronto, and the XV In-
spiritual darkness, lack of servant leaders, poverty, disease, ternational AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
and ignorance through the P.E.A.C.E. Plan. As a speaker, Warren has been a voice for suffering in-
Warren frequently travels around the globe to engage dividuals. In addition to being featured at various Purpose
with HIV+ men, women, and vulnerable children, and today Driven church growth conferences, Warren has addressed
she is a powerful advocate on their behalf. In 2004, she many government, church, and professional groups, includ-
began the HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church and ing the Government Women Leaders of Rwanda, the Man-
serves as its executive director. agement Association of the Philippines, and the Learning
In 2005, she was instrumental in presenting Saddle- Community of Willowcreek Church. Recognized for her
back Church’s first HIV/AIDS conference; the Global Sum- passion and influence, Warren has spoken to The Global
mit on AIDS and the Church is now an annual event. Warren Coalition on Women and AIDS (UNAIDS) and at the ecu-
launched the HIV/AIDS Caring Community at PurposeDriv- menical pre-conference of the XVI International AIDS Con- in 2006. The online community offers resources ference in Toronto.
and inspiration for churches involved in HIV/AIDS ministry. An accomplished writer, Warren contributed to The
As a two-time cancer survivor, Warren knows aWake Project – Uniting Against The African AIDS Crisis.
firsthand how a life-threatening diagnosis alters Her doctrinal study, Foundations, co-authored with Tom Hol-
one’s daily life. Her own bouts with suffering laday, won a Gold Medallion Award in 2004. Her new book,
have motivated her to serve others who are Dangerous Surrender will be available at the conference.
sick. She has come face to face In 1980 Warren helped her husband, Rick, begin Sad-
with the hurting as a volun- dleback Church in their condo living room. Now the second
teer in her own commu- largest church in America, Saddleback Church has given
nity; at Mother Teresa’s Warren a platform for influencing Christians and other
Home for the Dying in leaders worldwide. n

12 |
FPCO Hosts
Conference on
January 11-12
We need laborers in the field. Currently, there are too
few organizations in Orlando, faith-based or secular,
which offer any assistance or support to those with
The purpose of The Orlando Consortium on HIV/
AIDS is to educate, equip and inspire.
If achieved, we will provide inspiration and resources
to help faith communities create ministries that ad-
dress the needs of AIDS/HIV sufferers and their fami-
lies, including connection with and access to public
health systems

Hosted by:
Kay Warren’s battle with cancer and fight against the AIDS
First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, University of pandemic destroyed her perfect little world. She soon
Central Florida, City of Orlando, Orange County realized the only way to win in life is to surrender. Her
Government, Northland: A Church Distributed, new book Dangerous Surrender offers a firsthand glimpse
Orlando Regional Healthcare System, First Baptist of the challenges and victories she faced when surren-
dering her life to God. She’ll take you places you never
Church of Orlando, Walt Disney World, Haven of wanted to go, but once you get there, you’ll never want to
Hope, Heart of Mercy Community Church, Abbott leave. Learn more about Dangerous Surrender at kaywar-
Virology, Servant Investments, OneByOne, and the, or pick up a copy at the Summit Bookstore and
African American Christian Clergy Council. prepare to surrender.

To attend, please register at | 13
Dr. Swanson’s January Sermon Series:

January 13 January 27
1 Cor. 15:51-57 John 20:19, 26
Facing our fears about death and understanding Loss and the pain of grief are inevitable experiences in life.
God’s promise of life will help us – live. The disciples were wracked by the loss of Jesus, yet it was
the resurrection which transformed their grief.

January 20
John 14:1-6 DISCUSSING THE INEVITABLE 4: Eternity Awaits
Not only do we face death, but those around us do as well, Revelation 21:1-4, 10-21
and we encounter people either preparing for it, grieving
because of it, or living with it. How do we understand
grief as Christians?

14 |
PRAYER TAKE YOU? By Rev. Sam Knight, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care

Entering into a series of rooms just off the main Sanc- peace of forgiveness. I kneel, I weep, I face my own darkness
tuary, you discover a place of peace and presence. Sunday and imagine Jesus looking down from the cross at me. My
mornings the Prayer Room has elders and pastors waiting to face is hidden with shame yet I hear the still small voice re-
intercede before the throne of grace for worshippers seeking minding me that I am called child, beloved, forgiven, friend. I
resolve, peace, strength, or offering praise. People praying for take my piece of paper and with the nail and hammer provid-
the proclamation of God’s word asking that God’s word not ed I leave my sin at the cross asking for the strength of God’s
return to him void. It is a place where answers are sought and Spirit to help live out my repentant desire. The bowl of rocks
comfort is offered. draws my attention, the scripture is the retelling of a father’s
There is however so much more to this space. Each of desire for his son to be healed. His confession was centered on
the three rooms offers different prayer experiences. As I en- doubt. I pick up a rock. Holding it I admit that I too need God
ter into the first area I am immediately struck by the large to help my unbelief. I know I am a child of God, I know I am
map of the world. It reminds me that I am part of something forgiven but am I really worthy? The intensity of the moment
that goes beyond borders and boundaries. Invited to pray for is a strange experience; I just acknowledged my forgiveness
the many mission partners associated with this congregation, now I am struggling to believe it. I release the rock letting it
I become overwhelmed by the enormity of the task before fall into the pile; it becomes lost amongst the others, I release
Christ’s church today. But as I look at the map I realize I am my doubt to Christ for him to help me.
partnered with people in just about every region of the world. I have always loved playing in sand, making castles and
Rising from the kneeling bench, I turn and see the door to a moats on the beach, burying great treasures for discovery in
space where comfortable sofas invite you to rest in the pres- some distant time. Now my hands are in sand again this time
ence of God. Even the doorway into this space has been uti- taking a handful to represent my plans. I can’t keep it from
lized as a prayer experience. Entering “The Gates of Praise;” sifting out through my fingers. There goes my dream of being
I see names and situations for which many have proclaimed a helicopter pilot in the navy, this time I see my million dol-
praise and thanksgiving, I add my own. At the other end of the lars disappearing into the thousands of grains of unrealized
room I find a contrasting perspective. At “The Wailing Wall” hopes and dreams. I take a breath; I focus on what God has
I am invited to write my prayer of lament. The names already done as I have lived out his plans for my life so far, my wife,
posted represent pain, disease heartache and strife. “Lord and my children, my ministry, none of which would have hap-
sustain, strengthen and help them,” I pray. pened if I were in charge. I glance at my watch—the world
Entering the third room I was struck by the image of the awaits but there are other experiences still to be explored. I
wooden cross. There are pieces of paper nailed to the struc- need to return but I will do so with expectancy.
ture, outpourings of repentant souls desiring to know the Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place. n | 15
Heart of the City Foundation Scholarship
Applications Now Available
The Heart of the City Foundation officially kicks-off its
2008 Scholarship program in January. High School Seniors
from our church, as well as College Students who have re-
ceived awards in prior years, will receive a packet of materi-
als in the mail this month. This packet includes a listing of
all available scholarships, the requirements to qualify, and
an application. These materials are also available online
at The application deadline
is March 30. A reception for scholarship recipients will be
held on May 18, 2008, and winners will be recognized in the
11:00 Traditional Worship Service on that day.

Norman Benzing Youth Scholarship Fund Established

The family of Norman Benzing has established a Youth with the youth ministry as well. Knowing that trips, re-
Scholarship Fund with the Heart of the City Foundation in treats, and short-term mission projects can be pivotal in the
his memory. Following Norman’s death in October, 2007, faith development of teenagers, Norman Benzing’s family
many friends and FPCO members made memorial gifts to has directed that proceeds from this fund be used to provide
help support the youth ministry of our church. For several scholarships to students who would not otherwise be able
years, Norm led bicycle trips for the youth group, pedal- to afford to participate in these types of experiences. This
ing to Jeckel Island, GA, for “Fun in the Son”. Most of the fund will remain open for future donations, for those who
young people who participated in these trips remember want to share in Norm’s passion of investing in the lives of
their experience as “life changing”. Norm heard the same teenagers.
feedback when he chaperoned short-term mission trips

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