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Storm: Ordinary City's Halloween by Nikita Shevtsov, November 2017

The Storm can be set in any City which has a Park big enough to accommodate the circus and
spectators' area. It is assumed that the treats of the storm will be solved during one game meeting
in one way or another.

The Eye of the Storm is centered on Master Crowley, a mysterious mage, and his strange circus.
Their appearance in the City, dangerous enough by itself, provokes other big threats to rise.

The MC should not limit his imagination for descriptions of circus performers, nature spirits, and
rat-men. Demonic troupe can be a real gallery of eerie clowns, twisted Siamese twins, bearded
women and snake people. Nature spirits are a common name for dryads, satyrs, intelligent
animals and other creatures associated with trees, herbs, and nature in general. And how masterly
rat-men fit all the garbage to their needs; there are a lot of opportunities.

Potentially, this Storm can lead to an open war in the center of the City, especially if the City
Special Forces will join the battle of circus performers, nature spirits, and rat-men, with the
support of the City's mages. It is unlikely that those events will remain secret to the common
citizens. If the MC and the players want to continue, the MC should think about how the
Conclave explained what happened, what measures of secrecy it took. He can show an anti-
utopia in the City, with patrols of stormtroopers-mages hunted nonhumans.

Since the events take place on Halloween night, next Move should be used during the game:

Suit up!

You get -1 to the put a face to a name rolls if they don't look like obvious members of
Mortality. NPCs are more relaxed about strange things that can be mistaken for masks, suits,
threats, and tricks of the Halloween night.

Threat's name: The circus of Master Crowley (Eye of the Storm)

Type: Ritual (Theft)

Impulse: To take something from another

Cast: Master Salazar Crowley, dark arts' expert, who has concluded a contract with the demon
patroness (Power); circus performers, demonic Crowley's employees serving for feeding (2-harm
medium group 1-armor vulnerabilities: demonic unnerving) (Wild); The Laughing Rat, the
demonic patroness of Salazar Crowley (Wild); Jeanne De Roy, head of the Conclave of the City
Mages, as well as the local mayor (Power); Anton Barsky, secretary of the mayor of the City,
concerned about an unplanned event in the Park (Mortality).

Description: Master Salazar Crowley undertook to feed his demonic minions sent to him by the
Laughing Rat every Halloween night. Every year he arranges a performance - and in fact, a dark
ritual - abducting all the good and bright from those who happened to become its spectator. In
the rest of the time, he and his servants, in the guise of a traveling circus, travel the world giving
usual performances. Demonic cadavers, whose bodies can afford to break the laws of physics,
are not only excellent gymnasts and clowns but also good thieves, sophisticated in the abduction
of magical artifacts. Crowley's personal collection grows every year, but the magician arrived in
the City only for feeding demons. If the ritual is broken, the Laughing Rat will deprive Crowley
of magical powers, also she will take all the artifacts. And demons will be free to kill the
magician who disparaged them.

Countdown Clock:

3.00 – The circus tents grew in the City Park. Posters have been posted throughout the City,
calling to "The only show, only on Halloween night!"

6.00 – Master Salazar Crowley pays a visit to the head of the Conclave of the City Mages.

9.00 – Unusual spectators' area is built in the center of the City Park. The head of the Conclave
leaves the City with her family. The secretary of the mayor tries to get a meeting with Crowley.

10.00 - The spectators' area is full of citizens. Meister Crowley promises that "This show will
change your life forever!" Spectators are entertained by circus performers who demonstrate an
inhuman skill of acrobatics.

11.00 - Master Crowley begins his own magic performance after the intermission. Spectators are
fascinated by his skills and cannot take their eyes off the circus arena.

12.00 - The magic ritual tears out all the good feelings from the spectators' souls and feeds them
to demonic circus performers, prolonging Crowley's contract for one more year. Devastated
spectators wander around; soon their lives will become much darker and harder.

Custom Moves:

The name that speaks for itself

When you tried to put a face to a name of Salazar Crowley and missed, choose one and the
MC tells you what most people know about him:

 You dealt with him and owe him 2 Debts.

 You owe him a Debt and lost something because of his business.

Those strange spectators' area

When you examine the spectators' area around the circus carefully, roll with Mind. On a hit,
you realize that it constitutes a magical symbol. On a 10+, you do not draw attention to yourself.
On miss, mark corruption.

Something died inside me

When you are present at the conclusion of Salazar Crowley's ritual, roll with Spirit. On a
10+, you are strong enough to resist the influence of dark magic: erase a Corruption Advance
you have taken (if any). On a 7-9, mark corruption. On a miss, you immediately take a
Corruption Advance.
Threat's name: The Natural Wrath

Type: Passion (Rage)

Impulse: To victimize and cause pain

Cast: Greg Degathon, the werewolf considers the City Park as his territory (Night); nature spirits
living in the City Park (2-harm large group vulnerabilities: wild) (Wild); The Leaf, respectful old
oak-tree's spirit (Wild): Nathan Spives, caretaker of the City Park (Mortality).

Description: Greg Degathon, the werewolf who trades drugs for clandestine fighting clubs,
considers the City Park as his territory. Greg unfastens a small percentage of sales to the
Conclave of the City Mages and therefore thinks that the mayor's office is aware of his territorial
claims and does not mind. The tents built by the circus performers excite Greg's rage. Having
received no explanation from either outsider or from the city hall's man at the Park, the werewolf
decides that he was deceived, and is looking for a way to pour out his malice.

Countdown Clock:

3.00 - Greg Degathon, who tried to find out who build the tents on his territory, is kicked out by
the uncommunicative circus performers roughly.

6.00 – The caretaker Nathan Spives informs the mayor's office that the circus felled a number of
Park trees for the construction of the spectators' area. Natural spirits, alarmed by the death of
trees, gather for convocation.

9.00 - Greg Degathon contacts with natural spirits, offering to take revenge on people who
encroached on the Park and promising to help with stimulants. The Leaf refuses the way of

10.00 – The Leaf is found dead as his old oak is found cut down. Nathan Spives who wanted to
discuss the felled oak with the circus administration is missed.

11.00 - Nature spirits are defeated in a skirmish with circus performers on the outskirts of the

12.00 - Nature spirits led by Greg Degathon and enraged by stimulants, unable to deal with the
circus performers, pour out their anger at passers-by outside the Park.

Custom Moves:

Fusion with nature

When you appeal to the keepers of the Park and touch an old tree, roll with Heart. On a hit,
you come into contact with the nature spirit. On a 10+, choose if he refers to the supporters of
Greg Degathon or his opponents. On a 7-9, the MC chooses.
Threat's name: The King of Rats' Trails

Type: Power Play (Coup)

Impulse: To steal power in moments of weakness

Cast: Magnus Smith, the renegade mage hiding in the City sewer (Power); Andrey Ledzen, a
disciple of Jeanne De Roy (Power); enchanted rat-men (2-harm huge group 1-armor
vulnerabilities: zealous) (Wild); Scrubber Tail, shaman rat-man, servant of the Laughing Rat

Description: Excluded from the Conclave of magicians for not properly observing secrecy
Magnus Smith finds a tribe of rat-men in the City's sewer and dominates their minds by playing
on the magical Flute of Hamelin. He intends to cause chaos in the center of the City with
bewitched rat-men and thereby show the complete inability of the Conclave to observe secrecy,
and then to act as the savior of the City mages' status.

Countdown Clock:

3.00 - A calming melody is heard from the ground in the center of the City. Andrey Ledzen
arrived to investigate this phenomenon discovers a residual magical aura in the sewer tunnels.

6.00 – A strange hunched figures are seen in the dark corners of the City.

9.00 - Scrubber Tail comes out to Andrey who wanders the sewer and reports confusedly that his
tribe has disappeared somewhere.

10.00 – Rat-men begin to spoil city property, smashing windows and attacking passers-by.
Magnus Smith, who watches their deeds, kills Scrubber tried to reason with his tribe.

11.00 – Rat-men break into the apartments of City mages, spoiling and stealing their sorcerous
belongings. The emergency meeting of the Conclave turns into a squabble, the ruling mages are
deprived of authority.

12.00 - Magnus plays a new melody on the Flute of Hamelin, and all rat-men fall dead. Grateful
City Mages take Magnus back to the Conclave as a respectful member.

Custom Moves:

Listen to the Flute

When you play on the Flute of Hamelin, roll with Spirit. On a hit, all rat-men who heard the
Flute and aren't protected become slaves to your will. On a 10+, don't mark corruption. On a
miss, the Flute of Hamelin crumbles in your hands.

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