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Rules 1 and 2

Cases Topic
1.LGC Sections 399, 408, 409, 411,412 &
2.Domingo vs __173 scra 135
3.San mig v pundogar 173 scra 704 Katarungang Pambarangay
4.Diu v Ca

5.Limpot vs CA
6.Gesmundo v JRB Realty Corp Liberal Construction of the Rules

7.Sumilag v de rose
Define Action
8.Gutierrez v dela riva
9.Hernandez v DBP
10.Fortune Motors v CA 178 scra 564 What is Real and Personal Action
11.Paderanga v buissan
12.Ching v CA Action in Personam, In rem, Quasi-in-rem
13.Dial v Soriano 161 scra 737
14.National steel corp v ca GR 123215
15.Dela cruz v seminay 18 phil 330 What is Ordinary/ Special Civil Action/
Local/transitory action
xxx Civil action v special proceeding
xxx Elements of cause of action
16.City of Bacolod vs san miguel 29 scra 819
17.Jimenez v Camara
18.R v d 21 scra 241
Splitting cause of action
19.Valendez v ca gr 111401

xxx What determines cause of action

xxx Doctrine of admin remedies

20.heirs of ildefonso v rico general 179 scra
Elements of cause of action
21.dbp 219 scra 736
22.chio@@ng 181 scra 884

xxx Payment of docket fees

23.Manchester 149 scra 562 Commmmm….

1.Child Guardianship of a 90 yr old

Where to File Family Courts or RTC
2.Petition for guardianship of a 2 yr old child