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SAE Standard JA1011 / SAE Standard JA1012

Since the initial work done by Nowlan and Heap, RCM has been used to
help formulate physical asset management strategies in almost every area
of industry, in almost every industrialized country in the world.

However, the widespread use of the word RCM has led to the emergence of
a number of processes that differ significantly from the original and that fail
to achieve the goals of Nowlan and Heap. Some are counterproductive. In
response to the international demand for a standard, John Moubray and
other leaders in the field worked with SAE standards body to develop a
recognized standard for RCM that sets out the criteria that any process must
comply in order to be called RCM. The result is the SAE Standard JA1011
and now updated to JA1012.

SAE International, through the voluntary work of more than 7,000 committee
members and participants, maintains over 8,300 technical standards and
related documents.

RCM 2 complies with SAE Standard JA1011: “Evaluation Criteria for

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Processes”. The latest update to
the standard is SAE Standard JA1012.

The standard was published first in August 1999. It is a brief document

setting out criteria that any process must satisfy to be called RCM when it is
applied to any particular asset or system.

Copies of this standard can be obtained from:

International Society of Automotive Engineers Dept 3248 400

Commonwealth Drive Warrendale PA 15096-0001 United States of America