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Varsity Soccer

Rules & Regulations

I. Regular Season
A. For the boys, every team plays against each other once during the regular
season. For the girls, teams will play a second game within their division.
B. Standings shall be maintained according to a points system. For the boys,
teams earn +2 points for a win, +1 for a tie, 0 for a loss, and –1 for a forfeit.
For the girls, teams earn half those values for games played within their
division (+1 for a win, +1/2 for a tie, 0 for a loss, and –1/2 for a forfeit), and
the full values for games played outside their division.
C. The length of games is two 40-minute halves. If the teams are tied at the
end of the game, two 10-minute sudden victory overtimes are played. If a tie
still remains it stands.
D. The PVAC uses FIFA rules with the following modifications:
1. Substitution on own throw, any goal kick, any goal, half-time.
2. When play is stopped for an injury, the injured player must leave
field. The other team may also substitute only if the opposing coach or
a trainer comes onto the field.
3. If the goalie is in possession of the ball when an injury call is made,
the drop ball will be taken at the nearest corner outside the 18-yard
penalty box.
E. Rosters with players’ names and numbers will be exchanged before each
F. The home team will provide 3 identical game balls and two ball runners,
one on each side of the field. Visiting team will gather all refuse in its bench

II. The Tournament

A. A single elimination format is used to determine the tournament
champions. Teams are seeded from first to last with the first place team
playing the last place team, etc. In the event of a tie in the number of points,
head-to-head records in games between all tied teams will be used, and then a
coin toss if a tie still exists.
B. The length of the tournament games is two 40-minute halves. If tied at the
end of the game two l5-minute sudden victory overtimes are played. If a tie
still remains, five players from each team remaining on the on the field take
penalty kicks. If the score remains tied after five rounds, one-for-one penalty
kicks are taken.
III. Awards
A. The team champion of the regular season receives the PVAC Champion
banner. In case of a tie, multiple banners are awarded. The winner of the
tournament will receive a Tournament Champion plaque.
B. Individuals receive certificates for their selection to the First and Second
all-league teams. The teams consist of eleven players each. Each team will
include one goalkeeper.
C. A plaque is awarded to the Most Valuable Player of the tournament by the
head coach of the winning team at the end of the final tournament game.
IV. Thunder and Lightning Policy
A. A game in progress shall be suspended immediately by the officials in
charge of the contest or any of the Head Coaches when the first sound of
thunder is heard and/or the first sighting of lightning is observed.
B. The contest may be resumed 15 minutes after the last sighting of lightning
is observed and/or sound of thunder is heard. The contest may then be
resumed, if the officials in charge and the Head Coaches agree that the game
may safely continue.
V. Other Notes
A. Rosters must be turned in to the Sport Chairperson before the date set at
the preseason meeting. A roster must include the full name, birth date, and
year of graduation. It would be helpful to include uniform numbers, but it is
not mandatory.
B. Any player or coach removed from a league game by an official will not be
allowed to compete in the next league game. This penalty carries from the
regular season to tournament and from the tournament to the next season.
C. All scores and sportsmanship ratings (see Sportsmanship Code) must be
reported to the Sport Chairperson. All ejections should be reported
immediately to the Chairperson, who will then inform the team's next

Reporting results: (Boys) Steve Schools; Grace Brethren (301) 868 1602 x 324
(Girls) Steve Powers; Sandy Spring (301) 774 7455 x146
Washington Post: (202) 334-6525
PVAC Chairperson: Tom O’Mara; Washington International School