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260 INC.

Makati City Office

Unit 303c State Condominium 1 Salcedo St. Legazpi Village

(t) 63 2 576 8498


260 INC. Makati City Office Unit 303c State Condominium 1 Salcedo St. Legazpi Village (t) 63




FEBRUARY 02, 2018





Arch. Jun Fernando (260inc) Arch. Ian Umali- (260 Inc) Julie Anne Suck (260inc.) Engr. Rod Renola (RREI) Engr. Aljon Penaredondo (RREI) Engr. King Salem(PAEC)

Items Discussed during the meeting:

The meeting was held for the coordination of mepf and structural of Marikina Valley Medical Center.

- Mechanical

  • 1. Ground floor- majority of spaces (new & renovated) will use VRF airconditioning system.

  • 2. All patient rooms will have a window type airconditioning system except the patient room in the left side elevation, which will have a split type.

  • 3. Existing ACUs will not be replaced, but will be just relocated according to the proposed design. Additional ACUs will be placed if the renovated space needed more.

  • 4. MEPF plans need to have a distinction for the new building, compliance and add-alternatives in the existing. This is for the quantity surveyors to distinguish the new building and compliance for separate cost plans.

  • 5. Dumb waiter for oxygen tanks.

Second Floor

  • 6. ICU ventilation will not tap to the existing but will have ventilation ducts separated from the existing.

  • 7. Existing O.R. ACU will tap to the existing but might need additional ACU since there’s a room added in the proposal.

  • 8. Regular, Clean Aire and for Infectious Operating Rooms are not yet distinguished.

  • 9. New O.R.s needs to have its exhaust ducts on the sides, because O.R.s need to have a 3 meter clearance ceiling height. Although there will be a study to have the O.R. ceiling height higher.

  • 10. New door on the hallway to make an eclosure for ACU.

Typical Corridors

  • 11. Force Air in corridors for natural ventilation.

Third Floor

  • 12. LPG Exchange will have its connection from pipe chase.

Upper Floors

  • 13. Ventilation ducts will run in the skylight space instead of under the beams. Pipes that will affect other spaces that are not critical will have a plenum space.

    • - Plumbing/Sanitary

      • 1. Third Floor Plan- Resident’s Quarters T&B will have its sanitary pipes run to the wall of the stairs and shower will have shower baskets to avoid the pipes in the second floor M.R.I.

      • 2. Fifth to Sixth Floor Plan Drainage pipes will connect to the pipe chase when reached the third floor level.

      • 3. Roof Deck will have two slopes (2% slope) beginning in the center of the building to the other side. (Please see the updated floor plan dated February 05, 2018)

        • - Plumbing/Sanitary

          • 1. New electrical component of the renovated space will tap to the existing. New space will have new electrical line.

          • 2. Existing transformer in Grid A and 1 is the recommended space for the transformer.

MEPF (General)

1. All existing MEPF lines will be used as tapping point.


  • 1. Recommended structural concept is piloti other than mat foundation.

  • 2. The base of existing and the new mat foundation is 3.8 deep based on drawings.

  • 3. Structural will provide a letter to the structural designer of MVMC for coordination of some structural componets to be demolished/changed/


There will be a coordination meeting on Friday, February 09, 2018. Please bring mock-up sets.

All concerned parties are free to comment or make correction on all the items mentioned above. If we do not receive comments after 2 days, above mentioned are deemed correct.