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A. Classification of Occupancy
1. Mercantile occupancies shall include all buildings and structures or
parts thereof with occupancy as described in Division 3 of this
2. Sub-classification of Occupancy
a. Mercantile occupancies shall be classified as follows:
i. Class A. AII stores having aggregate gross area of two thousand
seven hundred eighty seven square meters (2,787 m2) or more,
or utilizing more than three (3) floor levels for sales purposes.
ii. Class B. All stores of less than two thousand seven hundred
eighty seven square meters (2,787 m2) aggregate area, but over two hundred
eighty seven square meters (287 m2), or
utilizing any balcony, mezzanine or floor above or below the
street floor level for sales purposes except that if more than
three (3) floors are utilized, the store shall be considered Class A,
regardless of area.
iii. Class C. All stores of two hundred seventy eight square meters
(278 m2) or less gross area used for sales purposes on the street
floor only.

b. For the purpose of Class A and Class B, C, the aggregate gross

area shall be the total area of all floors used for mercantile
purposes and, where a store is divided into sections by fire walls
shall include the area of all sections used for sales purposes. Areas
of floors not used for sales purposes, such as a floor below the street
floor used only for storage and not open to the public, shall not be
counted for the purpose of the above classifications, but exits shall
be provided for such non-sales area in accordance with their
occupancy, as specified by other Divisions of this Chapter.

c. A balcony or mezzanine floor having an area less than one-half

(1/2) of the floor below shall not be counted as a floor level for the
purpose of applying the classification, but if there are two (2)
balconies or mezzanine floors, one (1) shall be counted.

d. Storeys not used for sales above or below sales floor are not
counted in the height classification.
e. A mezzanine less than or equal to 1/3 the area (new) or less than or
equal to ½ the area (existing) of the floor below is permitted.

f. Where a number of stores under different management are

located in the same building or in adjoining buildings with no fire
wall or other standard fire separations in between, the aggregate
gross of all such stores shall be used in determining classification.

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