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Om Namo Narayanaya

According to the Vedas, the physically manifested universe is just ½ of a ¼ part of

Narayana. This 1/8th part is known as Vasudeva. The other ½ of the ¼ part of
Narayana is just unchanging and is composed of the spiritual worlds. The entire
manifested universe(vasudeva) (the active 1/8th portion) is further divided into Bhu
(Earth), Bhuva (Solar System), and Swarga (rest of the Universe) for human
comprehension. Both the active changing material Lokas/Worlds (3 of them) and the
four unchanging spiritual realms - Maha, Jana, Tapa and Satya lokha (World)
comprises of ¼ of Narayana. The other ¾ths of Narayana is imperceptible to humans.
The active elements/Purushas (people, animal, other living beings) in these seven
realms of existence are bound with the quality/guna of Sattva (Peaceful, good, right),
Rajas (excessive energy, creation, motivated) and/or Tamas (ignorance). Therefore,
gaining Moksha means transcending these gunas and thereby departing from the
seven planes of existence to infuse into the imperceptible part of Narayana.

So how would one do it (just for the times when you can find nothing else on netflix)?
There are many paths – Bakthi (Love), Karma (Duty), Jnana (Knowledge), Yoga, etc,
but if by meditation on a mantra, it would be Aum/Om. AUM is a bija mantra (seed)
that gives one the power to transcend Rajas (A), Sattva (U), and Tamas (M). AUM is
known as the Tara bija as Tarika helps us cross the ocean of life, essentially
transcending the Gunas. It is said that off the saptha-rishis (7 sages), Gauthama
received the (A) from Brahma to transcend Rajas, Atri-muni received the (U) from
Vishnu to transcend Sattva and Baradwaj received the (M) from Shiva to transcend