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Sample 1
Write a letter of application in response to the advertisement below.

 Credits in BM and English
 Relevant working experience an advantage
 Good communication skills
 Computer literate

Interested applicants are required to write (with a complete resume) to;

The Personnel Manager
Indah Publishing Sdn. Bhd,
22 Jalan Ria,
96000 Sibu,

Mimi binti Mamu,

26 Lorong 7 Sibujaya,
96000 Sibu,

The Personnel Manager

Indah Publishing Sdn. Bhd,
22 Jalan Ria,
96000 Sibu,
Sarawak 25 MAY 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Application for the Post of Cadet Journalist
With reference to your advertisement dated 23 May 2017 in Today’s Mail, I wish to apply for
the post of cadet journalist in your esteemed company.
2. I have passed the Bahasa Melayu with distinctions in English and Mathematic. I can
also speak and write Mandarin and Bahasa Iban very well.
3. I have always been interested in journalism as a career. I find it exciting and
meaningful. While at school, I have served on the editorial board of the school magazine. I
have also interviewed several people for articles, comments and views for the magazine. My
contributions have also appeared in Her World and Female magazines.
4. I hope you would give due consideration to my application. I am available for an
interview at any time convenient to you. Enclosed herewith are my curriculum vitae and
copies of my certificates, testimonials and published articles.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Mimi Mamu


Sample 2
Sara anak Sarok
10 Dublin Road,
96000 Sibu,

SMB Management Services
22 Joo Beng Road,
96000 Sibu,
Sarawak. 10 DECEMBER 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Application for post of Administrative Assistant
I am writing in reply to your advertisement in The Sarawak Tribune’ for an Administrative
2. I have recently finished studying and I have SVM certificate and DVM diploma in
Business Management. I feel I would be suitable for this temporary post.
3. I have some general office experience as outlined in my curriculum vitae. I have a
sound working knowledge of computer systems and their applications, including MS Office. I
can type fairy well and write simple business letters. Apart from that, I know how to operate
office machines.
4. I have enclosed the names and addresses of two referees and my curriculum vitae. I
am available for interview at any time which is convenient to you.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

You wish to apply for the job advertised. Fill in the blanks suitably with the words in the box

post response Malay Mail Malaysia

grade magazine eighteen Bahasa Malaysia
have English sports photographs
passed interested cadet games

a. In ___________________________ to your advertisement in today’s

______________________ I wish to apply for the _______________ of
____________________ journalist.
b. I am ___________________ years old and a _______________________ citizen.
c. I have _____________________ the SVM examination with a _________________
A and with credits in ____________________ and ______________________.
d. I have participated in school _______________________ and _________________.
e. I am also _________________________ in photography and __________________
supplied ________________________ for my school _____________________.