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Lesson Plan Template

School Counselor: Monica Diaz and Melissa Moorer_

Date: 2/23/17
Topic & Title: High School Transition Part 2
Grade(s): 8th grade (300 students) Ages 11-12 Primarily Latino
Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to:
1. Differentiate the process for orientation and registration for each high school in
2. Receive answers to questions about high school registration in Escondido.
3. Complete Pre/Post survey for High School Transition Presentation Part 2
ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors (Domain/Standard):
M3. Sense of belonging in school environment

M5. Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and

B-LS 7. Identify long- and short-term academic, career and social/emotional goals

B-SMS 10. Demonstrate ability to manage transitions and ability to adapt to

changing situations and responsibilities

B-SS 6. Use effective collaboration and cooperation skills

Materials needed: Laptop, High School Transition Part 2 PowerPoint, guided
worksheet, pencils,
Time Required for Lesson: 25 minutes
Procedure/Lesson Outline:
(5 minutes) Introduction/Begin PowerPoint Presentation
Introduction of presenters, objectives, and presentation: Pass out guided
worksheet, explain purpose and have students fill in during presentation. Say:
Even though you may have already picked your high school for next year, it is
important to fill out this worksheet, just in case things change. This way you can
take this home as a reminder of your high school options and requirements. Have
one student read one objective and popcorn to another to read others. Or the
whole class can read the objectives together. Pass outpre-assessment-have
students fill out, then flip over when completed.
(Slides 1, 2, and 3)
(15 minutes) Continue PowerPoint – have students engaged and helping
with bullet points
(Slide 4)- F.Y.I. and reminders- Remember to Update Address – Call on students
and ask why this is important? Try to get two different responses.
(Slide 5)- Explain the importance of paperwork processing-call on a student to
read bullets and explain importance.
(Slide 6) High School has many options and possibilities- students can popcorn
and read through each bullet
(Slide 7) Present Escondido High Schools to 8th grade- ask students, how many
students plan to go to Escondido high? With a show of hands, how many plan to
attend, OG? How many of you plan on attending San Pasqual? And raise your
hand if you plan on attending Del Lago? After students put hands down, say,
wow, it is clear that you all have ideas of attending different high schools next
year, which is fantastic! Make sure to continue to pay attention to the following
slides and tune in to the details that each school requires! Great work so far at
participating and staying focused!
(Slide 8)- Discuss what intra-district transfer means and the due date with
students (Some may still be pondering which high school to select
(Slide 9)- Del Lago- have students read and popcorn to one another to read
(Slide 10)- Esco- have students read and popcorn to one another to read
(Slide 11)- OG- have students read and popcorn to one another to read
(Slide 12) San Pasqual- have students read and popcorn to one another to read
requirements. Say, Great work everyone! You have just written down all
requirements for all high schools in Escondido. Does anyone have any questions,
so far? Take questions from audience and explain any discrepancies.
(Slide 13) Classes and Elective Determining Factors- have students read and
(Slide 14) Important final reminders- have students read and popcorn. Have
students turn and talk about one final reminder that they can work on and why.
Allow time for students to share with partner and then call on some students to
talk about what they need to work on.
(Slide 15) Take questions from 8th graders about presentation or anything related
to registering for high school.
(5minutes ) Closure
(Slide 16) Thank students for participating in today’s presentation. Remind
students that they completed the objective for this lesson: to complete pre/post
assessment, receive answers to questions about high school transition,
differentiate what each high school needs in order to apply, and have identified
these processes in today’s presentation. Quick sharing from a few students: What
are some things you are excited about regarding high school? Any final
Have students flip Pre/Post Assessment over to Post side to see how much info
was learned from presentation today. Collect Assessment as students exit
presentation. Congratulate students on moving forward with requirements for the
high school path of their choosing!
Plan for Evaluation: How will each of the following be collected?
Process Data: Entire 8th grade class (Approx. 300 students)
Perception Data:
Attitudes: I believe turning in the intra-district form is important for my
educational future.
Skills: I know how to complete and turn in intra-district forms.
Knowledge: I know the dates of registration and orientation for the high school I
plan on going to; I know the deadline to turn in the intra-district transfer form.
Outcome Data:
Achievement Related: Rate of high school intra-district form completion
Follow Up:
Contact high school counselors to see if there is anything else we need to do to
assist students/families with high school registration process.
Keep high school resources available in Counseling office for current 8 th grade
students/parents or new students regarding each high school in case any
questions come up from now until end of school year.
Keep track of any absent 8th grade students who may have missed this
presentation. Ensure that they come in to talk about high school requirements
and options.