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The processing steps and screens are provided below at Admin end.

Procedure for the Admin Login:

♦ Login with User Name and password as depicted below figure.

Figure 1: Login Screen

♦ Select “Seva Master Updation” from Application Processing. It has been depicted in figure 2.

Figure 2: Seva Masters Updation Screen

After selection of the Seva master updation, Seva master updation details page will be displayed, click
Add Seva button as depicted in figure 3.

Figure 3: Add Seva Screen

Now Seva master updation details page will be displays, as depicted in figure 4.

Figure 4: Add Seva Screen

♦ Enter Seva Name, Seva Description, Seva Type, availability of prasadam, batches available days,
batch number, No of tickets allowed, No of persons allowed , Batch time and clicks add new
batches as depicted below figure 5.

NOTE: When Admin will select Prasadam required is YES.

Prasadam details are shown like LADDU, BIG LADDU, PULIHORA, OTHERS

Figure 5: Seva Details

After click on add new batches below screen displays with seva details as depicted below figure 6.

Figure 6: Seva Details

Now select Seva blocked dates and enter amount and clicks submit button as depicted below figure 7.

Figure 7: Submit Details

♦ After click “Submit” button, Seva submitted successfully message displays as depicted below figure

Figure 8: Submitted successfully message Details

♦ Admin can also edit the existing Sevas shown in below screen 9.

Figure 9: Seva Details Edit link Screen

♦ After click “Edit details” button, all Details are displayed. Click on Edit button Like shown in the
below screen 10.

Figure 10: Existing Seva Details Screen

♦ After Click on Edit button, modify the all details of the existing seva details which are required,
date and Amount also and click update as depicted below figure 11.
Note: here updating amount only.

Figure 11: Update Seva Details Screen

♦ After click on “Update” button, confirmation pop is generated as depicted below figure 12.

Figure 12: Updated Message details

♦ If Admin will click the “OK” button all modify details are updated for that selected Seva as
depicted below figure 13.

Figure 13: Seva Updated successfully Screen

♦ Initially displayed the all sevas in admin login without check mark as depicted below figure 14.
Figure 14: Existing Seva Details
♦ If the Admin is select the Inactive button check mark, selected Seva is not available in the Seva
master as depicted below figure 15.

Figure 15: Inactive Seva Details