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Transition to High School Part 2

Mission Middle School
8th grade

School Counselors: Monica Diaz & Melissa Moorer

February 2017
● Who: Approximately 300 8th graders

● What: Transition to High School Pt. 2

○ Important information regarding
intra-district transfers
○ Registration regarding four different
high schools
○ How electives are determined
○ Reminders about the end of 8th grade

● When: February 23, 2017

● Where: Mission Middle School, MPR

Why Did we Teach this Lesson?

In Escondido Unified School District, 8th graders have the option of

choosing 4 high schools, regardless of where they live.

Each school offers unique classes, sports, clubs, to students.

To share important dates regarding going to the high school of their

preference as well as information about each school.

To ensure students who want to go to a certain school are able to.

To remind students the importance of trying hard now for their

educational future as they transition from 8th grade to high school.
What Research Says...

“Studies have shown that students’ grades are on average 10%

higher in subjects that they are innately curious about.”

“Being able to choose electives keeps students motivated to


(Miami Herald, 2016)


1. Students will differentiate between the process for

orientation and registration for each high school
in Escondido
2. Students will receive answers to questions about
high school transition
ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors

B-LS 1. Demonstrate critical-thinking skills to make

informed decisions

B-SS 5. Demonstrate ethical-decision making and social


B-LS 7. Identify long and short term academic, career and

social/emotional goals

B-SMS 5. Demonstrate perseverance to achieve long and short

term goals.
Process/Perception/Outcome Data

● Process
○ Approximately 300 students (all 8th graders)
● Perception
○ 61% of students strongly agree that it is important to try hard now in
order to transition to high school
○ 97% of students know when the intra-district transfers are due
○ 22% of students know how to complete the intra-district transfers (as
● Outcome Data
○ 34% of students completed and turned in intra-district transfers by March
3rd (as needed)

Achievement Related Data: rate of students who completed the

intra-district transfer forms


22% of students –> 51% of students strongly believe it is

important to try hard now in order to transition to high


33% of students –> 65% of students strongly agree that if

they want to go to college, they must be on track when they
start 9th grade.



Double increase

Triple increase

87.8% increase

24.67% increase

● Students’ attitude about trying hard now in order to transition

to high school and being on track in 9th grade in order to go to
college increased.

● Students’ knowledge about intra-district transfer forms,

requirements for choosing electives, and classes in high school

● The number of intra-district transfer forms turned in increased.

● A total of 34% of 8th graders turned in intra-district transfer


● Implications
○ More students came to the school counseling office for intra-district
transfer forms
○ More students asked questions regarding registration
○ Number of intra-district transfer forms increased by the day
○ Positive feelings towards high school transition for students
● Limitations
○ Not every student was able to see the presentation (due to absences)
○ Limited time for presentation because we shared the time with other
presenters and we come in on a shortened day
Next Steps

● Students will receive high school packets from their school of choice
with registration information (classes, sports, clubs, etc.).

● In April, school counselors will follow up with students through

another classroom lesson regarding picking electives and making sure
the school aligns with their preference.

● In May, students will participate in a California Career Zone

activity that can furthermore encourage them to think of their

● For improvement, ask teachers to give us an attendance sheet of who

is absent so all students have the information.

To administration, teachers, and staff for your continuous

support for the school counseling team!