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Cincinnati Zoo Field Trip Permission Form

Dear Parent or Guardian,

TLC is excited to announce we are going on an all expense paid field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo! In order for your child
to attend, it is very important we receive a permission slip for each student. Please read the information at the top of
this form, then sign and return the permission slip at the bottom of this form by Monday, November 6th.

Field Trip Information:

Date: Friday, November 10th

Location: The Cincinnati Zoo

Purpose: Students will participate in an up close encounter with different animals as we have been discussing the
characteristics of life and the adaptations of different animals in science class. This field trip is going to bring our
unit to life and allow them to see many of the animals they researched for their projects in person!

Means of Transportation: We will be taking a school bus to the zoo

Leave school: 9:45 am Arrive back at school: 1:45pm

Please remember: We are assuming it will be very chilly outside so please encourage your child to wear a coat and
possibly bring gloves, a hat, or anything else that will keep them warm as well as comfy walking shoes. The school
uniform must be worn the day of the field trip. Students will not need to bring food as lunch is provided.

Save this part of the form for future reference.

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Sign this part of the form and return it to your child's teacher.

_____________________________________________________ has permission to attend a field trip to

_________________________________________ on ____________________________________ from

_________________________________________ to ________________________________________.

I give my permission for ________________________________________ to receive emergency medical

treatment. In an emergency, please contact:

Name: _________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________