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Working with Adjectives

At one station students will watch and

listen to the schoolhouse rock video on
adjectives. There will even be printed of
lyrics if students want to follow along with
the song.

Students will work with adjectives nouns and verbs and

color the words based on which one they are. I would
have this at a station printed out for each kid. Then the
kids will get to work through the worksheet with

Students will scan this code and be directed to an

online adjectives game. Here student will work on
dragging the correct adjectives to the correct

Students will scan the code, and at this station they will
play an adjectives match it card game. Adjective cards will
already be created, and each student must match 4
adjective cards to the picture they selected at the table.

In this game, students will work on matching the adjective

to the correct sentence. The students will play it online on
their iPods or iPads, and work on match the adjective to
the sentence which also has a picture too.