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To whom it may concern,

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Kari Thacker while she has held the
position of RN at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Seeing Kari’s enthusiasm towards patient care
and the nursing profession has always been uplifting. The patients are in very capable hands. I
am in awe watching how she deals with emergencies with such tact, sensitivity, and
Kari is the ideal coworker that you would want to work on your team. She is calm, self-
assured and has leadership skills. It is because of these qualities that she has become an
important team player within the facility. During a typical work day, Kari has shown that she
can work amidst a high stress environment all while providing a wide variety of patients with
high quality medical care. Kari is also able to transition smoothly from floor nursing to charge
nurse at a moment notice if needed. Kari has also taken on the task of precepting new RN
graduates. She was recognized within Frederick Memorial Hospital as the “Preceptor of the
Year” for 2017.
She is also a very responsible person. She is willing to come in when help is needed and
flexible when needed as well. Her personal work style can be best described as task oriented
with her sensitivity focused towards the different needs of her patients, as well as the needs of
their families.
I personally recommend Kari, without any reservation, in any endeavor that she decides
to pursue. You may contact me at (301)-834-9064 for further information you may need
regarding her application.

Respectfully Yours,
Megan Breeden, RN, CMSRN
4B Staff Nurse
Frederick Memorial Hospital